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Sailun Ice Blazer WSL2 winter tires: reviews, manufacturer

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Sailun Ice Blazer WSL2 winter tires: reviews, manufacturer
Sailun Ice Blazer WSL2 winter tires: reviews, manufacturer

To the choice of tires, many motorists are very, very scrupulous. The safety of movement depends on the quality of the installed rubber. This problem is especially acute in winter. Low temperatures and a sudden change in coverage make driving at times more difficult. There are many types of winter tires. The Chinese company recently presented the Sailun Ice Blazer WSL2. Reviews of the presented tires are mixed. Some motorists praise tires, while others, on the contrary, do not recommend buying them under any circumstances.

Sailun Logo

A little about the brand

Sailun is a dark horse. The company was registered in 2002 in Qingdao (China). The brand manufactures tires for different variations and types of vehicles. In the model range you can find tires for cars, SUVs, light trucks. Plenty of variations. Now the company's tires are supplied to the markets of the USA, the CIS, Europe and Asia. Manufacturability of production is confirmed by international certificates TSI and ISO.

Flag of China

Purpose of the model

Sailun Ice Blazer WSL2 reviews are left only by owners of vehicles with all-wheel drive. The model was just developed specifically for the presented class of cars. On sale you can find 38 different variations of standard sizes. Fit diameters from 13 to 18 inches.

Crossover on a snowy road

A few words about prices

This rubber is budget. It costs 40-50% cheaper than analogues from world brands. Does such cheapness affect the quality? Reviews of the Sailun Ice Blazer WSL2 tires are mixed. In harsh operating conditions, the presented model showed its worst side.

Season of applicability

These tires are specially designed for mild winters. In severe frosts, the rubber compound hardens very quickly. This reduces the quality of adhesion to the roadway. The area of ​​the contact patch decreases, which negatively affects the controllability of the car. The risk of an accident increases many times.


Tire testing

The tire development company uses the most modern technological solutions. For example, first a 3D tread design is created, after which a tire prototype is made. According to the results of its testing at a special stand, the tires are sent either to the test site or for revision. Only after the races in real conditions, the model enters mass production.


In reviews of the Sailun Ice Blazer WSL2, the owners note acceptablequality of movement on loose snow. This was achieved thanks to the classic tread pattern.

Tire tread Sailun Ice Blazer WSL2

The central edge is solid. It is made from a harder rubber compound. This allows you to save the wheel geometry under strong dynamic loads. The car confidently holds the road, demolitions to the sides are excluded. However, this is only true if a number of conditions are met. The fact is that after installation it is required to balance them. The driver must not accelerate above the declared speed index.

The remaining edges of the central zone consist of blocks directed at an acute angle to the roadway. This technical solution creates a V-shaped tread design. Tires better remove water and snow from the contact area, their traction characteristics increase. The car is stable when accelerating, there is no chance of skidding and drifting to the side.

Blocks of shoulder zones are "responsible" for braking and cornering. The fact is that it is on these elements of the tire that the main load falls when performing the presented maneuvers. The rectangular shape increases the rigidity of the elements, resulting in improved braking stability.

Riding on ice

The biggest problems in winter are driving on icy sections of the road. From friction, the ice surface heats up and begins to melt. The resulting water also reduces the quality of contact between the tire and the road. In reviews of Sailun Ice Blazer WSL2 winter tires, drivers note that driving onicy road - the main problem of the presented tires. There are no spikes. To increase the quality of grip, each tread block received a specific cut. That's just not enough. These tires do not behave well on ice, the reliability of movement is reduced by an order of magnitude.

Riding in the snow

In the reviews of the Sailun Ice Blazer WSL2, the owners noted the satisfactory quality of movement on loose snow. The directional tread pattern increases snow removal speed. No slippage.

Riding through puddles

When driving through puddles, a specific effect of hydroplaning occurs. A microfilm of water forms between the tire and the road. It reduces the contact area. Control is lost. Moreover, the risk of an accident increases exponentially. The engineers of the Chinese brand managed to eliminate this negative effect. Especially for this, a whole range of measures was proposed.

hydroplaning effect

Firstly, the directional tread pattern positively affected the rate of water removal. This design is ideal for dealing with hydroplaning. It is even used in the production of specific rain tires.

Secondly, Sailun's chemists increased the proportion of silicon oxide in the rubber compound. The substance increases the reliability of adhesion to the road. This is also noted by drivers in their reviews of the Sailun Ice Blazer WSL2. Motorists claim that tires practically stick to the roadway.

Thirdly, an effective drainage system has been created. It is represented by five longitudinal tubules connected to each other by transversegrooves. The principle of operation is simple. Under the action of centrifugal force, water enters deep into the tread. After that, she is taken aside. Thus, it is possible to completely eliminate the effect of hydroplaning.

Dirt handling

The presented model is intended for cars with all-wheel drive. But the tires have no significant cross-country ability. The dimensions of the drainage of winter tires Sailun Ice Blazer WSL2 do not allow effective removal of mud. The protector clogs very, very quickly. The limit of passability is a dirt road. This was also confirmed in the owners' reviews of the Sailun Ice Blazer WSL2. Motorists use this model exclusively for urban use.


The manufacturer of the Sailun Ice Blazer WSL2 and the reviews of motorists agree on the final mileage. These tires are able to overcome no more than 40 thousand km. The frame is weak. Hitting a wheel in a pothole in the asph alt pavement can lead to deformation of the metal cord and the appearance of hernias and bumps.


Several rating agencies have also left their reviews of Sailun Ice Blazer WSL2. Experts from ADAC tested this model in real-life conditions. The results of the testers were not satisfied. The tires showed poor handling under sudden changes in driving conditions. Movement on ice was accompanied by skids and uncontrolled drifts. At temperatures below -10 degrees Celsius, the tires hardened, which negatively affected the quality of grip.

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