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Conquest of country roads on the Nissan X-Trail

Conquest of country roads on the Nissan X-Trail
Conquest of country roads on the Nissan X-Trail

The fact that the Nissan X-Trail is not designed to get into the mud up to the waist in it has long been clear. But is it suitable for going out of town? Will he be able to “swallow” with dignity the small potholes that are on almost all roads starting outside the capital?

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For those who are still not familiar with the 2013 Nissan X-Trail or have forgotten what it looks like, let me remind you that it looks like the Honda CR-V, which appeared much earlier. The same angular, with a low window sill line, but at the same time it has some muscle mass, which makes you respect for its uniqueness. The manufacturer has never hidden that the brutality of the car is its hallmark.

What you can really be proud of is the trunk. Its volumes are impressive, as well as the excellent organization of various shelves and niches. What the engineers can be commended for is the fact that they managed to save space in the back for passengers.

Utility can also be seen in the interior design of the Nissan X-Trail. In the cabin, everything is comfortable, functional, albeit withoutluxury. Both the driver's seat and the rest are very comfortable. Everything is done so that each passenger is comfortable in the car.

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As for the dynamics, he can hardly compete with the "passenger car". The reason for this is the large size and weight. Even while driving a car, you feel how menacing it looks from the outside. This feeling is due to the huge hood. If you do not compare it with cars that have a sports mode, then the 169-horsepower engine is enough. The only thing that confuses is the uncertain braking. If you can get used to the fact that the turning radius is large and rolls are felt during movement, then this is difficult.

You can't get past the fact that the Nissan X-Trail has a tendency to roll. Even non-seasick people might not like it. This feature is especially felt when moving along a washed road. Those who hope that it can be driven off-road are deeply mistaken. Yes, it will give confidence when driving on slippery and loose surfaces, but obviously nothing more. The reason for this is not very good geometry, as well as suspension design.

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Nissan X-Trail can be used as a passenger van. To do this, he has everything you need. First of all, comfort and spaciousness. Plus, heated seats, brutal appearance and its cost.

As for the cost, the equipment, which includes a 2-liter engine,a manual transmission, fabric interior, All Mode 4x4 all-wheel drive system, powerful stereo system, will cost about 1 million rubles. Not much considering all the features.

The package called SE allows the buyer to choose the engine. In addition, all kinds of electronic security systems, a leather interior, an audio system with 6 speakers, a panoramic sunroof, etc. are added from the amenities. Its cost is about 1.3 million rubles.

And the last equipment is called LE. All 4 engines, various gearboxes are presented at the choice of the consumer. As for equipment, there is a touch screen, and navigation, and a rear-view camera, and a Bose audio system with 9 speakers, and much, much more. To get acquainted with everything that is available in this car, it is better to familiarize yourself with the price list. Such a large selection of model configurations is very impressive and pleasing. Many expected the release of just such an update to the Nissan X-Trail. Owner reviews confirm this.

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