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Caterpillar - excavator with outstanding technical parameters

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Caterpillar - excavator with outstanding technical parameters
Caterpillar - excavator with outstanding technical parameters

Specialized equipment is gaining more and more popularity today. And this is not surprising, since with its help you can perform many rather laborious and difficult operations that are almost impossible for a person to perform with bare hands. In this regard, the Caterpillar backhoe loader is in great demand, and therefore it makes sense to get to know this machine in more detail by studying its parameters and capabilities.

American excavator on site

General information

The unique design of the unit allows it to work for a long time offline and perform a wide range of various functions, which in themselves are quite time-consuming. Caterpillar is an excavator manufactured by an American corporation with branches around the globe. An important role in this was played by the fact that Bucyrus International was bought in 2010.

Features and area of ​​use

Caterpillar is an excavator used in construction, agriculture, industryand the public sector. The machine is capable of performing the following operations:

  • Build earth embankments and form pits of almost any size.
  • Move ground.
  • Plan the area.
  • Create long trenches in a very short amount of time.
  • Perform loading / unloading and transportation of any cargo using a fork or bucket.
  • Load dump trucks with bulk materials.
Caterpillar: excavator in a quarry "


Caterpillar is an excavator that can be equipped with the following additional units:

  • Hydraulic bucket.
  • Extensible telescopic boom.
  • Auger drills for creating wells and pits.
  • Vibrating plates (with their help they compact the soil and form earthen slopes).
  • Equipment for paving asph alt or concrete.


Caterpillar is an excavator with the following undeniable advantages:

  1. Easy to operate and repair. The presence of a large hood allows you to easily get to the engine and many parts, and the modern technology of fastening all wear parts allows you to quickly and easily replace them.
  2. High excavator flotation thanks to rear axle differential lock in certain situations.
  3. Excellent maneuverability of vehicles, which is made possible by the large angles of rotation of the wheelbase.
  4. Work incramped conditions. This was made possible by the presence of a unique method of movement, referred to as the "crab move".
  5. Powerful hydraulic system.
  6. The presence of a curved boom allows you to increase the digging geometry.
  7. Comfort and convenience of the driver's workplace.
  8. Reliable and high-performance hydraulic system powered by an axial piston pump characterized by high working pressure very quickly and compact linear dimensions.
Caterpillar works with a bucket "


Caterpillar excavators, the characteristics of which depend on the model, are endowed by their manufacturers with the following indicators:

  • The power of the power plant is from 96 to 99 horsepower.
  • Engine type (same for all) -3054С.
  • Engine capacity - 4,400 cu. see
  • Rated weight - from 7,780 to 8,800 kg.
  • Maximum weight between 10,200 and 10,900kg.
  • Capacity - from 3,400 to 3,900 kg.
  • The maximum possible digging depth is from 4.25 to 4.67 meters.
  • Loading height (maximum) - from 3, 65 to 4 meters.


Caterpillar excavators have received well-deserved recognition in the consumer environment, and this is understandable, since their ratio of price, quality and performance is optimal. The purchase of this equipment is a profitable undertaking that pays off pretty quickly. At the same time, it is worth noting the safety of American brand cars, whichalso important for the life and he alth of operating and maintenance personnel.

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