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"Peugeot 508": specifications, review and photo

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"Peugeot 508": specifications, review and photo
"Peugeot 508": specifications, review and photo

The Peugeot 508 is a mid-size French-made sedan produced from 2011 to the present. The technical characteristics of the Peugeot 508 depend both on the modifications and on the generations, of which this car has two. The model was restyled in 2014. In this form, it is still produced today.

peugeot 508 metallic 2018

Specifications Peugeot 508

The car is produced in seven modifications. Five of them are equipped with a diesel engine, two with a gasoline engine. Depending on the working volume, the power of the engines is different. Technical characteristics of engines "Peugeot-508":

  • Gasoline: 1.6-liter engines, 156 and 120 hp. s.
  • Diesel: 1.6-liter engines - 112 hp. With.; 2-liter - with a capacity of 140 and 163 liters. With.; 2, 2-liter - with a capacity of 204 liters. s.

Technical characteristics and resource of the diesel engine on the "Peugeot-508" depend on the operation. In most cases withoutserious breakdowns, the car is able to drive at least 300,000 kilometers. After such a run, the likelihood of wear or complete failure of any part increases.

Technical characteristics of diesel "Peugeot-508" depend on the size and power of the engine. Diesel engines are equipped with at least 5 complete sets of the car. The most "strong" of them is a 2.2-liter engine with a capacity of 204 liters. s.

peugeot 508 red rear

Vehicle review

Externally, the car is both similar to other serial sedans and different from them. The latest generation received an updated grille with many more cells for engine cooling. The air intake has a design similar to the radiator grille. It is flanked by fog lamps, which are located in depressions in the bumper, which make the car look more aggressive (in a good way).

Front optics - LED. It has a modern design, completely different from the previous generation. Due to its technical characteristics, "Peugeot-508" has excellent dynamics. Because of this, the company decided to make the exterior of the car more sporty. Thanks to the shape of the body, the car has ideal aerodynamic properties, allowing it to accelerate without losing speed due to oncoming airflow.

From the factory, the car comes with standard 17-inch wheels. There is also the possibility of installing R19, with which the already attractive design of the car becomes even more stylish.

Salon interiorhas long gone beyond the standard. The car has got a large touch screen with navigation, multimedia, radio, receiving incoming and sending outgoing calls, and much more. The car's interior is predominantly leather, including the doors and ceiling.

Specifications "Peugeot-508" depend on the configuration. It also determines the presence or absence of certain functions. For example, car trim can be not only leather, but also velor, which significantly reduces the cost. Of the additional options, you can still highlight the color of the interior lighting, which is selected individually by each customer.

salon peugeot 508


Specifications "Peugeot-508", as already mentioned, are determined by seven different engines, five of which are diesel. For some, this is an advantage. Other car owners note that diesel engines are more troublesome than gasoline engines in sub-zero temperatures.

Exterior can rightly be called the main element of the car. This is the first thing that the buyer pays attention to. And the body of this model is really eye-catching. The exterior of the car is not inferior to the interior of the car, which combines French classics and modern technologies, such as a large touchscreen display on the center console, as well as a dashboard that includes only a monitor.

The gearbox also does not bring any problems, as the company has devoted many years to the development of a new automatic transmission, and also improved the oldtransmission. The dynamics of the car at the highest level, as well as the build quality, which cannot be said about the volume of the trunk. Car owners note that it is not enough for the average family. Also, the disadvantages include a limited view.

Peugeot 508 on the road


After spending an average of 2 million rubles, the buyer gets an excellent car with ideal technical characteristics. "Peugeot-508" stands out for its unique design and excellent data. To date, the model is one of the best-selling in the company "Peugeot". It also received five stars in the Euro NCAP test in 2012, which indicates the increased safety of the car.

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