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Tires Matador MP 47 Hectorra 3: reviews, tests, manufacturer

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Tires Matador MP 47 Hectorra 3: reviews, tests, manufacturer
Tires Matador MP 47 Hectorra 3: reviews, tests, manufacturer

Slovenian summer car tires once again surprise with their quality. Reviews about the Matador MP-47 Hectorra 3 flooded domestic automotive forums. Despite the fact that the brand cannot be called too famous, it was this model that gained popularity very quickly due to its characteristics. Let's see what exactly was the impetus for this, what approaches the manufacturer used to improve the tire and whether it is worth buying it for your car.

Model in brief

One of the keys to success was the democratic cost, which allowed the model to become mass. It can be purchased not only for expensive high-class cars, but also for budget foreign cars and domestic cars. It was a good move, because in combination with good performance, it served as the best advertisement for the manufacturer and model in particular.

matador tires

To avoid problems with the choice of size, the manufacturer Matador MP-47 Hectorra 3 offered customers more than 50 options, each of which differs in tread width, profile height and tire inner diameter. It is worth noting that a considerable number of them received a maximum speed limit of 300 km / h, which proves the high strength of the tire structure and the ability to withstand heavy loads.

Wet stability

Given the changeable weather conditions in the summer, the manufacturer made sure that the rubber could easily cope with driving on wet asph alt. Such foresight was not superfluous, as it provided additional safety during heavy rains. It was possible to implement it with the help of several innovative technologies at once, each of which received a separate patent.

The first of these was a special shape of the sipe mesh of the Matador MP-47 Hectorra 3 summer tire, which provides for the use of four grooves with a rather large width. They are located in the central part of the tire and are able to quickly remove moisture at high speed from the contact patch of the working surface with the track.

matador tires

The second aspect is the omnidirectionality of the edges. Even while manoeuvring, the tire is able to effectively cut through the surface of the water, allowing for quick sinking and reducing the risk of skidding. Thus, the manufacturer has significantly improved driving safety during heavy rains.

Responsive to control

Thanks to the use of an asymmetric tread pattern, it was possible not only to achieve versatility, but also to make the tire more responsive to controls. Tests of the Matador MP-47 Hectorra 3 have shown that the special arrangement of the tread blocks increases traction during maneuvers, as they transfer a fairly significant load, which leads to even better contact.

Massive and durable longitudinal blocks keep the shape of the tire under high loads that occur during acceleration or emergency braking. This moment is important, especially in critical conditions, because it is thanks to the preservation of the positions of each of the blocks that effective and sharp braking is achieved, which can prevent an emergency. By stabilizing the Matador tire in this way, the manufacturer made it possible for the driver to better control the situation on the road and not worry that at the crucial moment the car would stop obeying commands.

summer tires matador mp 47 hectorra 3

Increased focus on sustainability

Also important is how well the tire goes into tight corners at speed. Lateral tread blocks, located almost perpendicular to the direction of movement, provide reliable grip of the rubber "Matador" with the road during sharp maneuvering. Taking the bulk of the load and evenly distributing it over the working surface, these tread elements provide controllability, which is enough for confidentdriving at high speed. Thanks to them, the risk of skidding is reduced, even if the road surface has minor defects.

matador mp 47 hectorra 3 manufacturer

Positive feedback about the model

It's time to analyze the opinion of users of this rubber, who have been using it for a long time. It is their reviews of the Matador MP-47 Hectorra 3 that will let you know how it is able to meet expectations. Among the main positive aspects are the following:

  • Low noise level. Many drivers note that the tires are very quiet and allow you to ride comfortably for quite a long time, without being annoyed by extraneous noise and unpleasant hum.
  • Acceptable softness. Matador rubber has a sufficient level of elasticity to cope well with small bumps in the road, but at the same time not make the car “float” due to loss of structural strength.
  • Low cost. This model can be safely attributed to the budget category, since almost any driver can afford it. As the reviews of the Matador MP-47 Hectorra 3 show, it fully justifies its price and can be called one of the best deals in its category.
  • Hydroplaning resistance. The tire easily copes with driving on wet road surfaces, as well as deep puddles, due to a well-designed drainage system that effectively removes excess moisture from the contact patch with the track.
  • High wear resistance. Rubber can passquite a long time, especially with a careful driving style. Many users note that after the first season, the wear was not noticeable at all.

As you can see, the rubber meets the wildest expectations in most points. However, a rare product is completely perfect. So in this case, she has a couple of flaws, which are better to know before purchasing.

matador mp 47 hectorra 3 tests

Negative features of the tire

Among the main disadvantages, the weak sidewall stands out the most. She survives blows pretty well, but is practically powerless before tears and cuts. Therefore, especially when parking, you need to be careful not to break the tire with random rebar sticking out of the dilapidated curb.

Another disadvantage is the appearance of a little noise at the most popular speed - between 60 and 80 kilometers per hour. As the reviews of the Matador MP-47 Hectorra 3 show, this shortcoming is not critical, but still it must be taken into account if such moments can annoy and distract from driving.

kit matador mp 47 hectorra 3


Rubber, which this review is dedicated to, is one of the best presented in the budget class. She is able to prove herself on the good side in any weather conditions inherent in the summer season. If you want to buy inexpensive, but durable and wear-resistant rubber, you should definitely make a choice in favor of this model. Some of the shortcomings inherent in Matador tires are more than compensated for by a fairlylow cost.

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