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Yokohama Ice Guard IG35 tires: reviews. Yokohama Ice Guard IG35: prices, specifications, tests
Yokohama Ice Guard IG35 tires: reviews. Yokohama Ice Guard IG35: prices, specifications, tests

Winter tires from the famous Japanese brand "Yokohama" - the passenger model "Ice Guard 35" - released for the winter of 2011. The manufacturer has guaranteed this rubber excellent running characteristics, promising reliability and stability in the most difficult winter road conditions. How true these promises were, showed four years of active operation of this model in the conditions of Russian roads.

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This article will cover the following aspects:

  • History and achievements of Yokohama.
  • Consumer reviews: "Yokohama Ice Guard IG35".
  • Branded characteristics of this model.
  • "Yokohama Ice Guard IG35", "Guardex F700Z" - reviews, har - ki, tests.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of tires.
  • "Yokohama Ice Guard IG35" - discussion of car owners.

Yokohama Achievements

yokohama ice guard ig35 reviews

Yokohama is one of the world's leading manufacturers of tires for various purposes. In addition to the manufacture of automobile tires, it is famous for the production of high-pressure hoses, various components for shipbuilding, conveyor belts, rubber seals, etc. Tires for racing cars participating in world competitions are also developed at the factories of the enterprise. The tires of this company have repeatedly become winners in races, confirming the high quality of Yokohama products.

Many automakers choose Yokohama tires as original equipment on their vehicles. "Aston Martin", "Mercedes Benz", "Porche" and "Lotus" are regular customers of this firm. The high quality of its tire products is known worldwide.

History of Yokohama Brand

The history of the famous company "Yokohama" begins in 1917, when two large industrial enterprises (from Japan and the USA) joined forces to produce automotive products. The reunification deal was concluded in the Japanese city of Yokohama - this is how the famous company of the same name was born, which to this day is engaged in the development and production of tires for various purposes.

The company established the production of tires by 1930. During the war, due to low demand for automotive products, the company was forced to establish new directions in the tire industry - this is how the production of aircraft tires for military fighters began (the enterprises provided severalgovernment orders).

In the post-war period, the company continues to actively develop and grow. In the 80s, Yokohama plants developed and introduced new technologies used in the production of tire products. The largest test site is also being opened, designed for active testing of new models developed at the enterprises of this company. The oval polygon track is equipped with a profiled turn of 41 degrees. It simulates several types of different road surfaces needed for versatile tire testing.

Company today

At present, the company has made significant achievements in the field of tire manufacturing. She has earned multiple certificates confirming the high quality of her products. Yokohama has major overseas offices located in countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, United States of America, Singapore and Russia.

The products of this famous company are popular all over the world: enterprises annually produce more than 3 million tires for export to Russia alone. The factories are equipped with high-tech equipment from Europe and Japan. In addition, an enterprise is located in the Russian Federation, which is a Japanese branch specializing in the production and sale of Japanese tires.

Tire specifications

Yokohama Ice Guard iG35 is a high-tech new tire for passenger cars in 2012 with a directional tread pattern.

tiresyokohama ice guard ig35 reviews

Main advantages of the model:

  1. Excellent vehicle handling on icy and snowy roads thanks to special 3D sipes used in Yokohama Ice Guard IG35 design
  2. Winter tires with multi-faceted sipe surfaces ensure reliable handling on icy and snowy roads, providing an additional edge effect.
  3. On the Yokohama Ice Guard IG35 model, the stud has a special shape that contributes to reliable grip on icy roads. The special stud placement technology (with ridges around each stud) ensures that the risk of premature stud loss is reduced. The special material from which the spikes are made ensures their durability and resistance to abrasion. It is also important to note the special 16-row planting technology.
  4. Semi-circular tread grooves prevent hydroplaning by instantly evacuating water, slush and slush from the wheel, resulting in rapid drying and self-cleaning of the tire. Longitudinal grooves prevent wheel slippage, ensuring vehicle lateral stability.
  5. Reviews "Yokohama Ice Guard IG35" perfectly characterize and note the unique qualities of the rubber compound, contributing to the durability and wear resistance of the tire. In addition, thanks to the components of the mixture, tire deformation along the entire tread perimeter is minimized. At the same time, its central part retains rigidity for longer, which improves traction.
  6. Directional pattern typetread is able to provide excellent traction on any road surface in the winter season.
  7. The center rib is designed to improve the tire's agility and stability when driving on snowy roads.
  8. The tread shoulder area is designed to take into account a large layer of snow to improve the car's flotation in all road seasons.
  9. Numerous tests carried out before the release of the tires confirmed their performance declared by the company. Before the start of production, the described model was successfully tested on the most complex test apparatus designed to check the quality of winter tires.

Company guarantees

reviews about car winter tires yokohama ice guard ig35

Furthermore, Yokohama's engineers have ensured complete road safety during the winter season, backing up their claims with the latest technology applied in the manufacture and development of these tires.

