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"Cadillac": country of origin, history of creation, specifications and photos

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"Cadillac": country of origin, history of creation, specifications and photos
"Cadillac": country of origin, history of creation, specifications and photos

The automotive industry in the first half of the twentieth century was increasingly filled with new ideas. It seemed that literally everyone was busy designing a new car model. In some ways, this is similar to the influx of the Internet wave that came in the early 2000s. Most of the cars were beyond the reach of the bulk of society, and the quality left much to be desired. However, they have become an indicator of a new stage in the technological development of mankind.

Start started

The main barrier to the production of machines was the lack of component standards for them, so parts from one model did not fit at all to another. Car design was considered adventurous, so it was almost impossible to control the quality of production. For the same reason, it was not possible to establish serial production of models. But one day Henry Leland had an idea. In the production of weapons of the same brand, he saw how uniform and identical parts were assembled on a conveyor, thereby maintaining high productivity. He decided to unify the detailscar and use this technique in their production.

Henry Leland and his Cadillac
Henry Leland and his Cadillac

Later, a well-known company drew attention to the accuracy that Henry's products were famous for. The head of the company, Renson Olds, ordered Leland to design an engine for his Curved Dash car. At that time it was the most popular and sold. Due to the precision with which Olds designed and assembled the engine, he produced 27% more power than other companies' propulsion systems. But Olds decided not to install this engine on the car.

Good luck

Rumors about the quality of Leland's products quickly spread throughout the automotive community. Investors in the eminent automotive designer Ford began to look at Leland. Ford himself did not suit them for several reasons. Firstly, Ford wanted to ex alt the car to the masses, tried to make it as cheap as possible, so that any citizen could afford to buy a vehicle. Secondly, Henry wanted to produce cars through an assembly line. Investors had a different point of view. They wanted to produce cars for the we althy population. Leland immediately began development. But he did not agree with either the investors or Henry Ford. He wanted to put the production of cars for the upper strata of the population on the conveyor. When he joined the company, he gave it the name "Cadillac" in honor of the founder of Detroit. Thus began the history of the Cadillac manufacturer

Technological breakthrough

The company began to produce cars with a single-cylinderengine and with high ground clearance, which allowed you to quickly move on the roads of that time. Leland needed to find a way to apply his precision manufacturing ideas to all of the car's components, not just the engine. But his first breakthrough was the invention of a four-cylinder engine, which he installed in his personal car in 1905. Leland was tall, so his car was equipped with a body made specifically for his height. It was the first car with a completely enclosed interior.

Image"Cadillac Phaeton"
Image"Cadillac Phaeton"

The new propulsion system was high tech, but Leland continued to improve his precision manufacturing skills. He understood that if he could get the parts of one of his cars to fit another, he would have an advantage in the market. Standardization was a key element. The solution was found using Johansen's measuring set. Leland bought it to check his products for compliance with standards. The accuracy provided by this set made it possible to realize the idea of interchangeability of parts. The next step was the transition to mass production. The Royal Automobile Club of England tested his car and awarded him the Dewar Cup. His cars have been recognized as the world standard.

Sales of "Cadillac" grew. The founder of General Motors decided to take a luxury car brand under his wing. He offered five million dollars to brand investors and bought the company. Leland stayed with the company and soon realized that he now had bigresources for innovation. One of the main obstacles to further growth in popularity was the presence of a crank. People were injured, and some even died, getting kickback during engine start. In those days, starting cars by hand was not easy. So Leland asked his friend Charles Catering, who had perfected the spring mechanism for opening cash registers, to work on the issue. He believed that, with proper refinement, this mechanism could be used to start cars.

So it happened. Since 1912, all Cadillac cars have been produced with a Catering starter. A few years later, electric starters were installed on all American cars.

The First World War changed Leland's direction. He understood that aviation would play a big role in the outcome of this conflict, so he considered that the company should produce aircraft engines. The founder of General Motors was a pacifist, so he didn't want to have anything to do with it. That is why Leland left the Cadillac and founded the Liberty company, which began to produce engines for aircraft. They arrived too late to see action, but Leland was given the opportunity to create a Cadillac competitor, Lincoln. When the war ended, Cadillac was ready to provide vehicles for returning soldiers.

