Cars "Opel": country of origin, history of the company

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Cars "Opel": country of origin, history of the company
Cars "Opel": country of origin, history of the company

In all developed countries of the world, Opel cars are used. The country of origin is Germany. These cars are easy to maintain. At the factory, during assembly, all details are taken into account so that a quality product enters the market. Thanks to the quality and affordable cost, the car has moved from a range of luxury to a vehicle. Anyone can buy an Opel car.

producing country
producing country


Germany produces cars of various brands, such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi. Opel is also a German company. It is famous for producing cars that are affordable for everyone. The Opel car company was originally famous for producing sewing machines. Its founder is Adam Opel. Father taught Adam to work as a locksmith. After that, the young man went to travel around Europe. He made a living doing odd jobs as apprentices.

Adam traveled a lot around Europe. As a result, he came to England. It is in this country that AdamI was lucky to work at those factories where sewing machines were produced. The guy liked the job, and together with his brother he learned how to produce this technique. After that, Adam returned to Germany and began to produce his own sewing machines. Over time, Adam expanded the business. In the 80s of the XIX century, the company produced up to 20 thousand equipment for various applications.

All on wheels

Adam's wife liked the technique. She had many conversations with her husband about getting Adam to start making bicycles in his factory. In 1886, the first bicycle was produced from the Opel factory. Their production saved the company during the crisis. At that time, sewing machines were no longer so popular. Since 1895, the Opel factory has been producing high-speed bicycles.

opel cars
opel cars

Manufacturing country "Opel" introduced the first cars in 1899. Engineer Friedrich Lutzmann developed the original model of a passenger car. After the release of the first series, the Opel plant is gaining popularity, and also receives new orders for the production of cars.


The factory did not attach much importance to a certain brand of car. People did not focus on what kind of car they like. The main thing in this case were accessibility and comfort. The plant agreed to produce vans as well. The first cars could accelerate to a speed of 40 km/h. It never occurred to the team to compete with anyone, especially the French, who at that time were leaders in the assembly and sale of cars.

In 1902 the team"Opel" has signed a cooperation agreement with the French team "Darrac". Working together, they released a new model of the Opel-Darrak car. On this they decided not to stop and continued to work in the same direction. Opel produced the first model of a car with a four-cylinder engine in 1904. The companies were able to agree on where Opel is assembled. Over time, the car gained popularity.

Motorcycle manufacturing

Opel's manufacturing country developed and produced not only various brands of cars. The developers experimented with how to assemble a motorcycle. Their first models had little power - two horsepower. Motorcycles were not very popular. The Opel team soon had to stop producing them.

where is opel assembled
where is opel assembled

After the end of the First World War, the company resumed the production of motorcycles due to increased demand. The quality of roads has also improved in the country of origin of Opel. They made it easier to ride. In 1922, Opel produces the first sports bike.


In the mid-20s of the XX century, the production of motorcycles was transferred to Saxony. The company made sure to buy back shares from the German bicycle manufacturer. In Saxony, they began to improve and produce first-class motorcycle models.

Post-war development

1945 was remembered by the team as a terrible period, because noone car. The plant was badly damaged after the bombing that occurred in the same year. Over time, the plant was repaired, and in 1946 they began to produce trucks.

Since the 50s of the XX century, the team began to produce cars for people with average incomes. Cars should be bought by families for whom transportation is not a luxury. Cars have started to gain popularity with most people.

Our time

In the 90s of the XX century, the production of cars is growing rapidly. More than 24 thousand models were produced in the manufacturing country of Opel. In European countries, people buy both family-class cars and choose expensive options. The company is trying to keep the brand on top. Developers put all their efforts into the production of family cars, as these cars have a high payback.