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What car does Putin drive: model, description, photo
What car does Putin drive: model, description, photo

It is known that the Russian president is a fan of cars, loves driving and loves to drive himself. Do you know what kind of car Putin drives on his working visits and on important festive events? No, this is not a Bentley, and not a Mercedes, although it also appeared on the latter before. It turns out that our country knows how to surprise and produce beautiful cars. The symbol of technical independence and technological power is represented by the Russian limousine that the Russian leader drives today.

The name of the car is Aurus Senat ("Aurus Senate"), from Aurum - gold, Rus - Russia. Its cost is about 140 thousand euros, and this limousine is called the "Russian beast" (the American car was called and is called the "Beast"). Vladimir Putin's car number is B776US, 77th region.

Aurus Senate - Putin's car

NAMI - made by us

FSUE NAMI - scientificresearch automobile and motor vehicle institute, in which they worked on the development of a car for the president for about five years. The secret production is almost entirely manual, because it was a piece goods. More than two thousand people worked on the project of a car for the Russian leader.

This is the kind of car Putin drives: the car turned out to be a real handsome man, bursting with strength, calmness and confidence. It has a powerful vertical grille, massive arches above the headlights, clear and even body lines. The style of the car was developed by designers for several years, artists and designers were inspired by the history of Russia.


The car with an armored capsule weighs 6.5 tons and has a length of more than six meters, the clearance is 20 centimeters. It's incredible, but an eight-cylinder engine has a power of about 600 horsepower (according to some reports - more than 800). The car Putin drives has a "hybrid" - a battery and an electric motor.

Interior details and other internal characteristics of the car are not shown and information about them is kept in the strictest confidence; it is known, of course, that the car is safe, powerful and very comfortable.

They say that the car is equipped not only with all modern options, but also with artificial intelligence, like a living organism of 50 computers. Here everything "thinks" for the driver, emphasizing the highest level of technology when creating a car.

Despite the increased secrecy of the car Putin drives, it is estimatedexperts, "Aurus Senate" under no circumstances will lose contact, as it uses special equipment. It is said that it is not available to other countries.

Project "Tuple"

That's what they called the project to create a car for the main man of the country. It was launched on behalf of Vladimir Putin in 2013. When creating the machine, many companies of the world were involved and all the wishes of the Russian leader were taken into account.

On the basis of production, a single platform has been created, within which, starting from 2019, a whole large representative family will appear on sale: a sedan, a limousine, an SUV and a minibus. The names of the models will be given in honor of the Kremlin towers: "Komendant", "Arsenal" and "Senate" (the car that Putin drives around Moscow today received just such a name). As for the equipment and cost, they will be equated to such brands as Rolls-Royce, Maybach and Bentley. But according to media reports, their market price is expected to be more than 20% lower than that of Western counterparts. The project is classified, it is known that the cars will be equipped with an automatic nine-speed gearbox, three types of turbo engines, including a V12 engine with a capacity of 850 horsepower. This is a car of incredible power, its "heart" was created in collaboration with Porsche engineers.

For four years, 12.4 billion rubles were allocated from the budget of our state for the work on the project. According to the plan, serial modifications of the number one car will be put on sale in 2019, with the proceeds from the sale of money andthe costs will pay off. The cars will be shown at the auto show in autumn 2018.


What car does Putin drive now

Replacing the government's fleet - to be! What kind of car Vladimir Putin drives, the same ones - of the same family - will be used by high-ranking civil servants in the near future. It makes sense.

The Presidential Spokesman confirmed that both new minibuses and short and long sedan variants will be delivered commercially from early next year. At first, the cars of the project will be intended for Russian civil servants with a gradual replacement of their car fleet with foreign cars. Perhaps the range of cars produced will subsequently be expanded. All titles will be written in Latin.

First orders for new sedans and limousines may already be in.

The cost of cars will start from 6 million rubles. Production versions of Aurus are expected at a price of at least 10 million rubles.

Evaluation of the car by President Putin

What car does Putin drive?

In the spring of 2018, on the day of his inauguration, the Russian leader drove for the first time in a new presidential car. Then a foreign meeting with US President Donald Trump took place, and it became clear to everyone what kind of car President Putin is driving today - he arrived in the new Aurus Senate for the first time as part of a trip abroad, at similar meetings before that he appeared in a Mercedes car.

Post inauguration press secretaryPresident Dmitry Peskov said that the leader's impressions of the new limousine are very positive, no complaints, he liked the car. The head of state did not miss a single detail, following the development process for more than one year, he personally got behind the wheel of a car layout.

The car that Putin drives now will be used by the Russian president when traveling in a motorcade.

In 2014, at the development stage of a super-car, the president got acquainted with the layout in detail and even drove. Initially, Putin himself chose the concept, the good old classic VMS was chosen as the basis, and the concept is still being developed. The model "Aurus" in 2014 was made so high quality that it gave the impression of a car ready for operation. They say that Putin got into it, tried to start it and leave.

Russia and America - who is more respectable?

what car does president putin drive

The engine of the "Beast" limousine of US President Trump is inferior in performance to the engine of Vladimir Putin's car. Under the hood of Tramp's car is an eight-cylinder V-engine with a volume of 6.6 liters and a capacity of 403 horsepower. Trump inherited this car from previous President Barack Obama, who in turn first got into a car in 2009. The limousine was created by General Motors, a luxury brand of Cadillac. The car looks like a tank model. Due to the presence of special foam, the fuel tank of the machine cannot explode. Chemical attacks are not terrible and the body"The Beast", and if the Kevlar tires are damaged, the specially made steel rims will continue to move the car.

Trump's limo weighs a ton and a half more than the Russian Aurus Senate.

According to media reports, Donald Trump will soon switch to a new car specially created for him.

Russian leader's fleet

What car does Putin drive?

What kind of car Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin drives, the world community learned in 2005. Then for the first time the Russian leader publicly appeared behind the wheel of a domestic car. It was his personal ivory 1956 Volga. Putin gave US President George W. Bush a ride on it. Of course, this "21st" was completely restored and equipped with an automatic transmission.

The Russian leader loves cars. His "Niva-Lynx" is a small-scale car with a body painted "under camouflage", large wheels, a protective body kit and an external air intake.

The base cost of a car produced by Bronto starts from 360 thousand rubles.

what car does vladimir putin drive

1972 "Zaporozhets" also visited the fleet of the country's leader. It turned out to be a runabout from Putin's distant poor student body. Vladimir Vladimirovich himself shared in his book that this car won in the lottery was given to him, a third-year student of Leningrad State University, by his parents.

Lada "Kalina" Vladimir Vladimirovich once estimated asa very good car for its class and purpose. And "Siber" did not seem to Putin soft and comfortable enough.

The President of Russia was presented with a VAZ-2101, produced in 1970. According to media reports, it was this car that the Russian leader liked during his visit to the plant.

Volga was not useful

The limited-edition GAZ-21 or Volga, a car that Putin did not drive, was released in 2004 and put up for sale for 21 million rubles. The maximum speed of this car can reach 175 km/h, the car is equipped with a 2.7-liter engine with 150 horsepower.

Former - characteristics and photos

What car did Putin drive to Aurus? The first person of the Russian state appeared on an armored car Mercedes-Benz S600 Pullman Guard.

What car does Putin drive in Moscow?

There is an armored capsule inside the car. The machine is equipped with protection against fire and the use of any weapon. The windshield weighing 130 kilograms is 10 centimeters thick.

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