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How to drain gasoline from the Lada

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How to drain gasoline from the Lada
How to drain gasoline from the Lada

Many Lada car owners faced the fact that they had to drain gasoline from the fuel system. Different generations of VAZ have different gas tank designs, and therefore a completely logical question arises: how to drain gasoline from a car?

Reasons for draining gasoline

To force the driver to drain the fuel from the car, you must have good reasons. Consider the main ones:

  1. The need to repair the vehicle. This may be due to a traffic accident or a planned restoration of body parts. For safety reasons, the fuel tank is removed, and then the fuel is drained.
  2. Cleaning the fuel system and gas tank. Automotive chemicals are often used to flush the system, so it's worth removing the fuel from the entire system.
  3. Replacing or repairing the gas tank is one reason why it may be necessary to drain the fuel.
Draining gasoline through the fuel neck of the VAZ
Draining gasoline through the fuel neck of the VAZ

Draining gasoline from the "classics"

How to drain gasoline from the VAZ "classics"? This is the simplest and most proven method that our grandfathers used. To carry out the operation, you will need a hose that will crawl into the filler neck. Atnovice motorists may be faced with the question of how to drain gasoline with a hose. The operation is quite simple:

  1. Unscrew the filler cap.
  2. Push the hose through the hole so that it reaches the bottom of the fuel tank.
  3. Now you need to slightly pull the air from the back of the tube towards you and sharply insert the hose into the container.
  4. Thus, gasoline should flow.

You should be very careful, as you can draw in too much air along with the fuel that will enter the body. This can lead to the most unfortunate consequences.

The location of the fuel tank on the VAZ "classic"
The location of the fuel tank on the VAZ "classic"

After the fuel remains at the bottom in the fuel tank, you can remove the hose and remove the container for other manipulations. This method was often used by thieves who drained fuel from the car at night.

How to drain gasoline from Lada Priory

Unlike the "classics" on modern cars, it will no longer be possible to drain fuel through the fuel tank neck, since there are protections. It simply will not work to stretch the hose into the tank and “suck out” the fuel. Then how to drain gasoline? There are other ways to do this.

For this type of car, there are two ways to solve the problem. The first option involves wedging into the fuel line in the area of \u200b\u200bthe fuel filter. The second is the dismantling of the fuel pump. Consider each method in stages.

Draining fuel through the ramp
Draining fuel through the ramp

Drain gasoline through the fuel filter:

  1. Find the location of the fuel cell. The fuel filter is usually located under the rear right wheel. But the location may vary depending on the year or model.
  2. Snap off the filter groove from the side of the nozzle.
  3. We put on a hose, which we immerse in a container.
  4. Need to make the fuel pump work. If you turn on the ignition, it will work for only a few seconds. To deceive the electronics, it is necessary to close the relay K12. To do this, motorists use a jumper in the form of a wire.

The second method involves dismantling the fuel pump. There is a structural element under the rear sofa, which must be removed. Consider the sequence of operations for draining gasoline through the fuel pump:

  1. As already mentioned, remove the rear sofa. Under it there is a plug that hides the fuel pump.
  2. Remove the protective cover and get full access.
  3. Snap off the power supply terminals. The fuel pump needs to be de-energized first. This can be done by removing the appropriate fuse in the mounting block or by removing the negative terminal from the battery.
  4. Relieve the pressure of the fuel system. After that, unscrew the fuel supply pipes.
  5. Remove the fixing circle.
  6. Now you can remove the fuel pump.
  7. Get access to the fuel tank. Next, we carry out an operation with a hose, as in the case of the "classic".
Draining gasoline through the fuel supply hoses
Draining gasoline through the fuel supply hoses

Other ways to drain gasoline from a vehicle

On some vehicles of the family"Lada", where the fuel tank is located under the luggage compartment, there is a fuel drain bolt. It was on the first generations of Priors and Grants. It served precisely to ensure that, if necessary, it was possible to drain the fuel from the fuel tank. The procedure is quite simple: we substitute the container and unscrew the bolt with a key of 17. But later this mechanism was removed.

Another option is to run the drain through the fuel rail. First, the fuel supply hose is unscrewed and extended to drain the combustible mixture. Further, as in the case of the fuel filter, the relay closes. Fuel is being drained. In this option, it is recommended to use a longer tube so that gasoline does not get on the engine and electrical components located in the engine compartment.


How to drain gasoline from a car? It is quite simple if you know all the subtleties and nuances, as well as the design of the fuel system. Of course, you will need additional materials, such as a set of keys or a hose, as well as knowledge of the car.

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