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Nissan Patrol: past and present

Nissan Patrol: past and present
Nissan Patrol: past and present

The Nissan Patrol is one of the world's most famous all-wheel drive SUVs.

It has been produced by the Japanese auto giant Nissan Motors since 1961. Naturally, over this period of time, the model has undergone significant changes. But Nissan Patrol has only positive reviews, having won the glory of a harsh and reliable SUV. Currently, various versions of the model are used by the military in some Asian countries and by UN forces in the Middle East.

Nissan Patrol reviews

The first (1951-1960, 4W60 series) and second (1959-1980, 60 series) generations of the Nissan Patrol did not have a hardtop, but they had four-wheel drive, they were produced in three wheel variants bases They were equipped with a three-speed manual gearbox F3B83L and a two-stage "transfer case" for connecting all-wheel drive. The engine of the model had a powerful: six-cylinder 3.97 liters. In 1963, the KGL60 and KG60 models went on sale with a redesigned hardtop.

In the third generation (until 2003), the 160 (MQ/MK) Nissan Patrol series was equipped with new engines (SD33, P40, L28). All modifications had a four-speed "mechanics". The company also introduced a variant with a diesel engine and24 volt electrical. All models had leaf spring suspension. For some trim levels, air conditioning and power steering were available.

The fourth generation (1987-1997, Y60 series) of the Nissan Patrol models has become radically different in technical terms from all its predecessors. Models were equipped with spring suspension (rear became five-link), disc rear brakes.

The fifth generation (since 1997) Nissan Patrol Y61 has several configurations and is equipped with 4.5- or 4.2-liter gasoline engines, a 2.8-liter, 3.0-liter turbo diesel, 4, 2 l. In addition, there is a turbo-diesel or turbo-diesel intercooler (on 4, 2). The cars were distinguished by a transmission changed for the better. The body is now larger, but the differentials remain the same.

Nissan Patrol y61

Considerable attention has been paid to the design and increasing the level of interior comfort. In 2004, the model received new headlights, an original grille and large rear lights.

The sixth generation of the model was introduced in 2010. On the thirteenth of February, the new Nissan Patrol was exhibited in Abu Dhabi (UAE) as a "hero of all lands." The model was able to make a splash not only with its technical capabilities, but also with its magnificent external and internal design. The luxury version is sold as the Infiniti QX56. In most countries, the new model appeared only last year.

Nissan Patrol

Nissan Patrol is equipped with a high-tech engine (5.6 liters) with a power of 400 hp. (torque - 560 N). In addition, there isa large number of functions and automatic transmission. In the four-mode all-wheel drive system, it is possible to switch between different modes: "snow", "rocks", "on the road", "sand". This is done with a simple flip of a switch.

The new model features the HBMC system, which helps reduce body roll when cornering using hydraulic cylinders mounted on shock absorbers. Thanks to this, the ride becomes more comfortable. The system is able to activate in the event that one of the wheels has lost support.

Model features an electronic locking rear differential, a special program for descending and climbing hills, stability control and auto braking.

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