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Tuning "Gazelle Farmer" do it yourself, photo

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Tuning "Gazelle Farmer" do it yourself, photo
Tuning "Gazelle Farmer" do it yourself, photo

Like the modernization of any car, the tuning of the Gazelle Farmer affects the body part, the interior with the engine and other components of the vehicle. Consider the most popular ways to improve this small truck.

tuning gazelle farmer


Installing a fairing on the roof of a car is one of the most popular elements of tuning the Gazelle Farmer. In addition to the fact that the spoiler performs the function of an external decoration, it serves to improve the technical parameters of the car, more precisely, it allows you to save up to 10 percent of fuel and reduces wind resistance. This is especially true for high modifications and vans. It is easy to choose the right configuration both in shape and color.


Often, owners start upgrading by installing an alternative body kit. For this, an updated front bumper is used. Usually it is made of special plastic. The element is equipped with slots for fog elements. In special outlets, you can find an analogue adapted for old-type mounts, which makes it easier to install it yourself. Colorselected depending on the overall range of the car. In addition, lovers of innovation mount plastic lining on the body, as well as decorative thresholds.

gazelle farmer tuning photo

Tuning salon "Gazelle Farmer"

For easier steering, many owners change the standard steering wheel to a sports version that is more comfortable and smaller. In addition, the appearance of such a steering wheel pleases. Another addition is the installation of beautiful practical covers that prevent the skin from deformation and pollution. Seats don't change very often. Alternatively, you can install a driver's seat from a foreign car.

Tuning the Gazelle Farmer salon (photo below) is also carried out in the rear row of seats. This may be the installation of an additional table. Among other innovations in the interior: the installation of a modern music installation with high-quality speakers, wood-like paneling, arrangement of LED backlighting, and variations in replacing the steering wheel sheath. To enhance sound insulation, the interior is dismantled and new elements are mounted that provide better protection against extraneous noise and vibration.

tuning salon gazelle farmer

Installing sunroof

When tuning the Gazelle Farmer, pay attention to equipping the roof of the car with a sunroof. It can be of a mechanical type, or be equipped with an electric drive. This detail will not hurt, even if the car has air conditioning. The element is mounted on the roof, as well as in the upper part of the all-metal body. Its main drawback is that the hatch can leak.

However, there are many plusesmore, namely:

  • Lightens the interior.
  • In hot weather, the inside of the car is cooled, while the wind is not blown from the road.
  • Minimal noise level, unlike lowered side windows.
  • Inside the space visually becomes more spacious.

The basic rule when choosing a sunroof is to accurately select its dimensions and compare them with the cutout on the roof. If everything is done carefully and correctly, the element will please the owner and will not leak.

Powertrain and gearbox

Modernization of the motor is a special topical part of the Gazelle Farmer tuning, which makes it possible to get a more dynamic and powerful engine. The most elementary refinement of this unit is the installation of a filter element with zero resistance. This will add about five horsepower to the power of the unit. Of the other elements of the modernization of the motor, the upgrade of the exhaust system is noted (installation of a resonator and a direct-flow muffler), as well as the use of a sports-type exhaust pipe on the engine. The installation of LPG equipment can also be attributed to the modernization of the car.

Fuel consumption does not decrease on gas, however, savings are observed due to the difference in prices in favor of gas. The effect of HBO is noted by all owners of the cars in question, its payback is no more than a year, depending on the operational load on the car. Some motorists seek to replace the standard motor with a more modern domestic or foreign equivalent. They try to put on commercial class carsimported diesel engines, characterized by a good indicator of power and efficiency. The most popular models: TD27 from Nissan, with a volume of 2.7 liters, as well as the Japanese 1KZ (Toyota, volume - 3 liters). Among analogues on gasoline, the following modifications are most often used: 1KZ (3, 4), 1UZ (4, 0). When replacing the internal combustion engine, it will not be superfluous to install a new gearbox.

tuning gazelle farmer do it yourself

DIY tuning "Gazelle Farmer"

All the operations described above to improve the characteristics of the car can be carried out independently, having the right tool and minimal skills in arranging the vehicle. Among other manipulations to improve the car with his own hands - the installation of body kits, bumpers, "kenguryatnikov". In addition, economical LED lamps are installed in the light elements. Also, the car is painted in original colors, ranging from the standard "metallic", ending with airbrushing of any configuration.

Interesting facts

Tuning "Gazelle Farmer Next" may involve dramatic changes. For example, at one of the exhibitions, an original convertible was presented. The vehicle was converted from a Gazelle by cutting off an all-metal body and installing passenger seats in the back. This modification is quite suitable for resort regions with a warm climate.

In addition, hearses, mobile laboratories, cash-in-transit vehicles, isothermal vans were made from a domestic car. Refinement is carried out both by individuals and specialized workshops.

tuning gazelle next farmer


Photo tuning "Gazelle Farmer" is presented above. Owners make many decisions based not only on the features of the updated appearance, but also on practicality. For example, equipping the car with a burglar alarm with automatic start will be a useful addition. This is especially true for commercial vehicles, which should start without problems in any weather. It is worth noting that most of the not very difficult, but effective alterations can be done independently.

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