Testing Yokohama Ice Guard IG35 winter tires

The question of changing winter tires is always very acute for any car owner. Many seek to purchase tires from Japanese brands, trusting the long-term quality of manufacturers and the worldwide fame of brands. Nevertheless, before choosing one or another model of Japanese tires, you should carefully study the reviews of car owners who have had experience using them.

During numerous professional testing of these tires, some shortcomings were identified, which is confirmed bynumerous consumer reviews. "Yokohama Ice Guard 35" showed average traction when driving on icy roads. Despite the fact that this model is studded, its behavior in snow conditions was somewhat worse than similar models.

Reviews about the model

Reviews "Yokohama Ice Guard IG35" put in a good light, they say that this is a fairly popular model among many motorists. During operation, they encounter some features of these tires, which is reflected in the numerous characteristics of this product. Professional drivers, leaving feedback on the Yokohama Ice Guard IG35 car winter tires, note insufficiently effective lateral grip, as well as their acceleration and braking characteristics. When tested in deep snow, the tires do not always cope well with wheel spin, burrowing into a snowdrift even with a small amount of snow cover. These are the downsides of the Yokohama Ice Guard IG35 tire.

Consumer reviews also note some of the positive qualities demonstrated by these tires. When operating in the urban mode of the metropolis, they proved to be "excellent". In addition, much depends on the activity of the vehicle. Fans of an aggressive driving style should not buy these tires, because in season conditions they do not guarantee complete safety on slippery roads.

yokohama ice guard ig35 guardex f700z reviews har ki tests

Reviews about the tire "Yokohama Ice Guard IG35" neat car owners come down toquite positive features. With careful handling and compliance with speed limits, these tires meet all the requirements for winter tires. Also, consumers note the durability of studding: without significant loss of studs, tires serve up to 3 seasons.

According to numerous tests of these tires, they showed average results in almost all research items.

Purchase cost

Prices for Yokohama tires ("IG 35" model) depend on the size of the rim. This product belongs to the budget price category, so its cost is low. You can buy tires of this model in any specialized stores in the country at a price ranging from 2,300 to 3,400 rubles.

testing winter tires yokohama ice guard ig35

Yokohama "Guardex F700Z" tires

In addition to the above, the Guardex F700Z tires are quite a popular model from this manufacturer. Winter passenger model with studding is designed for all kinds of cars for use on slippery winter roads.

Declared specifications for this model

  1. Directional herringbone symmetrical tread pattern for stable traction on slippery roads in harsh weather conditions.
  2. The four longitudinal ribs of the tread consist of large, massive blocks that contribute to excellent traction. The central blocks have sharp edges and corners to help stabilize the movement in difficult road conditions.
  3. Multiple blocks provide extra sharp grip edges for reliability even in deep snow.
  4. 10-row studding system contributes to reliable traction and traction thanks to active engagement points.
  5. Multiple slats in the form of the letter "S" form an additional edging effect. Working in conjunction with the studs, the sipes provide reliable grip on slippery roads.
  6. Thanks to a specially designed tread pattern, the tires have high road holding.
  7. Thanks to reliable rolling resistance, when using the Guardex f700z tires, vehicle fuel consumption is significantly saved.
  8. Wide and deep drainage channels provide reliable moisture removal, helping to self-clean the tire from adhering snow.
  9. The two-layer structure of the tread is to use a rubber compound of varying degrees of hardness. The outer layer of rubber is softer, helps to maintain the elasticity of the tire at the required level. The inner rubber layer is harder and helps to reduce tire deformation during active use.
  10. yokohama ice guard ig35 test comparison

Reviews: "Guardex F700Z"

Reviews and tests of these tires also note the average running performance and technical characteristics. Among their positive qualities, stability during operation in the "city" mode is noted.

Same as the previous model, "Guardex F700Z" is not reliable in usein deep snow (similar reviews of the Yokohama Ice Guard IG35 describe the same). If we compare the characteristics of both models, we can safely give them an average score.

Perhaps, in the conditions of the European winter, these tires demonstrate excellent performance, but their properties are insufficient for Russian roads. However, in a combination of price / quality, the above described models are quite acceptable for use.


In conclusion, we should summarize the quality characteristics of the Guardex F700Z model and once again describe the Yokohama Ice Guard IG35 tires. Consumer reviews are often contradictory, so it is advisable to carefully study the results of testing tire products. During testing, special competitions are made, in which several different manufacturers take part at the same time, representing tires with the same characteristics. Based on the results of the final indicators, the results are summed up, consisting in the evaluation of such parameters as braking, acceleration, behavior in various road conditions, etc.

yokohama ice guard ig35 discussion

According to independent evaluations of experts who participated in the study of the actual properties of the tires "Guardex F700Z" and "Yokohama Ice Guard IG35", the tests showed their real technical characteristics, estimated by an average score.

The Russian market is currently one of the largest for Yokohama. Thanks to the branch that produces tires of this company, it becomes possible to satisfy sufficient demand for the company's products.

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