Cadillac after WWI

After the war, America began to grow economically, so many people earned capital in different ways, for example, Pierce Earl made exclusivecar bodies for we althy people. The Cadillac company noticed his work and felt that such a person should work for them in the state. But Pierce did not want to work for this company. Its president only managed to persuade him to create a roadster body.

Image "Cadillac" manufacturer
Image "Cadillac" manufacturer

This "Cadillac" was named "Losal". His classic forms made an impression. The company offered Pierce a job as chief designer. After a massive economic recovery, America's economy began to decline. Millions of people became unemployed, but the demand for luxury cars persisted. The manufacturer of Cadillac made twelve-cylinder and 16-cylinder engines for their cars.

The sixteen-cylinder V-engine was the most powerful in the world. It has been well thought out and equipped with the most advanced technologies, such as an oil and air filter. This handsome man weighed 650 kg, which is almost 400 kg more than modern engines. It became an immediate hit, so they began to install it on new Cadillac models.

"Phaeton" release 34 is one of the clearest examples of cars with an exclusive body. The sixteen-cylinder engine accelerated it to almost 150 kilometers per hour. Cadillac has shown the world that it can compete in the luxury car segment. Buyers could order only the chassis and engine, and the body could be ordered from the designer or selected from available options.

At that time there were no limits, any wishes of buyers were embodied in reality. The company was looking for ways to modernize and improve the eight-cylinder engine, and designers were trying to add a special touch to the design of production cars. This became a "death sentence" for the manufacturers of exclusive bodies. Even we althy customers preferred to save money and buy a mass-produced luxury car, the assembly of which was of better quality. As the depression wore on, the Cadillac car maker began to embrace more streamlined styling. The cars looked unusually luxurious. This is the beginning of the history of this company.

The birthplace of the Cadillac

Today, the company is one of the most popular car brands in the business class. Whose country is the manufacturer of Cadillac? This question can be understood in different ways. It can be considered from the point of view of local production, or from the side of general production and history. We will answer the first question a little later. Let's answer the second one first. Of course, the country of origin of the Cadillac is America.

Image "Cadillac" whose country is the manufacturer
Image "Cadillac" whose country is the manufacturer


Today, the model range of this company is very extensive. It is represented by three classes of cars. These are sedans, SUVs and crossovers. The sedan class is represented by two models: Cadillac CTS and Cadillac CT6.

The smallest representative

"Cadillac ST6" - the best American passenger car. This car is for those who are tired of the "classic" luxury cars of the "German troika" and Japanese business class cars. Americanthe manufacturer knows that people are accustomed to the quality of German cars, so this car combines the control and landing of a BMW and the appearance of a Mercedes E-class. In this lineup, the car is already the third generation. It was in this performance that the Cadillac became so attractive.

The front of the car has undergone dramatic changes. The company abandoned the square shape of the headlights, giving way to an elongated, elegant optics with LED running lights. The headlight starts almost from the middle of the wing, which reminds the buyer of those old times when optics on the rear fenders of cars were in vogue. This is exactly what the design of that optics resembles. All optics are vertical, reminiscent of the continuity of the lineup, since the older Escalade model also has vertical lighting devices.

The sideline, as already mentioned, resembles a model of a German car. There is a backlight on the door handles, which at night, when you approach the car, starts to burn with a pleasant dim light, indicating where the door handles are, so that in the dark you can easily open the car doors. The taillights are also vertical, with the iconic pattern of classic Cadillac models in the 70s. The exhaust pipes hint at some sportiness of this car. Indeed, some car enthusiasts characterize it as a sports business sedan.

The interior decoration is very rich. Only on the door cards we see a number of finishing materials. Here and aluminum, and twovarious types of leather, and wood, and plastic. Two engines can be installed under the hood. One four-cylinder two-liter engine with 241 hp. and a torque of about 400 N.m. Second six-cylinder V-engine with 341 hp. and almost the same torque.

