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"Lifan Solano" - reviews. Lifan Solano - prices and specifications, review with photo

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"Lifan Solano" - reviews. Lifan Solano - prices and specifications, review with photo
"Lifan Solano" - reviews. Lifan Solano - prices and specifications, review with photo

The Lifan Solano sedan (Lifan 620) is produced at Russia's first private automobile enterprise Derways (Karachay-Cherkessia). Solid appearance, rich basic equipment, low cost are the main trump cards of the model. At the same time, the workmanship for a budget car is very, very worthy.



With what kind of competitors do journalists compare the appearance of the car "Lifan Solano"! The front photo looks like it was taken from a Volkswagen model, the body outlines are from a Toyota Corolla. The updated model with the index 630 is similar to the Lexus. Comparisons are flattering, many motorists like the design. It is understated and classic. Both the bumper and the body are painted in the same color, which adds solidity.

Inside the Solano looks more modest. The dashboard, both in design and execution, is simple, without frills. The transparent plastic covering the devices glare. Most of the controls are conveniently located. The turn lever is located on the left. Highdrivers may lack the amount of longitudinal steering travel.


The build quality of the dashboard is far from five years old models. There are almost no creaks, if small ones appear, then only in severe frosts. With warming they disappear. The black panel is bisected by a wide brown stripe. The upper half of the panel is made of soft plastic, the lower half is made of hard plastic. The speedometer and tachometer are large and easy to read. Between them is a blue information display.

Filling and cost

Packaging is the strength of the budget model. Power steering, 4 power windows, air conditioning, 2 basic airbags, leather interior, parking sensors, 15” alloy wheels, audio system, good optics, large trunk – at the price of Lada Priora. The base price of "Lifan Solano" (without discounts) of the initial configuration is 439,900 rubles. (Class of 2014).

  • 1.6L Luxury – RUB 464,900
  • 1.6L Luxury CVT - RUB 519,900
  • 1.8L Luxury – RUB 489,900

Engines and gearboxes

Under the hood of most sold "Lifan Solano" - a licensed engine from Toyota (specification A2) 1.6 liters (16 valves). Power - 106 liters. With. A proven licensed design guarantees the durability of the power unit, the absence of problems with repairs, consumables, and components. The absence of super-technological developments in the design in Russian realities is a big plus. At a minimum, the car owner will not need to check the oil levelgo to the service center. A slightly more powerful motor is also installed, with a volume of 1.8 liters.

The gearbox from some car owners will take some getting used to. But after tens of kilometers of run, the skill of working with the installed manual transmission is developed. But in the box the optimal ratio between gears.

Chassis "Lifan Solano"

Test drive showed that side rolls in a bunch of turns are small, the model is clearly not suitable for drifting, driving, racing track. But it is perfect for family trips, business use. The owners note the very good quality of the springs, but the struts are considered a weak point.

Suspension Lifan Solano: front "McPherson", on the rear axle - a beam. On the move, the car elastically fulfills the bumps in the road. The suspension is energy-intensive, practically does not break through, except perhaps in a very large hole. However, at these settings, the car handles a little worse when maneuvering sharply at decent speeds. Marketers position the model as a replacement for reputable brands, the target audience is middle-aged and aged owners. Since it is not respectable for respected citizens to drive a car like a boy, these suspension settings are fully justified.


On "Lifan Solano", unlike price competitors, ventilated disc brakes are installed in front, and disc brakes in the rear. This combination hints at the installation of more powerful engines in the future. However, even a regular 1.6-liter car accelerates briskly, without stress. Pleasant to many, the howl of the turbine during acceleration is not heard, as well as notspecific pickup - the philosophy of the car is different.



  • Some owners note that the company emblem, decorative elements, license plate grille may be poorly fixed. Under them, water seeps through the holes under the hood, sometimes they fall off when washing. This is not a design problem, but someone cheated during assembly. Easy to fix on your own.
  • Paint coating is desirable to apply thicker. When buying, it does not hurt to inspect the selected sample for scratches, unpainted areas (especially at the joints), check the optics.
  • The plastic sills are surprisingly solidly mounted. Neither dirt, nor moisture, nor dust seep under them. If you cut the sealing inserts that go under the thresholds, the doors will be easier to close. However, dust will enter the gaps.
  • According to reviews, in thirty-degree frosts Lifan Solano starts up without problems. The thickness of the body metal is within reason: thinner than branded foreign cars, slightly thicker than many domestic models.


Drivers who are accustomed to “listen” to the operation of the engine on a trip will be satisfied with the insufficient sound insulation of the cabin. Silence lovers will have to endure or carry out appropriate tuning.

In "Solano", as in the best foreign cars, when you turn on the reverse gear in the gearbox, the parking sensors automatically work, and the car radio turns off. Two parking sensors are sensitive, really help when parking.

For the driver, regular seat heating is provided. Pera small surcharge can be carried out for the passenger. Standard summer tires of good quality. The roadbed holds tenaciously.

Given the low operating and maintenance costs, the acquisition of the model is more than justified. Especially commercial organizations, families with a moderate income, in a word, those who just need to get to their destination. Moreover, the filling is quite modern, a lot of nice options. Given the inclusion of Lifan Solano produced in the Russian Federation in the recycling program that is starting up again, the purchase will be profitable. This is a practical, easy to maintain, inexpensive to operate, with a proven engine and a car rich in equipment for such a price.



Among Chinese cars "Lifan" looks worthy. Classic design, good acceleration, good brakes, reliable licensed motor, enviable practicality distinguish it from inexpensive models from China. The new "Lifan Solano", although a little more expensive, looks even better thanks to the charisma of the updated optics and improved technical characteristics.

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