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Mercedes maintenance: choice of branded car service, average cost per service

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Mercedes maintenance: choice of branded car service, average cost per service
Mercedes maintenance: choice of branded car service, average cost per service

Let's consider the features of maintenance "Mercedes". After all, now everyone knows that a car is an expensive pleasure, for the repair of which you have to pay. And even more so, it is the German car that is expensive to operate. After all, these vehicles are superior to all others in terms of quality and comfort, but require the most investment in repairing parts. Mercedes maintenance is expensive. Don't be surprised by the high prices.

However, it soon becomes clear how good the car is, as it brings unprecedented pleasure while driving, although it requires a lot of investment. Usually the owners of a Mercedes try to take care of the car very carefully, but still parting with a dizzying amountduring the maintenance of the Mercedes-Benz is guaranteed. The material of the article will talk about what types of T / O exist.

Mercedes Benz W222

Important to know

New Mercedes cars are leaders in terms of reliability. And this is a fact: German spare parts are of the highest quality and durable. However, there are no parts that will never break. In any case, you will ever call for a Mercedes-Benz maintenance and spend your money on repairing parts. And of course, it is worth doing repairs in proven services, for example, at an authorized dealer or in a good service station. This will significantly extend the operation of the components and engine of your car. Doing Mercedes maintenance in a trusted service station is very important. This is because in such places the work is done smoothly and efficiently, and they also supply high-quality spare parts. It is worth emphasizing that the German brand in the Russian Federation offers its services during maintenance. However, it has two types: small T/O and large T/O. The choice is made according to certain factors: mileage, age of the car, engine operation.


V-class from the German brand

Small T/O is carried out on diesel engines approximately every 10 thousand kilometers. Maintenance of a Mercedes car with a diesel power unit occurs approximately every 20 thousand kilometers.

But a small T / O on a gasoline engine passes every 15 thousand kilometers. Big maintenanceA Mercedes with this type of engine is needed every 30 thousand kilometers. These are very good service intervals that not every machine can compete with.

And each of the two types includes different work according to the regulations. The cost is less for small T/O. And this is understandable: a large T / O implies that you will be carried out a complete diagnosis, and later the replacement of many very important parts that, after 20-30 thousand kilometers, have already begun to fail or are completely broken.


Practice shows that the prices are as follows: approximately 20 thousand Russian rubles for the first T/O. In the next - from 10 to 12 thousand Russian rubles. This data is announced by the official manufacturer on its website.

cost then

Watch the service interval

Many car owners are often late for maintenance. All because they forget about him. Therefore, if you are going to operate your car, be sure to take into account the time and mileage since the last maintenance, so that there will be no problems with T / O in the future. And every kilometer traveled does not need to be written down in a notebook. An expensive car like a Mercedes-Benz has an assistant to help you record your mileage after maintenance. However, you need to run it yourself. And only after that it will start the countdown and notify you when the machine needs maintenance.

You have to pay for comfort

MB W213

In the Mercedes-Benz car seriesthere are many cars. Each of them is good in its own way. However, what cannot be taken away from this particular brand is reliability. Cars that were made in Germany have excellent durability. However, the manufacturer asks for a lot of money for this. When you call in for your first maintenance, be prepared to pay a large sum of money. You have to pay for services, quality and comfort - this is a fact. Before you still buy such an expensive car, you need to weigh the pros and cons.


It includes all the basic provisions that relate to scheduled maintenance. That is, diagnostics, replacement of consumables, and so on. At an authorized dealer, all work must be carried out in accordance with the regulations.

The first, classic and basic requirement is that T/O be done on time. The interval should be no more than 10 thousand kilometers, as it became clear in the material of the article. However, this is for diesel engines. For gasoline engines - about 10 thousand kilometers. According to the regulations, even if the car has driven one thousand kilometers, then every 365 days you still have to do T / O. This is the Mercedes maintenance schedule.

Choose a car service

Mercedes Benz W213

It is worth noting that the quality of your maintenance depends not only on the parts that you have supplied, but also on who will install them. After all, a person who works as an auto mechanic for 1 day clearly has less experience than someone who has been working in this field for more than ten years. That is why people often turn tospecifically for those who have already established themselves in the field of auto repair. Therefore, you should figure out where it is best to go for maintenance. Of course, to the official dealer, because it is there that the best workers and auto mechanics work. They will do the job conscientiously, efficiently and correctly. They have extensive experience in this area - after all, only proven auto mechanics are hired by an official dealer.


Mercedes Benz on the track

Don't be surprised that in the official Mercedes-Benz maintenance service, prices will be very high. And even recommend replacing parts that don't really need to be replaced at all.

It is worth emphasizing that in the service station repair and maintenance of "Mercedes" is sometimes done no worse than that of an authorized dealer. Just understand for yourself: if you consider the part that you are asked to replace to be really unnecessary, if you didn’t use it at all, do not agree to a replacement. In general, listen only to yourself, and not to the manager from the official maintenance salon. This will help you save on details, as well as not spend extra money because of the tricks of people. Have a good trip!

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