Image "Cadillac" which country is the manufacturer
Image "Cadillac" which country is the manufacturer

Whose Cadillac manufacturer

The company produces this car for various countries. Many of our compatriots are interested in whose country the Cadillac is produced for Russia. As you know, recently the production of the company was transferred from the territory of the Russian Federation to the territory of Belarus. Therefore, it can be officially stated that Belarus is the Cadillac manufacturing country for Russia and many other countries. I would like to find more information about the factories of General Motors, to find out what innovations can be expected from their designers and designers. However, the company keeps its developments under wraps.

There are people who are interested in what country is the manufacturer of Cadillac for the American market. The answer is obvious. Of course, America. Factories are located in the states of Michigan, Tennessee and Texas. It is also interesting to know in which countries Cadillac produces its cars. The main markets after America are Canada and China, but these cars sell well in other countries (there are about fifty in total).

Image "Cadillac" whose country
Image "Cadillac" whose country

Most Popular Model

The Cadillac Escalade isa real legend, an icon of American SUVs that has gained popularity among we althy people. Model at one time in the US was the most stolen. "Escalade" attracts the eyes of almost every passer-by on the street. This is a real giant among all cars. Its hood is located at a height of one and a half meters above the ground, which commands the respect of drivers and passengers. The front LED optics look futuristic, but give the front of the car a certain elegance.

Under the hood is a real "beast". The car is equipped with an eight-cylinder V-shaped engine with a volume of 6.2 liters and a power of 409 hp. It works in tandem with a six-speed automatic, thanks to which the car becomes very reliable. "Escalade" is a feeling of volume, size and weight that always stays with you. Even when not moving anywhere, you feel its immensity.

However, there were dark days in the history of the model. The fact is that between Cadillac and Lincoln there is a long-standing rivalry. Concern General Mootors, one of the production branches of which is Cadillac, in 1998 released the Cadillac Escalade model, trying to outrun the Lincoln Navigator. Perhaps as a result of the haste, the new model turned out to be, as they say, “with old holes”, that is, it became an almost complete copy of the GMC Yukon Denali, in which only nameplates and individual styling elements were replaced. Two years of unsuccessful competition with the "Lincoln" led to the fact that the model was removed from production and sent for revision.

The new version had a 250 enginel / s, in which it again lost to Lincoln with its 300 "horses". However, the new version of the Escalade looked more luxurious. That was served by leather seats with a brand emblem, an illuminated dashboard and other design improvements. The fuel consumption of the new Escalade was 30 liters for every 100 km. Since the car was very expensive, but lost in many respects to other models, it was discontinued.

Image"Cadillac Escalade"
Image"Cadillac Escalade"

The next attempt by the Escalade to break into the lead took place in 2001. The new version had an eight-seater saloon, and its base increased to 5.6 meters. This version has a feature - the ability to install engines for 345 or 295 l / s. Since 2005, these models have been delivered to our country.

The Escalade described at the beginning of the chapter is the latest version, launched in 2007. This car managed to survive the 2008 crisis, which affected many leading companies. For example, the General Mootors Corporation, which declared itself bankrupt and was taken over by the US government.

Cadillac factories. Which countries produce Escalade

The company produces this car for various countries, so many motorists are interested in which country produces the Cadillac Escalade for the US market. The answer is obvious. Of course, this is America. Factories are located in the states of Michigan, Tennessee and Texas. However, recently the assembly of this model began to be carried out in Mexico.

Company "Cadillac"is one of the largest and most powerful automobile corporations in America. We can say that it retains its original idea of producing cars for rich people. Buyers appreciate these cars for their practicality, reliability, power and luxury. The company strives to use advanced technologies that could be applied to the engine or gearbox in order to improve their performance. In addition, it uses proven technology.

Now this approach to business has become relevant, as America (whose country produces Cadillac and Lincoln, which is a longtime rival of the brand) are on the heels of Japan and Germany. In the 2000s, both American brands in terms of the number of sales of cars of this class lost the first two places to overseas competitors.

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