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"Velcro" (tire): overview, manufacturers, prices

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"Velcro" (tire): overview, manufacturers, prices
"Velcro" (tire): overview, manufacturers, prices

Before winter comes, all motorists change summer tires for winter ones. As a rule, most prefer traditional options with spikes. For Russian roads, this option can be considered the most reliable and safe.

In the automotive market, you can find Velcro winter tires (you will find the prices for them later in the article). This option is preferred by drivers of many cars, except for those who like to use all-season models.

The principle of operation of these tires is slightly different, but this only adds to the advantages of this type of tire.

Velcro tire


All winter tires are designed for use in temperatures below +7°C. They are created from special rubber, which is able to maintain its properties in specific conditions. In frost, all its functions and features perfectly manifest themselves. It should be noted that summer tires will harden in such conditions, so the driver can easily get into an accident.

Velcro tires for the winter (we will give reviews of the owners in our article) have special tread patterns that differ in theirtortuosity and undulation. There are no spikes. Instead, the manufacturer has provided special notches-lamellas.

The performance of cars when using these tires is greatly improved and become more stable. They allow you to brake as simply, efficiently and without any difficulty as possible. However, there are nuances, which we will discuss further.

winter tires Velcro price

Tyre types

Determining which tires - Velcro or spikes - are best for the winter, you should consider in detail all types of the first. The Scandinavian or Arctic type is characterized by the fact that such models are made of soft materials. And they are accustomed to referring to European those options that are made from rigid compounds.

What characteristic should I pay attention to when choosing? The most important is the speed index. As a rule, it is applied to the side of the tires. If the indicator is small, then it is made of soft materials. The stopping distance of the car also depends on its value.

which tires are Velcro

Scandinavian type Velcro

This tire is made of soft type rubber. It has a huge number of notches-lamellas, which have already been mentioned a little above. Thanks to these options, the car will move better on snow and ice, since the grip on the surface of the tire is maximum. In some models from manufacturers, you can notice the presence of silicon chips. This is to make the tires better able to handle ice-covered roads.

What elsefeatures of the Velcro tire of this type? Its speed index is much lower than in European versions. This tire is suitable for those drivers who constantly use the car in the most severe areas where snow mostly falls.

European type

These tires are the toughest. If we talk about the presence of lamellas, then unlike the Arctic or Scandinavian ones, there are several times fewer of them. The protector received a pattern in the form of ribs and checkers. Thanks to this pattern, the grip is much better. Therefore, thinking about which Velcro tires are better for the winter, you should stop at this option.

Models are designed to enable the driver to move quickly along the road. If you pay attention to the indices, they are 210 and 240 km / h. This tire option should be chosen in those regions where the winter is warm and not very severe in terms of precipitation. A special advantage of these models is that you can ride with them both in winter and in spring or autumn. Even on dry pavement, the tires do not deteriorate, which cannot be said about analogues with spikes.

Velcro tires reviews winter

Operation principle

In order to finally figure out which winter tires - spikes or Velcro - are better, you need to understand the principle of the latter. Their main layer is created using microporous rubber. The pores of such models literally stick to the road surface, so the driver may not be afraid for his he alth and safety. At the same time, the braking distance is reduced, and handling on a slippery roadgetting better.

In order for the grip to be as effective as possible, the manufacturer divided the checkers and blocks on the treads into special notches. They do not go beyond the picture, but due to the pressure of the mass of the car itself, the sipes begin to open, and the Velcro tires touch the snowy road. Thanks to this effect, the models got their name.

Some manufacturers use fiberglass to create tires. What is it for? To scratch the ice on which the car passes. This also allows the grip to be maximized.

Benefits of friction rubber

These tires have some properties that make them nearly perfect for many drivers. What is this about? Friction rubber is made in such a way as not to damage the asph alt and provide maximum grip with it. It moves great on smooth surfaces. Thanks to these properties, the car can easily quickly brake, start moving and enter into turns. Rubber provides safety to all its owners. It does not freeze and gives stability.

tires for the winter spikes or Velcro


Even though these tires have a lot of advantages, it should be noted all the existing disadvantages that are highlighted by buyers.

So, in some conditions it is forbidden to operate these models. For example, in icy conditions, even the highest quality friction-type tires will not be able to provide maximum grip. Of course, in this case, studded tires are much better.This is confirmed by many dissatisfied customers. They also highlight the reason for this behavior - the structure of the composition is too soft.

When the car starts to accelerate on such a road and slow down, the notches move in a chaotic manner. The car "floats" on the road, but slips on dry pavement.

In addition, buyers note that it is difficult to drive Velcro on frozen surfaces and on snow-packed roads. During a snowstorm, the car often starts to slip. And on dirt roads and those that are rarely cleaned of pollution, these tires will be ineffective.

which Velcro tires are best for the winter

Velcro Tire Ranking 2016-2017

In order for the tire to be a good purchase, you need to choose the right model and its manufacturer. Most often, Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 tires are used. The Finnish manufacturer has long established itself in the market and is considered a developer of quality products. Its tires allow you to accelerate freely even on roads that are covered with ice. Such characteristics are not even possible for studded variants.

The Michelin Latitude X-ice 2 tires have been consistently ranked high in the ratings and consistently received positive customer feedback.

To handle ice, snow and dry pavement well, you need to choose a Michelin manufacturer. Then the car will be able to become as comfortable and manageable as possible, and will also gain stability.


In general, drivers write that these tires will be an excellent alternative, even despite the shortcomings.The main thing is to understand all their nuances. So, they are not designed for too fast and aggressive driving. They are best used by those who prefer moderate speeds. Some drivers tried Velcro tires in various driving modes and were generally satisfied. Stability is good, as is grip.

The main thing when choosing is to understand which model will suit the car the most and, of course, fakes should be avoided. You need to choose those models that are created by well-known manufacturers.

which tires are better spikes or velcro

In closing

In the article, we found out all the features of Velcro winter tires. The price of such models varies greatly, but on average it reaches 10 thousand rubles. Non-studded models allow buyers to be free and not depend on changing the shoes of their car. That is why many choose this particular type of tire.

On friction tires you can ride until the spring without worrying about their condition and your safety. Many drivers note that this replacement for studded options will be quite good. You just need to choose your model correctly so that there are no unforeseen circumstances.

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