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"Renault Magnum": reviews, description, specifications, photos. Truck tractor Renault Magnum

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"Renault Magnum": reviews, description, specifications, photos. Truck tractor Renault Magnum
"Renault Magnum": reviews, description, specifications, photos. Truck tractor Renault Magnum

The market for commercial vehicles today is simply huge. There is a wide range of technology for different purposes. These are dump trucks, tanks and other machines. But in today's article, attention will be paid to a French-made truck tractor. This is the Renault Magnum. Photos, description and features of the truck are presented below.


So, what is this car? Renault Magnum is a mainline truck. The road train can be produced with the following wheel formula - 4x2, 6x2 and 6x4. The machine can have a different load capacity and wheelbase length. For the first time, the Renault Magnum tractor appeared back in 1990. This is one of the few tractors that has been mass-produced for over 20 years. The last copy was released in 2014. The Renault T truck replaced the Magnum.


Having been born in the 90th year, this car made a splash among the public. There were no cars with such an exterior before.

main cargoautomobile

Until now, the Renault Magnum cab is considered by many to be the standard of design. Not a single truck from the European "seven" has a similar look. Due to the squareness, this cabin is called an aquarium. The car received a huge windshield and square headlights with separate turn signals. Later, the design of the optics changed. Turn signals, as well as low and high beams were combined into a single unit. In terms of design, the car began to look better. But in case of damage to the optics, I had to fork out for a new headlight assembly - reviews say. Renault Magnum of the first generations has glass optics. On more recent trucks, it has become plastic. As noted by the reviews, the new headlights become cloudy. This can be clearly seen on cars with a mileage of more than 800 thousand kilometers.

As for corrosion resistance, the Renault Magnum cabin does not rot, as, for example, on Dafas. Also note that the lower half of it is made of plastic. Among the shortcomings of the Renault Magnum car, reviews note a one-piece front wing. Very often on our roads, drivers break off the lower edge. And it changes entirely, which is very expensive. To save money, some carriers use fiberglass for repairs.

Magnum Euro 4/5

The latest generation of Magnums was mass-produced from 2005 to 2014 (a photo of the Renault Magnum of this series can be seen below in the article).

car road train

The car has not changed much in appearance. It's still a square cab and vertical headlights. Among the innovations is a chrome trim under the windshieldglass and a modified grille. The design of glass, handles and the location of the steps remained the same. For a better view, the French installed an additional mirror under the visor. In this form, the car was produced all 9 years. But even now, the design cannot be called obsolete. The truck looks quite fresh and has a monumental silhouette.

Getting into the car

Among other features, it is worth noting the location of the footrests. If on other European trucks they are in the front, then on the Magnum they are located behind the wheel. To some, this decision will seem strange. But getting into the car is very comfortable - reviews say. There are two handrails, and the area of ​​the steps is sufficient. The only thing is that you can't put your shoes on the running board, as many truck drivers do who like to ride without them.

Inside the Magnum

The cabin changed a little not only outside, but also inside. Initially, the interior of the French mainline tractor looked like the photo below.

main truck road train

Many experienced truckers praise this particular old cabin. And all due to the fact that the panel is flatter and does not hide a lot of space in the cabin. On the new Magnums, which were produced after the 97th year, the panel became more voluminous. The bulging angle significantly concealed precious centimeters in the cabin. Nevertheless, the cabin is very ergonomic.

main freight train

What is the version of "transformer" worth. It assumes the presence of a swivel passenger seat andtable. During the day, the cabin can be transformed into a compact office, and in the evening it can easily be transformed into a sleeping place. By the way, there are two of them in the cockpit. There is a hammock on top.

As noted by the reviews, the Renault Magnum has one of the most comfortable cabs. Everything is here - comfortable pneumatic chairs with a lot of adjustments and armrests, air conditioning, a refrigerator, an autonomous heater, shelves and niches for things. Also, Magnum has always had a flat floor, unlike its competitors. Inside, the height is about two meters, so the driver does not have to bend - you can walk while standing. The stove in the Renault Magnum heats up well. If we talk about an autonomous heater, its power is enough to keep the cabin warm in a 30-degree frost. However, the air comes from under the sleeping bag, not from under the seats. The latter scheme is practiced on MANs and is considered more thoughtful.

Specifications, reliability

This car was equipped with diesel engines. The bulk are in-line six-cylinder engines with a displacement of 12 liters. Power - depending on the modification - ranges from 440 to 560 horsepower. The maximum speed is 90 kilometers per hour. This is due to the electronic limiter, the presence of which is mandatory for all European trucks. Of course, this restriction can be removed. The power reserve is enough to accelerate the Magnum to 100-110 or more kilometers per hour.

As noted by the reviews, the Renault Magnum is technically more reliable than its younger brother Premium. The oil change interval is 80 thousand kilometers. Amongproblems worth noting the rapid failure of the fuel filter. It should be changed every 20 thousand kilometers. By the way, on machines that are used in Western European countries, the filter "nurtures" twice as much.

