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UAZ - off-road tuning: equipment overview and installation tips

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UAZ - off-road tuning: equipment overview and installation tips
UAZ - off-road tuning: equipment overview and installation tips

UAZ off-road tuning is a range of work that is necessary to improve the capabilities of the vehicle. What should be done with the car? In what order should work be carried out? In our article, we will share the experience of proper tuning from professionals.


UAZ off-road tuning should begin with determining the purpose for which all these actions are performed. If the vehicle will be used for racing, it is better to take the old UAZ 69th, put on it the maximum wheels and the maximum lift.

If the car is designed for movement within city highways, which is practiced in most cases, off-road tuning of the UAZ will be to ensure driving comfort on the road in different weather conditions. To heavily weight the bumper to make the car look more brutal is not entirely practical.


Winch how and why put

Installing a winch on a new UAZ standard model should be done first. According to experienced motorists, this is really cool and useful.You can drive such a car to nature and not be afraid to get stuck.

UAZ off-road tuning in this case consists in the fact that a winch marked 10,000 is selected. This is enough without an excessive margin, although such a system can work at a stretch. The UAZ SUV will receive indicators of steepness and utility. In general, such a winch is enough, the power system works without failures, the battery pulls, the machine does not stall in the process of pulling its mass.

We discussed the installation of the winch. Now let's find out what kind of cable is needed. The use of synthetics is practiced. The advantages of this material are safety in case of damage. Such a synthetic cable will not kill anyone. You can work with synthetics even without gloves. It just needs to be removed, hooked through a bark-protective sling to a tree and used. And with a metal cable, there are many safety issues.

However, synthetics should be unwound and dried once a month. Chinese-made winches are quite enough for domestic use. If you plan to ride in combat, it is better to pick up a winch that allows you to stretch vertically up in 10 seconds, catching on the top of a tree.

car winch


Next, it is better to install good tires on the car so that it behaves confidently on a dirty road. It is advisable to choose mud tires for the middle segment of MT and XT. It is really impossible to drive around the city on rubber with such spikes, fangs and lugs. But in conditions of movement on rough terrain, such tires are the mostsmart decision.

It is important to choose the size of the wheels so that they do not affect the appearance of the car and do not carry design changes. It is enough to move the front axle forward. When installing larger wheels, you will have to lift it. And this entails loss of controllability and less stability of the car.

This is far from a reference car in terms of stability. And I would not want to use such a car for city driving.

UAZ off-road tires


Setting a lock on an SUV like the new UAZ "Hunter" is best last. In general, a car of this class is enough for confident cross-country ability of the front block alone by 50-80% in order to famously move over rough terrain. Behind is an electric unit that only works in low gear. This is sometimes not enough, and direct transmission is performed with the unit turned off. It turns out that the patency of a car with a rear rigid block without blocking and with it is approximately the same. Some conditions under which no lock is set are even better by cleaning the rubber on the UAZ off-road.

New UAZ "Hunter"

Installation of additional protection

As a rule, a lot of protection is required on a long journey. The new UAZ "Hunter" does not require the installation of all of their types that currently exist. If you decide to do such tuning, it is important to remember that you can not distort the details.

The car does not need extra pounds of metal to make the systemworked as it should. In addition, debris in the form of sticks and leaves gets into many protections. This, of course, reduces performance.

UAZ "Patriot" protects the body under a protective film. Then the car will not need to be washed every time.

Body Lift

A UAZ car of 2008 can be improved starting with a body lift - installing inserts between the frame and the body, the width of which is 5 cm. The pillows must be saved. Then the lift will become smaller, and the body will be rigidly attached to the frame.

After the lift, you can put wheels of the 33rd size 285 by 75 by 16. They become great. The only drawback - "Hunter" will strike backwards. The problem can be solved with four-leaf reinforced springs. They:

  • Durable.
  • Durable.
  • Soft.
  • Good value for money.

Discs with zero overhang are considered optimal, but slightly limit the angle of rotation of the wheel with a bolt. You can screw and unscrew this same bolt, but it is undesirable to greatly limit the angle of rotation.

Spare wheel UAZ


The main feature of headlights is the strength of thick glass and moisture resistance. There is a blackout. The car was painted with Raptor. This is a durable finish with some nuances.


Springs on UAZ are quite easy to install. But it is important to know about some subtleties. You will first need to disassemble this mechanism and clean it so that there is no rust. After thorough cleaning of allsheets at their ends are rounded for the convenience of the spring.

Next, the mechanism is given the necessary shape to provide rigidity properties. For this, a mechanical leveling method using a sledgehammer is used. For this, a special stand is used. It is desirable that the blacksmith additionally process the spring, because it is important to make it so that it can keep its shape.

After processing all 6 remaining sheets, they must be adjusted so that all radii match. Then you need to start making spacers for the springs - the bridge. This will help increase the height a bit and change the angle of the gimbal.

After that, all parts must be assembled in reverse order. When working, a bolt is used, the spring is pre-compressed with the help of improvised means (vice, clamp, gasman). Then the sheets are pulled together. Experts also recommend lubricating the gaps between the sheets with graphite grease. But it must be taken a little so as not to get excessive softness.

After the actions taken, the spring can be considered ready for operation. It is advisable to pre-paint the device before use.

Such recommendations apply to rear springs as well.

