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Information about the motorcycle Yamaha XG250 Tricker: description, specifications

Information about the motorcycle Yamaha XG250 Tricker: description, specifications
Information about the motorcycle Yamaha XG250 Tricker: description, specifications

At some point, Yamaha's developers noticed a decline in youth interest in motorcycles designed for racing. Suddenly, the height of speed lost its first significance, now attention was paid to the ability to do tricks, maneuverability. Skateboards, roller skates, and especially BMX bikes were popular. Therefore, the BMX bike was taken as the basis of the new model.

The Yamaha XG250 Tricker was first heard by the world in 2005 when it was released. The motorcycle is produced to this day and is quite popular in the US and Europe, although it is not officially delivered anywhere, as it is focused on the Japanese market.

yamaha xg250 tricker in showroom


Trial bike enthusiasts will appreciate the Yamaha XG250 Tricker as it has a similar concept. The motorcycle is designed for simple civilian use, which means it is designed for light off-road andcity ​​trips. Yamaha positions this model as an alternative to BMX bikes and youth motorcycles. The design includes a traction motor, optimal weight and a lightweight aluminum frame that allows you to perform various manipulations for street tricks.

Two generations

The Yamaha XG250 Tricker has two generations. The first is a model with a carburetor supply system. This model was produced from 2005 to 2007 under the name Tricker. Then the upgrade was made and, starting in 2008, the second generation model was produced, which was called Tricker 2. This model had a larger fuel tank, and was also supplemented with an injector, which allowed to reduce fuel consumption and increase torque.

release xg250 tricker


Recently, motorcycles are becoming increasingly popular. This is justified by the fact that many began to collect this type of transport, or use it as entertainment. Increasingly, various motorcycle exhibitions are held, after which there are more and more motorcycle enthusiasts. For a motorcycle, not only appearance is important, but also technical data.

The technical characteristics of the Yamaha XG250 Tricker make it one of the most prestigious motorcycles and is in great demand among both experienced motorcyclists and beginners. The motorcycle, thanks to the diligent work of the developers, has an engine capacity of 249 cc, which allows it to compete with other models in the motor market.

yamaha xg250 tricker specifications

The frame is made of aluminum. The wheels and suspension are from a Yamaha YZ85 and the engine is from a Yamaha XT250 Serow. The volume of the fuel tank is six liters (or 7.2 liters). The tank is small and positioned so that the seat height is as low as possible (790 mm). Due to this arrangement, sitting on a motorcycle is very comfortable. The saddle itself is very rigid and narrow, which immediately sets you in the right mood and does not allow you to relax. It is somewhat reminiscent of a bicycle saddle on a large scale. The motorcycle has a small headlight and a speedometer. Optimal handlebar placement allows you to ride standing and sitting. Disc brakes on two wheels and clutch levers are light and smooth. Telescopic fork installed at the front.

The developers have achieved maximum torque at low power using an engine that was made similar to the Yamaha XT250 Serow. The power plant consists of a four-stroke single-cylinder air-cooled engine and a five-speed gearbox with a foot switch. The dry weight of the motorcycle is 118 kilograms. Rated power 18.77 hp The bike is 810mm wide and 1130mm high.

yamaha xg250 tricker review

Yamaha XG250 Tricker Review

Motorcycle is relatively low power and light. During the ride, its flexible character, low weight and ease of control are felt. It is thanks to this that this motorcycle is suitable even for a beginner.

This is a versatile motorcycle that can pleaseits owner. Due to its small dimensions, it is very maneuverable and convenient, you can drive between two rows of cars without any problems, since it is quite narrow. You can also easily avoid obstacles without taking your feet off the footpegs. The developers also provided a seat for the passenger.

When driving off-road, the suspension and wheelbase will show their positive qualities, which allow you to raise the front wheel, jump, maneuver and be in a stable position. Grass, sand, slides, potholes, snow and ice are no problem.

xg250 tricker

However, it should be borne in mind that this model is not designed for long trips. This is due to the small gas tank and the inconvenience of the saddle. It is also not suitable for road racing due to its low power.

Analogues Yamaha XG250 Tricker

The model was originally intended for the Japanese market, so it is not officially exported to other countries. At a motorcycle auction in Japan, a large number of copies of this model are presented, so it is more expedient to purchase this motorcycle at auctions. Yamaha XG250 Tricker can also be found in motorcycle dealerships. Popular analogues of this model include Suzuki Djebel 200, Yamaha Serow 225.

yamaha xg250 tricker model description


On the Internet you can see a lot of good reviews about the Yamaha XG250 Tricker. The owners write that from the model of this motorcycle you can get everything your heart desires. It is possible to ride both standing and sitting, while withoutany difficulties to bypass obstacles. You can drive at walking speed or be the first to leave the traffic light. Many notice the fact that this motorcycle is quite convenient to maintain. You just need to fill in gasoline, lubricate the chain, change the oil and oil filter. The only negative is the selection of rubber, as the size is non-standard. To sum up, the Yamaha XG250 Tricker is a light, bright and high-quality motorcycle that can not only get to your destination, but also do various tricks and ride off-road.

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