The high-pressure fuel pump is reliable, but does not digest cheap diesel fuel. Even on older engines, cheap fuel should not be used. Otherwise, the repair of the injection pump is inevitable.

The resource of fuel injector atomizers also directly depends on the quality of the fuel. So, for some they serve no more than 100 thousand km, others go more than half a million. Atomizers are mainly worn out due to the ingress of abrasive particles (dirt).

Renault Magnum

Resource power steering filter Renault Magnum is about 80 thousand kilometers. This item is a consumable item, so it cannot be cleaned - only a replacement.

As noted by the reviews, in winter, the driver may encounter bending of the pusher rods. This can especially happen in severe frosts. Usually rods rot one or two. To eliminate this problem, it is recommended to monitor the condition of the oil and change it in time (every 40 thousand kilometers). In the event of a bend, the pusher rods are completely replaced with new ones.

Another problem that is relevant in winter is a frozen breather. This usually occurs at high humidity and temperatures below -20 degrees. It is very easy to diagnose this problem. With a frozen breather, oil begins to break through the engine filler neck.

Now about the autonomous heater. As the reviews say,the Webasto tank is not designed for our harsh climate. At low temperatures, plastic becomes brittle. And the fixing nuts are soldered directly into the plastic. Because of this, the material bursts from constant vibrations.

Due to low-quality fuel, individual pumps can fail. To extend their life, drivers recommend installing an additional separator filter.

The main ICE belt needs to be replaced every 200 thousand kilometers. At the same time, you need to view the status of the videos. If they are in poor condition, they should also be replaced. There are also complaints about the accelerator pedal. Due to moisture, the pedal refuses to work. Contacts are afraid of dirt, snow and road chemicals.

The pump turned out to be quite reliable in Magnum - reviews say. So, its resource can reach 700 or more thousand kilometers. As practice has shown, the water pump impeller usually wears out. The pump is completely changed, the cost of a new one is about 650 euros.


In our conditions, the mileage of Michelin factory tires ranges from 300 to 400 thousand kilometers. On the front axle, it wears out a little faster. In order to save money, some carriers do welding. After it, rubber can be used for another two hundred thousand kilometers. As analogues, reviews are advised to purchase Bridgestone and Goodyear.

truck road train

About consumption

The Renault Magnum truck has a very high fuel consumption compared to the Premium (this is largely due toparts of "brick" aerodynamics). So, a loaded tractor spends 33 to 37 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers. And in winter, this figure can reach 40 liters. The most economical is the basic version with a 440-horsepower engine. An empty tractor spends from 26 to 29 liters, and a loaded one from 32 to 35 per 100 kilometers.

Reno-Magnum Checkpoint

This car was equipped with both manual and automatic transmissions. In the first case, the gearbox had 16 speeds, in the second - 12. According to reviews, mechanics are more reliable and unpretentious. Its resource exceeds one million kilometers. But the machine may require serious repairs already with a run of 700 thousand. Of the main operations for the repair of mechanics, it is worth noting the replacement of the clutch disc and release bearing. The first has a resource of 250 thousand kilometers. The release bearing runs about 500 thousand km. Otherwise, the checkpoint is very reliable - reviews say.


Depending on the configuration, the machine may have a different suspension. So, on most trucks, parabolic springs are installed in front. On expensive versions (unfortunately, there are very few of them in Russia), you can find a front air suspension. Behind the cylinders are always. Additionally, the machine is equipped with a system of exchange rate stability and ABS.

As noted by the reviews, the most vulnerable part of the suspension is the rear stabilizer. He especially does not like driving on rough roads, of which we have a lot. As a result, the part quickly requires replacement. Together with the stabilizer, the bushings are also broken. Themshould be changed approximately every 200 thousand kilometers.

Another problem carriers have encountered is uneven pad wear. The fact is that they grind at a certain angle. Some say that the pads themselves are the cause, others blame the wrong design of the caliper. On average, the pads on the Renault Magnum Euro 5 serve about 200 thousand kilometers.

But what deserves praise is the rear axle. He is really reliable. It's not uncommon for bridges to "carry out" more than a million and a half kilometers without any intervention (except for changing the oil).

As for the smoothness of the ride, the car is very soft - say the reviews. This is felt even on the spring front suspension. The cab is also sprung and has a large stroke. At first, it is difficult to control the machine, as the cab sways a lot on our pits. But over time, you can get used to it - the reviews say. In general, the suspension is not stiff and is great for long distances. At the same time, it can withstand heavy loads (with the exception of individual elements of the running gear).


Unfortunately, the Renault Magnum is now out of production, it can only be purchased on the secondary market. The cost of the car is different. If you take a copy for work in Europe (Euro-5 standard), you will have to pay at least one and a half to two million rubles for a truck tractor. "Magnum" of the first generation already with a trailer can be bought for 800 thousand.

main car road train


So, we have considered what a cargoRenault Magnum car. The engine, axle and gearbox, judging by the reviews, are very reliable. However, the car is very picky about the quality of fuel. In order not to have problems with the fuel system, you should refuel at proven gas stations. The cab of the Magnum is spacious and comfortable, making the truck ideal for long distances.

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