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Alpha moped wiring: how it works and what it connects to

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Alpha moped wiring: how it works and what it connects to
Alpha moped wiring: how it works and what it connects to

The trouble with the Chinese motorcycle "Alpha" is in several things: shock absorbers, metal and wiring. The rest is replaced by the owner quickly enough (oil, gasoline, factory tires). It is the wiring that has a lot of breakdown options and makes the owners of Chinese mopeds spend a lot of nerves trying to fix it. As a result, the wiring of the Alpha moped very soon begins to look like a bird's nest, and one cannot do without a diagram. How to deal with tangled wires?

Basic concepts

In order to understand the wiring, you need to understand a little about the types of current. A constant is one that does not change its direction and magnitude. Variable is the one where the voltage and current strength change after a while, or the current goes in the opposite direction. Often, direct current, as can be seen in the wiring diagram of the Alpha moped, is needed for light bulbs: headlights, turn signals, foot. There are models where the motorcycle is completely converted to direct current, but these are old models and they are foundquite rare.

Alfa moped wiring diagram

Alternating current must be rectified somewhere and a rectifier with voltage stabilization is called upon to do this. Simply put, it's a voltage regulator. Why is it needed? 40 V comes out of the generator, but the bulbs quickly burn out from this amount. Therefore, the rectifier reduces this figure to 13.8 V. Alpha has two power lines: the first is the power supply for the on-board network of the electric starter, headlight, turn signals, dimensions, relay, signal and stop. The second is the power line for the generator, ignition coils and spark plugs.

Valuable tips

It's no secret that wire insulation is made of cheap plastic and it's better to replace the insulation with rubber before it crumbles after a few rains. Two networks in Chinese motorcycles do not intersect, therefore, when disassembling the power supply of the on-board network of the electric starter, headlight, turn signals and stop, you should remember a few points:

  • Green wire is always ground or, as it is also called, earth.
  • Pink and yellow (two yellow) coming from the generator where there is still alternating current.
  • Blue stretches from a pulse from a magnetic sensor.
  • Black and red - battery power.
The main wires on the Alpha moped

They all go into a big black tourniquet. The colors are fixed and it is easier to remember their belonging than to determine for a long time where they come from and where they go. There are two main coils: under the steering wheel and next to the battery, under the shield. If next to the battery you can still decide what comes from where, then under the steering wheelthe wiring of the Alpha moped begins to resemble Narnia: everything is lost there and the colors change. The wiring from this point radiates throughout the motorcycle, providing power.

Wiring work

The big black wire connects: 2 yellow, green and red, where direct current flows. Red goes to the ignition, from which, by turning the key, you can close the system and make it work. On the reverse side, the harness goes to the console, where it is connected to the switches. If the voltage was lost, then you should just look at the operation of this harness - does the voltage go from the ignition switch to this black harness.

Black harness under the control panel

The second line is used to power the battery (black-red), the impulse from the magnetic sensor (blue-white) and has a mass (green). There is a lot of voltage going to the battery, and therefore you can only touch the wires with the engine turned off. If the question arose of how to connect the wiring on the Alpha moped in case of problems with this line, then you should pay attention to the armored wire - a large black wire going to the spark plug from the ignition coil. A rather dangerous symptom allows you to suspect a break in the black and yellow wire: if the moped does not stall, but will work until the gasoline runs out. This wire turns yellow in the middle and goes to the ignition coil.

How to check, replace

Checking is done with a multimeter. This device is used in electromechanics and is sold in hardware stores. There are models without a sound signal - theydo not differ in appearance, and therefore you have to ask the sellers. Without a sound signal or "ringing" it is inconvenient to constantly look at the panel, but it is real to check. Consistently, starting from the battery to the ignition circuit and the generator, all the wiring of the Alpha moped is checked. There are two probes on the multimeter: red and black. Reds need to touch plus, and blacks need to touch mass or ground.

Thus, the wiring of the Alpha moped is a difficult and vulnerable place for this transport. However, this is what will help to temper the owner of the motorcycle in eternal breakdowns and make him a real ace in the electricity of his motorcycle.

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