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What is the service book for?

What is the service book for?
What is the service book for?
Service book

In the life of every car, breakdowns and failures occur, regardless of whether it is in frequent use or not. The technical condition of the car, as a rule, is monitored by car service workers, but it is rarely possible to come to the same master all the time. The service book allows you to record the entire service history of your vehicle. This will reduce the chance of a mistake, and will also help to tell the car service masters about the work done earlier.

Accounting for all kinds of technical operations that have been carried out with your car at various service stations is the main function that a car's service book has. The second important function is to provide guarantees for repairs or other types of work. In addition, a stamp is entered into it about passing the next technical inspection.

Service book of the car

Surely many people know that the service book helps to comply with and normalize all the prescribed procedures for a particular car. On the one hand, it is usefulbecause you know exactly when and what to do to keep your machine in top condition. On the other hand, it brings European vehicle maintenance standards closer.

With the development of modern technology, the procedure for registering and accounting for car maintenance has been greatly simplified. The service book is no longer limited to the paper version. At present, electronic databases are widely used. During the entire period of operation, information about each work performed is displayed in chronological order in electronic form. A complete service history is stored in the manufacturer's centralized databases.

Electronic service book

The electronic service book has many different advantages compared to the more familiar paper version. We list some of them:

1. It provides complete and reliable information on any type of vehicle maintenance. As mentioned earlier, all data is stored in centralized databases, which allows you to restore the necessary information in case of loss of service documentation.

2. Reliable protection. The service book, made in electronic form, is protected from unwanted looks by a special code known only to the owner. This procedure allows you to ensure reliable storage of data, as well as completely eliminate the possibility of falsifying information.

3. Car maintenance during foreign trips. Electronic databaseis universal, which allows craftsmen from any country to effectively repair your car. This eliminates the possibility of any gaps in maintenance.

4. A complete list of information about your car significantly increases its value in the secondary market, and also guarantees the purchase of the car you presented.

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