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"Mazda 6": dimensions, review and photos

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"Mazda 6": dimensions, review and photos
"Mazda 6": dimensions, review and photos

"Mazda-6" - the car of the Japanese company "Mazda". Produced from 2002 to the present day. For the Japanese and Chinese market, the name of the car is different - Mazda Atenza. The predecessor of this car is the 626th Mazda model, which is better known as the Mazda Capella. Mazda 6 is available in three body styles: sedan, hatchback and station wagon. The most popular version is the sedan.

mazda 6 on display


Last generation models were equipped with three engine options: a 2.0-liter with 150 horsepower, a 2.5-liter with 192 horsepower, and a 2.2-liter with 175 horsepower. The choice of the buyer was offered options with a six-speed manual and automatic transmission. There were such modifications as Mazda-6-GH and Mazda-6-GG. The dimensions of the Mazda 6-GH were 473 centimeters long, 179 centimeters wide and 144 centimeters high. This figure is much higher than most sedans. "Mazda-6-GG" dimensions (see photo below) had the following: 467 cm long, 178 cm wide and143 cm high.

mazda 6 rear

Model overview

Models of the latest (third) generation are produced from 2012 to the present day. With the start of production of this generation, the liftback body was completely removed from the assembly line. In 2015, the model was restyled. The dimensions of the Mazda 6 have been slightly increased, and some interior features have also been changed.

The exterior of the car resembled most of the company's models. Due to its size, the Mazda 6 could not always fit into a turn, which drivers did not like very much.

The interior of the car is somewhat reminiscent of a mixture of the interiors of a BMW and a Mercedes. The steering wheel is very similar to that of the S-Class, as is the dashboard. The remote display is practically no different from the display of the latest BMW models, which casts doubt on the uniqueness of this model. The dimensions of the Mazda-6 favorably affect the spaciousness of the cabin: it is spacious even for two-meter passengers.

Interior trim materials are predominantly premium, for example, top trims have leather trim for seats, doors and roof.

salon mazda 6

Mazda-6 Reviews

These pros and cons are based on reviews of the latest model. The advantages of the car are called the following:

  • Reliability and safety guaranteed by the Japanese auto industry.
  • Efficient engines with fuel consumption from 5 liters in summer to 12 liters in winter (highway).
  • Easy to drive.
  • Large and roomy interior. Top trim levels are leather-trimmed.including doors. Also an important plus is the high ceiling, which is great for tall passengers.
  • The dimensions of the Mazda 6, which are much larger compared to the third model.

The disadvantages are minor, but still worth mentioning:

  • small ground clearance, which is unacceptable for operation in Russia;
  • weak headlights that do not allow full movement at night;
  • there are squeaks in the cabin;
  • insufficient soundproofing;
  • hard suspension.
Mazda 6 red

Interesting facts about Mazda

  • The company's logo has been changed more than six times. The present logo was installed in 1997.
  • The first car produced by the company is the Mazda R360. It was presented in 1960.
  • Initially, cars were produced primarily for export to New Zealand.
  • The company's engine range includes not only gasoline and diesel engines, but also rotary ones.
  • Mazda is the first Japanese company to receive an environmental certification.


The weak point of a car is rust. Therefore, when buying a used car, it is worth fully checking it for corrosion. Every year, with each updated model, the company has improved both in terms of safety and technically. "Mazda-6" is an excellent combination of price and quality. The dimensions of the Mazda 6 are also an advantage of this car.

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