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Bright and dynamic cruiser Suzuki Boulevard M50

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Bright and dynamic cruiser Suzuki Boulevard M50
Bright and dynamic cruiser Suzuki Boulevard M50

The Suzuki Boulevard M50 cruiser has similarities with the city of Volusia. First of all, it concerns the hot V-shaped engine and classic design. However, everything is in more detail, because it is the filling, features and characteristics of the bike that deserve the utmost attention.

Distinguishing Features

It is worth starting to get acquainted with a motorcycle with its engine. The heart of the Suzuki Boulevard M50 is a powerful V-engine equipped with a liquid cooling system. It is for this reason that the pilot can always count on a portion of sufficient power from a pair of his cylinders. Engine power - 52 horsepower, which is enough to accelerate the cruiser to 165 km / h.

suzuki boulevard m50 description

The five-speed gearbox operates smoothly, without jerking or jumping. The bike allows you to feel confident both in the city and on a spacious highway. The double-barrelled Suzuki Boulevard M50 deserves special attention - not only is the exhaust pipe obscenely chrome-plated, but it is also specially tuned for a soft and even rumbling.

Suzuki BoulevardM50: description

The cruiser's engine has an unusual shape, thanks to which the motorcycle received a long and low frame, as well as a fairly low and very comfortable seat for the pilot. A soft telescopic fork, together with a seven-position adjustable rear suspension, provides a smooth and confident ride both in the city and outside the metropolis.

suzuki bolivar

Seeing the Suzuki Boulevard M50 once, one cannot forget its stylish design, made according to all the laws of the classics. The abundance of chrome parts, soft, but at the same time confident and powerful silhouette of the motorcycle, high-quality painting - all this gives the bike a memorable appearance.

And a few more words about design

"Suzuki-Bolivar" M50 is the direct successor of the Suzuki VS800, so it has all the hallmarks of a classic cruiser without unnecessary nods to the last century. There are no huge, like bulging eyes, headlights, no leather fringe and deep fenders - the creators definitely wanted to give the motorcycle a more modern and elegant look. And, I must say, they managed to do it.

suzuki boulevard m50 description

Seen from the side, the bike has a lot in common with the Yamaha Drag Star 1100, which was inspired by the design of Harley Davidson. But here the designers went their own way, installing a not quite classic speedometer.

Wide wheels fit well into the overall exterior of the motorcycle, making a serious contribution to the overall impression. As a result, the Suzuki-Bolivar seems moresquat, long and wide. Classic, and more! It should be noted that a relatively small cubic capacity is not at all a problem for tall pilots. The driver will feel comfortable and confident, overcoming kilometer after kilometer.


Despite the fact that the model is relatively new, there is nothing supernatural and innovative in it. The Suzuki Boulevard M50 has a lot in common with the Desperado 800 when it comes to technology. The engine is equipped with a liquid cooling system. A low-revving engine generally likes to be "spun", delivering maximum power at 6000 rpm.

suzuki boulevard m50 description

With all these indicators, the bike can be called calm. It takes him 5 seconds to accelerate to 100 km / h. The maximum speed, according to the designers, can reach 170 km / h. The Bulik engine runs smoothly and smoothly, without strong vibrations and jerks.

Distinguishing Features

Many, looking at the specifications of the Suzuki Boulevard M50, may question the safety and confidence of driving in the urban jungle. In fact, the small handlebar width and low center of gravity make it easy to squeeze into the aisle. Decent dynamics, in turn, makes it possible to quickly get ahead along with a green traffic light.

suzuki boulevard m50

Narrow and at the same time a large front wheel can raise doubts about handling. Many, looking at an impressive cruiser, think what to leadhe will behave like an average chopper, that is, he will reluctantly enter a turn. In fact, this is not so - the cubic capacity and well-coordinated body are enough to confidently maneuver on the track at any speed.

suzuki boulevard m50 specifications


At the end of the ode to the "Boulevard" I just want to say that this bike is equally good for both experienced and novice riders. Stylish design, excellent technical characteristics, as well as the perfect balance of all indicators - this bike will become not just a comfortable means of transportation, but a bright and reliable friend, with which it is so pleasant to overcome kilometers on a spacious track, as well as maneuver in the city.

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