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Reversing lamp: tips for choosing, possible problems, replacement procedure, reviews
Reversing lamp: tips for choosing, possible problems, replacement procedure, reviews

For a car, optics plays an important role, more precisely for the safety of its owner. The comfort of movement day and night depends on its working ability. With the help of rear lights, car owners, stretching in a row one after another, signal their intention to move back.

When a breakdown occurs, the question arises, how to change the reversing lamps on your car? We will reveal the secrets of a successful replacement later.

A little about the advisability of mounting rear lights

Reversing lamps "Tiguan"

Without moving backwards, it is impossible to imagine moving on a vehicle. To ensure complete safety in the rainy mood of nature, fog or at night, conventional outdoor appliances are indispensable. Reversing lamps should work with maximum efficiency. The main requirement for different weather conditions and drivers is the serviceability of vehicle lighting. They have a special, responsible mission - to illuminate the road surface brightly and clearly while driving with the reverse gear engaged.

In addition, the rear lampsmoves are important for other motorists: they will become a signal of the desire of the vehicle in front to turn back. Some vehicle owners have to install additional optics. Why? This is due to the design features of the basic kit, when the devices from the manufacturer do not function well enough.

Why isn't the reversing light working as motorists expect?

Reasons for installing additional light

Audi reversing lamps

First, you should understand why you have to raise this topic, and learn more about the design of lighting fixtures.

Including reverse gear, the motorist closes the contacts. This is due to the release of the switch ball from the stem. In good condition, the lamp receives voltage. The result - the lamps are ignited. Upon returning to the forward gear, everything returns to its original position: the contacts will open. So the power grid plays an important role in ensuring the working condition of light units. Experts identify several reasons why reverse lights fail. The most common are the following:

  1. Contacts burn out on flashlight films.
  2. Wires for reverse motion sensors break or break.
  3. Bulbs burn out.
  4. Contacts oxidize or fuses fail.

The only way to eliminate defects is to replace the reversing lamp, which can be done in a car workshop or by yourself. If you decidefix the lamps with your own hands, then keep in mind that working with electrical wiring requires accuracy and care. A multimeter will become an assistant in this matter: it is used when a light element burns out.

If the contacts are oxidized, they will need to be cleaned. Access to them is provided by removing the headlight unit.

Features of headlight removal

Mercedes reversing lamps

There is nothing complicated about this, beginners should not get lost:

  • First you have to turn off the car's exterior lights.
  • Next, open the trunk and disconnect the wiring pads. It is better to take care of removing the upholstery located behind the headlight in advance.
  • Now you need to squeeze the latches from the sides, carefully pull out the panel.
  • After cleaning the contacts, you need to return everything back.

If the process of supplying electricity to the main and auxiliary units, which is provided by the body, is disrupted in the car, then they say that there is no mass. In this case, motorists will need advice: change broken wires and fix broken ones.

If the fuse is blown, then there will be no difficulties. After all, it is located in a separate block, which can be easily replaced.

Secrets of checking the brake light

Reversing lamps Mercedes C-Class Estate

This procedure is no more complicated than the one above:

  1. The lamp switch switch is removed.
  2. Ignition on.
  3. The contacts of the reverse gear sensor connector are closed with a small piecewires.
  4. If the reversing lights come on, it's a faulty frog.

Many begin to analyze switches, think over the protection of contacts. These methods are effective, but there are nuances. It all depends on the make of the car. In some models, the location of the limit switch is below the level of the lubricant in the transmission. Therefore, experts still advise replacing the switch-on sensor.

There are machines on which the optics do not work due to insufficient strength of the limit switch used to turn on. A thinner washer will be the right solution for mounting under the "frog". A multimeter will show the working ability of the switch. To do this, you need to put it in ohmmeter mode. It doesn't hurt to also check the base of the reverse lamp, sometimes the problem lies in it.

How to check the chain?

BMW reversing lamps

Diagnostics will help to identify the causes of problems with reversing lights. The main thing is to find an area where there is no voltage. This will help identify the control light and ohmmeter:

  • Check starts with limit switch connector.
  • The ignition is turned on with one contact of the control lamp. The connection is made to a metal part connected to the body part, on which there is no paint.
  • The second contact is synchronized by the "+" connector:
  • If there is power, check the reverse sensor.
  • Light bulbs not on? We'll have to fix the problem in the chain section: most likely, there is a break somewhere.

To eliminate problems, the motorist is recommended to studydiagrams and instructions, as well as the design features of your machine.

What to do when the lamps are constantly on?

Toyota reversing lamps

Some motorists are faced with the problem of chaotic start-up of lamps that turn on regardless of the reverse gear or are constantly burning. Auto mechanics note several reasons for this situation:

  • connection of the switch-on sensor and wires from the lamps led to a short circuit;
  • frayed wire;
  • sensor stuck closed.

For machines operating on an automatic transmission system or a CVT, breakdowns can be caused by a number of reasons of a different nature. Here, repairing the lighting will be a little more difficult. This is due to the presence of a gear controller. Therefore, it is safer to contact the workshop to specialists.

Review of heavy duty reversing lamps

Recently, cars with powerful LEDs installed in reverse began to appear. Then, judging by the reviews, it was an excess and a luxury. The cost of one lamp was quite high.

But some time passed, the market was filled with cheaper diodes and the opinion changed. The Internet is full of positive reviews. The authors are sure that such illumination makes it much easier for the car owner to maneuver in poorly lit places.

Those who installed powerful LED lamps in reverse, speak of them extremely positively. It is only recommended not to overdo it, otherwise the light will blind the driver behind the walkingmachine.


Optical devices must be in good working order, as a breakdown puts drivers at risk. In addition, the traffic police will require you to pay a fine for the lack of light. The road does not forgive mistakes and careless attitude to the vehicle, requiring the driver to have a clear, well-coordinated functioning of all systems, components, spare parts in the car. Only in this case, you can confidently set off on any route.

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