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Reversing traffic light - what is it?
Reversing traffic light - what is it?

The number of vehicles of Russians increases by several thousand annually. Therefore, it is not surprising that every day we spend decent time in traffic jams. Most often, traffic jams occur in the same place and at certain hours. In this regard, lanes with reverse traffic are organized on the roads in such sections.

The word reverse itself means a return. In road traffic - the ability to drive a vehicle in one lane in two directions.

reversing traffic light rules

That is, first the flow moves in one direction, and then the opposite. The traffic lane remains the same.

Reversing traffic light, what is it

Every driver has heard of the term "reverse motion". However, not everyone has experienced it in reality. Often, reverse movement is used at a certain period of time when it is required.

The need for these lanes arises on those sections of roads where traffic intensity changes throughout the day. So, for example, in the morning all of the houses rush towork, and vice versa in the evening. And in order not to create many hours of congestion, special lanes are introduced.

Traffic control is carried out by means of a traffic light, a traffic police officer or road workers. A reversing traffic light controls traffic in the lane over which it is located.

traffic signal

Sometimes these traffic lights are used in tunnels. Installed above the rows, they allow for a short period of time to regulate traffic in the lanes in case of traffic accidents or when carrying out repairs on the roadway.

Signs of a reverse lane

Any driver does not want to become the culprit of a traffic accident. Therefore, every car owner is obliged to remember the traffic rules and repeat them from time to time, since changes are made to the rules every year.

So, the main signs of reverse movement, which the driver must pay attention to:

  • Working reversing traffic light.
  • Sign about the beginning of the lane with reverse traffic.
  • Marking in the form of a double broken line on both sides of the strip.


Reverse movement is indicated by a white arrow with two tips up and down on a blue background. Accordingly, the same sign, but crossed out with a red line, indicates the end of the reverse lane.

reversing traffic light

A sign indicating the number of meters to it informs about the approach to this lane. For example, the reverse row is five hundred meters away.Therefore, a sign with a white double-sided arrow and below a sign with the number 500 m on a white background are installed half a kilometer from the beginning of the strip.

It is worth noting that the area of ​​effect of the "reverse traffic" sign may include intersections. The end of the road with this type of movement is only indicated by the sign "End of reverse movement".


Every driver should be able to distinguish between reverse and normal lane traffic. If only because the latter allows you to move only in one direction. And the reverse movement changes over time. Its lanes are located in the center of the roadway. The markup looks like a double dashed line. Moreover, the length of the solid (white) part is equal to three lengths of the gaps between them.

reversing traffic light what is it

Road marking options:

  • One line down the middle of the road. This marking indicates that the roadway has two lanes with reverse traffic. They are located on both sides of the line, that is, on the right and left sides of it.
  • Several lines. With this method of marking, a reverse lane is one that is bounded on both sides by double broken lines.

It is not clear why there are no road signs that would indicate reverse lanes. After all, they are next to the usual. There is a sign indicating the road on which there is traffic on the reverse lane. But which one is not specified. Reversing traffic light - also not an assistant in the searchstripes. After all, it only regulates the movement along it, but does not designate it in any way. To determine where this strip is, there is a markup. And here comes the snag. In dry summer weather, there will be no problems with determining the location of the strip. But what to do with snow or mud that has covered the lines? After all, if there is no markup, then there are no reverse lanes. So far, no one has given an exact answer to this question.

Meaning of reverse traffic lights

As already mentioned, traffic on the lane is regulated by a reversing traffic light. The rules of the road, according to its signals, are similar to the usual ones. The main difference is the appearance. If in a regular traffic light the signal looks like a circle of red, yellow or green, then in a reverse one it is signs.


  • The traffic light signal in the form of a red letter X - prohibits movement on the reverse lane above which it is installed, since at that time the opposite direction starts to go along it.
  • Sign representing an inclined arrow. Its tip is directed to the right or left side. It informs about the imminent change of the forbidding to the permissive signal or vice versa. Moreover, the driver must change lanes to which the arrow points. The yellow signal of a conventional round traffic light prohibits movement, while a reverse one does not. You have every right to start moving and not change lanes until the red light turns on.
  • The traffic light signal in the form of a green arrow allows you to move on the vehicle in the row above which it is installed.

Do not forget that the traffic light regulatesmovement only on the reverse lane over which it is located.

Movement on the reverse lane

Driving on the road with reverse traffic must be carried out with special care. It requires unquestioning compliance with the rules. The slightest mistake or slowdown, and now you are in the oncoming lane, although only a couple of seconds ago everyone was moving in the same direction as you.

lane traffic

It is allowed to change lanes in the zone of visibility of the means of regulation on the reverse road with an enabling signal. If you are moving and a prohibition signal has appeared, your actions should be concentrated on the fastest exit from the lane. You also have the opportunity to leave it at any time with the permission signal.

It is possible to move along the reverse lane until the sign informing about its completion. After the ride is regulated by the usual traffic rules.

The rules for driving on reverse roads can be summarized in several points:

  • entry is allowed when the traffic light is green or yellow above the reverse lane.
  • when the traffic light is off or at a red light, it is forbidden to move your vehicle into the reverse lane.
  • SDA requires an immediate exit from the reverse lane if a red signal at a traffic light lights up above it or it stops working.

Driving with reverse traffic lights off

When the reversing traffic lights are turned off or in their absence, traffic on the lanes is prohibited. The exception is when they are marked with markupon one side or none at all.

It is strictly forbidden to enter the lanes outlined on both sides by a double dashed line during disabled or absent traffic lights.

Nuances of reverse movement

A curious fact about the yellow signal of a reversing traffic light: the point of the arrow can point to any neighboring side. Switching to the right lane, in principle, is quite simple. But the exit to the left is an interesting maneuver. After all, the direction of the arrow does not oblige you to rebuild strictly on the indicated side, but only informs. Based on this, when offered to turn left, you can, without violating traffic rules, move to the right lane, which is also allowed.

meaning of reversing traffic lights

Often, drivers are punished for taking the wrong exit from a reverse road to a regular one. In order not to lay out hard-earned money for a fine, you must remember one of the points of the traffic rules. Your car should be placed in the far right lane, at the intersection, where the reverse lane ends on the right. Even if you later plan to turn left.

Crossing roads with reverse traffic is carried out taking into account the same rules as the passage of ordinary intersections. This must always be remembered, and the movement will not be difficult.

It is strictly forbidden to stop on the highway with reverse traffic.

Crossing the marking is allowed only if its location is on the right side of you.

Pen alties

Any defaultrules of the road entails punishment. Which one threatens you for not doing it, of course, depends on what you violated.

reverse lane traffic

For example, if you make a wrong turn into the reverse lane, you will receive a fine of five hundred rubles or more. And for leaving with the traffic light turned off or its absence, the pen alty is twice as large. It does not make sense to list all preventive measures, since changes are often made to traffic rules. The main thing - you need to remember that your failure to follow the rules of the road may subsequently deprive another person of life.

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