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Yamaha 225 Serow - description and photo

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Yamaha 225 Serow - description and photo
Yamaha 225 Serow - description and photo

The motorcycle model "Yamaha Serow 225" belongs to the type of "off-road enduro". Thought out to the smallest detail, the budget option for moving through forests, fields and mountains is widely popular in our country. Perfectly manifests itself in urban conditions. What is this technique? Consider in our article.

First meeting

From 1985 to 2002 was released as an intra-Japanese version with the local name Yamaha XT 225.

yamaha serow 225 technical

Single-cylinder four-stroke engine. Power - 20 horsepower. The force of rotation of the crankshaft is 19 Nm. Cooling - air. Disc brakes. Suspension: telescopic front fork and monoshock.

Descendants and competitors

Since 1997, the ST 225 Bronco scrambler has been produced on the basis of the Yamaha Serow 225. The next improved version was this model with an index of 250. A worthy opponent of this class is the Suzuki Djebel 200.

Historical background

Yamaha Serow 225 has undergone the following upgrade during the release:

  • in the first generation (1985-1987) - rear wheel brake type"drum";
  • the second from 1988 to 1995 - external improvements;
  • in the final seven years of the third generation, the braking system changed (discs appeared), the gas tank increased from 8.7 to 9.8 liters, there were some finishing touches to the design of the body and plastic.

It is interesting that the company has specialized in the production of musical instruments since its inception. That's why there are 3 crossed tuning forks in the emblem. The founder of Thorakusu Yamaha bought a German brand motorcycle for himself. I was so impressed with it that I decided to release an exact copy.

So, in 1955, Yamaha Motor Co. was founded. Thanks to this event, thousands of motorcycles ride around the world. The eminent company Pininfarina (Italy) was involved in the development of the appearance of "Serow".

yamaha serow 225 specifications

By the way serow means "Japanese mountain goat". This animal does not develop great speed, but climbs the hill perfectly. This is the best characterization of the model of the same name.

Technical parameters

Motorcycle specifications:

  • Motorcycle frame material - steel.
  • The volume of the working engine is 223 cubic centimeters. 70mm diameter cylinder with 58mm spacing.
  • Compression - 9, 5.
  • Timing - two-valve, SOHC.
  • Mikuni carburetor with 34mm exhaust port.
  • Ignition - CDI.
  • Gearbox - six-speed.
  • Transmission type - chain.

Technical characteristics of the Yamaha Serow 225 are as follows: maximum power - 20 horsepower at 8 thousand rpm. Peak torque of 19 Nm is reached at 7,000 rpm.

Other features:

  • Two tires are provided with the following parameters: 2, 75-21 (master); 120/80-18.
  • Rear and front brakes - 1 disc in 220 mm, single and double piston caliper, respectively.
  • Telescopic fork as front suspension with 226mm travel. The pendulum acts as a rear monoshock with a range of 145 millimeters (rebound adjustment).
  • Front fork tilt - 24 degrees.
  • Measured in millimeters (l/w/h) - 2070/805/1161.
  • Clearance - 285 millimeters.
  • Seat height - 810 millimeters.
  • Curb weight - 108 kilograms.
  • Braking distance - 14 meters at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour.
  • yamaha serow 225 specifications

Features of the model

Since the Yamaha Serow 225 has been on the Russian market for a long time, a large number of user reviews have accumulated.

yamaha serow specifications

The most common is that this low model is suitable for riders up to 80kg. Height from 180 cm will also cause inconvenience. But everything is individual. But the weight of the "light-enduro" allows you to lift it without the help of outsiders.

Some consider his appearance to be "clumsy work". But looking closer, they understand: there is nothing superfluous. In the spirit of Japaneseminimalism - every detail is in place. Even when falling, everything is designed so that not a single screw will be damaged.

The motorcycle is designed for two. But the passenger will have a hard time on bumps and potholes: his part of the seat is harsh. The motorcycle is not capricious about fuel.

By the way, during the production there were experiments with changing the number of teeth on the sprockets to increase the patency. I must say that these experiments are quite successful.

Parts available, reviews say so. With regular maintenance, the motorcycle will last more than one thousand kilometers.

Attention requires oil level. For decent distances, a strategic reserve is needed. At high speeds, the volume of consumption increases.

The motorcycle is very simple to use. The manufacturer's name speaks for itself. According to reviews, it is quite possible to disassemble the motorcycle to the frame and sort it out on your own.

At low speeds, this "Japanese" is able to conquer the rise of 50-60 degrees. In general, his “horse” is difficult distances at low speed without jumps and other extreme sports. Although the telescopic long-stroke fork stably allows you to cope with a serious load. For this, the model is appreciated by its owners, who call it a “goat” in their slang.

yamaha 225 specifications

In the conditions of the track, the momentum is gaining calmly. Not intended for high-speed races, after 100-110 km / h the engine starts to "snot"

According to estimates of driving performance, external data and reliability, the Serow 225 scores approximately 4.5 out of five. Comfort and comfort indicators are less worthy in surveyssafety - 4. The electric starter is very convenient - so the reviews say.

Gasoline consumption

The engine spends 2 to 3.5 liters depending on the road surface and driving style. The following experimental data are also given: 1.85 liters per 100 km in the extra-urban cycle.


Yamaha Serow 225 in an acceptable technical condition without a run in Russia is available from 165 thousand rubles. With mileage in Russia - from 120 thousand rubles. Basically, copies without mileage are sold in Vladivostok.


So, we found out what the Japanese Yamaha Serow motorcycle has technical specifications and features. In general, this is a very good cross bike. However, its cost is sometimes high. Not everyone can afford such a technique.

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