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"Opel Zafira": clearance, review and reviews

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"Opel Zafira": clearance, review and reviews
"Opel Zafira": clearance, review and reviews

"Opel Zafira" is a compact MPV manufactured since 1999 by Opel. The car is intended for export to many countries, it is sold under other names, for example, for the Japanese market - "Subaru Travik", and for the US market under the brand name "Chevrolet". The advantage of the Opel Zafira is its clearance of 16 cm, which is quite enough for Russian roads.

opel zafira 2016


The latest generation Opel Zafira was equipped with 1.4-liter petrol engines with 120 and 140 horsepower. As an alternative, the developers created a 2-liter diesel engine with a capacity of 110, 130 and 165 horsepower. The choice of the buyer was offered two transmission options: mechanical or automatic, which replaced the robotic one.

opel zafira metallic

Overview of the new "Opel Zafira"

The car will be greatchoice for a large family, as it is a seven-seater minivan. The third generation Opel Zafira models are presented on the Russian market. The first generation was introduced in 1999, but during this time the car has undergone many changes.

Since this car is a family car, the first thing that the buyer pays attention to is the spaciousness of the cabin and the ground clearance of the Opel Zafira. The car has all this. According to the owners, the car has excellent handling and stability on the road. An important plus is the presence of five doors, making getting into the car more comfortable. The car is similar in design to the Astra model, except for the dimensions, additional air intake and reinforced suspension.

Depending on the configuration, the car is equipped with a bumper in the color of the car or a bumper in a darker shade. Interior materials also depend on the configuration: fabric, velor or leather.

The latest generation features a chrome grille that blends in perfectly with the car's exterior. It is worth mentioning the ground clearance, the clearance of the Opel Zafira, which is its advantage. Suspension improvements have made the car more stable on the road without changing the ride height.

Given the ground clearance of the Opel Zafira, the car has a roomy interior. Since this is a family car, some elements have been designed specifically for family use. For example, a child seat can be quickly installed on the rear row of seats.seat - an additional option of the car.

The most popular modification is the seven-seat version of "Flex 7", which involves the optimization and transformation of the cabin for each specific passenger. For example, the third row of seats can be expanded by installing two passenger seats hidden in the boot floor. According to the manufacturer, there are about 50 options for completing the Opel Zafira interior.

opel zafira salon


Since the car is considered a family car, you should not expect sports power. "Opel Zafira" has both many advantages and disadvantages.

One of the components, because of which they buy "Opel Zafira" - clearance, which is 16 centimeters. Fuel consumption can not but rejoice. In sub-zero temperatures, the maximum consumption of AI-92 is 10 liters per 100 kilometers. An important plus is a large number of parts and consumables for the car, as it is quite popular on Russian roads.

The cons are not so numerous. Many owners of the Opel Zafira car say that the gearbox does not allow moving at minimum speed. It's all about the clutch. This type of movement is useful for driving in traffic, but smoothness is out of the question, since the car just twitches. The disadvantage is that some elements of the car have gaps, squeaks are heard, but this can be attributed to the marriage of a single model. The automatic transmission, although it is replaced by a robotic one, but, alas,it has its disadvantages in relation to automatic.

Opel Zafira new generation


Thanks to the clearance "Opel Zafira" is a serious competitor for some family cars. It would be much better if the car's lift angle was a little more. But due to the large number of cars in the secondary market and the number of parts, the car is still in demand today. With the release of new models, Opel Zafira keeps the bar high in the automotive market.

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