Reinforced bumper for UAZ


Many motorists are interested in the question of how to install a snorkel on a UAZ "Patriot". This model belongs to the SUV category. Therefore, it copes well with various types of off-road, minor water bodies and other obstacles. The listed difficulties are not a problem for an iron horse made ondomestic car factory.

But every car owner is aware of the dangers of water for the operation of the motor, especially when it gets inside the compartment. If the UAZ does not have a snorkel, the car may be seriously damaged.

The procedure for installing this part can be done by yourself if you study the recommendations provided.

You must first purchase an air intake for the UAZ. Experts recommend giving preference to the Russian "Stokrat". It is better to take care of installing the snorkel right away than to overhaul the motor later. We propose to consider the stages of work.

First you need to get:

  • Anti-corrosion agent.
  • Drill and drills for working with metal at 7 and 33 mm.
  • Tool bit with a diameter of 83 mm on the drill to drill the main hole.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Wrench (number ten).
  1. Allocate an hour for work.
  2. Attach a template blank to the wing on the right side. Circle it, having decided on the holes, which will then be drilled over.
  3. The hole size is 7mm.
  4. With the help of a crown, a through hole is drilled, the diameter of which is 83 mm, for which they take both the wing and the liner.
  5. To try on the part, use special mounting screws and mount the workpiece on the snorkel.

You can do the above steps yourself, saving money on visiting a car service.

Spare tire

To place a spare wheel on a UAZ, it is important to knowthe sequence of such work so that the following problems do not arise:

  • Dangerous situation when the tailgate sags. This leads to failure of the body when its hinges break out. In such a situation, a problem arises because the dimensions of the mounted wheel are too large. They are much larger and heavier than the standard version.
  • The second and more pressing problem is when the installed wheel exceeds the overall dimensions that the rear bumper has. If a high obstacle comes across on the road, then it is this part of the car that will be the first to take the hit. This action passes to the door on the trunk and causes its deformation. After such tuning, an expensive vehicle repair will be required.

To prevent the above problems from affecting the car, there are several ways to perform tuning in a different way:

  • Place the spare tire away from the tailgate.
  • Use the trunk lid for this purpose.
  • Use a specially made gate (bracket-holder).

The listed options are widely used by motorists. Each of them is characterized by certain advantages and disadvantages.


You can remove the plastic from the UAZ car and cut off the metal pipe from the bumper. If desired, plastic "fangs" are placed. It's legal and functional. Unfortunately, plastic fades quickly.

UAZ car

To get a reinforced bumper on an UAZ, you need to know the sequence of executionworks. With a reinforced bumper, the car acquires a special charm, showing everyone that it is powerful. Also, the installation of such a part will take care of protecting passengers from injury if an emergency occurs.

The bumper installation steps are as follows:

  1. Selection and purchase of the necessary material that is suitable for these purposes.
  2. Making and drawing a diagram.
  3. Preparation of tools and materials.
  4. Dismantling the old part.

If you clearly follow the steps listed, you can successfully replace the bumper with your own hands.

Before installing the bumper, it is degreased with an alcohol-containing liquid and allowed to dry. Then the part must be painted and polished very quickly. Before this, it is desirable to use an anti-corrosion agent. If you choose stainless steel, you will not need to paint and polish the bumper.

Install the bumper with bolts and screws or welding.

Consequences of some changes

It is better not to put power bumpers on models for everyday driving. This is extra weight, which will worsen the dynamics of the vehicle and increase fuel consumption. After all, the bumper weighs about 50 kg. It is important to consider: if security forces are already installed, most likely, you will have to make suspension reinforcement or a lift to compensate for this body kit. Otherwise, the car will just sag.

If we are talking about Russian cars, then it can be noted that the bumpers for them differ in the affordable cost of the front and rear models. Car enthusiasts advise every few yearschange bumper. If you hang a security officer here, it will be necessary to strengthen the suspension so that the car does not “sit down”.

When buying a vehicle, you need to take care of the presence of a cable and a pump. Then the car will show its maximum capabilities. A nine-meter model is enough.

If the cable is in good condition, the recommendation for use is followed, then it will last as long as possible and will be able to pull the vehicle if the need arises. This rope is great for tough jobs. It is very difficult to break it.


UAZ cars can safely be called Russian SUVs. These vehicles are used as special equipment and lend themselves well to tuning. Some owners of such a car are thinking about the need to perform tuning of the UAZ SUV. Others have already begun to do this and continue to improve their models.

If the owner of a Russian SUV is eager to carry out transformation work on his own, then such actions must be carefully considered. Self-tuning will be more cost-effective. But you can not ignore any item in the step-by-step sequence of actions.

Pros recommend starting tuning with a winch. This part is definitely necessary, since the SUV can get into difficult conditions under which it will need to be pulled out. Then the winch will come to the rescue of the car owner.

There are also no questions about changing tires. It is important to remember that it is recommended to use rubber for eachseason.

Regarding the installation of the bumper, the opinion of motorists is ambiguous. Some drivers believe that this is an important element of tuning. It should be borne in mind that the 50-kilogram stainless construction makes the SUV less light and maneuverable. The car sags under this weight.

It is also practiced to paint the vehicle so that the car is not very noticeable in nature. Such work will help to give the car even more solidity. Such opportunities will delight hunters.

Russian UAZ is a promising model. Tuning makes this car even more cool!

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