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Do-it-yourself Niva-Chevrolet pump replacement

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Do-it-yourself Niva-Chevrolet pump replacement
Do-it-yourself Niva-Chevrolet pump replacement

The pump or water pump in the car forcibly pumps antifreeze through the motor, ensuring timely cooling of the engine. Therefore, if in the event of a malfunction it is not replaced, you simply cannot go anywhere. When the pump fails, it cannot be repaired, this part changes. If the pump does not pump antifreeze through the engine, this leads to overheating and serious damage. And repairing an engine is much more expensive than replacing a pump on a Niva-Chevrolet. What are the signs that the pump is faulty?

  1. Noise when the engine is running.
  2. Antifreeze leaks.
  3. Pump is not firmly in place.
  4. No cold air circulation in radiator.
  5. A/C not working well.

If at least one of the above points is present, you can safely make a diagnosis - the water pump needs to be replaced.

water pump

Causes of failure

Most often, the oil seal or bearings fail. If there is a leak, pleaseIn total, this is a violation of the tightness of the part from a weak tightening of the fasteners or the gasket has worn out. If play is noticeable when the pump pulley is touched, tighten the bolts. Does not help? This means that the cause of the malfunction is in the bearings, and the pump on the Niva-Chevrolet needs to be completely replaced.

How to choose a pump

There is a wide range of pumps from different manufacturers on sale. It is not necessary to buy an original pump for the Niva-Chevrolet; other brands also work well on such machines. It is important to pay attention that its impeller is made of high-quality material, for example, cast iron. Steel or plastic blades are good, but not as durable.

From inexpensive pumps, you can purchase the TZA 2123 pump. It is distinguished by a reinforced seal and bearings. This part is perfect for the Niva-Chevrolet, just beware of fakes. So, what you need for work:

  • new pump;
  • sealant;
  • screwdriver and wrench 13mm;
  • Phillips screwdriver;
  • antifreeze to refill after work.

Next, we will consider how the pump is replaced on the Chevrolet Niva with our own hands. You won't need an inspection hole, so everything can be done in the garage.

car engine

Sequence of work

If by the time of replacement the antifreeze has not yet leaked out, its remnants should be drained from the cooling system into a container by unscrewing the radiator cap from above and then from below. Replacing the pump on a Niva-Chevrolet with air conditioning will take a little longer, becausethat the A/C bracket is attached to the pump. It will also need to be removed. In order not to interfere with the fans, unscrew them and move them to the radiator. You can also jack up the car and remove the right front wheel to get to the pump itself.

With a 13 key, you need to unscrew the two nuts that hold the fluid supply pipe to the pump. We do this carefully so as not to damage the hose, otherwise you will have to change it. We unscrew the pump mounting bolts both from above and below. We do not touch the belt tensioners.

Then unscrew the nuts of the main fasteners of the pump and one stud. The pump is being replaced on the Niva-Chevrolet, carefully removing it. We thoroughly clean everything, you can even rinse the radiator with water, and lubricate with sealant. We insert the new pump according to the same scheme of actions, only in the reverse order. We insert a new gasket onto the body lubricated with sealant, and from the bottom side we install the pump on the bolts. We tighten the nuts as much as possible so that there is no play. We put a belt on the pulley and scroll until the pump holes return to their original places. If necessary, the belt can be loosened. We remove the thermostat and clean the tubes, lubricate and install in place.

do-it-yourself repair

Replacing the oil seal and bearings

When there is no desire or possibility of a complete replacement of the pump on the Niva-Chevrolet, we will fix the problem by changing the oil seal and shaft with bearings. We remove the impeller from the pump, remove the old gasket from the shaft, and put a new one on the previously cleaned place.

The same method changes the shaft. Filmedfastening bolts, the faulty shaft is removed and replaced with a new one. However, there are downsides to replacing individual parts:

  1. The cost of bearings and oil seal is much higher, so it is more profitable to buy a complete water pump.
  2. It is not recommended to change one thing, shaft, oil seal or impeller. This pump will not last long.
  3. Parts purchased separately may not fit. You will have to process them with sandpaper, or the impeller blades will touch the housing.
pump in engine assembly

Final stage

Do not forget to add antifreeze if it leaked out during a breakdown. It is desirable, of course, to fill in a new one, its characteristics are better. Thoroughly flush the engine cooling systems. To prevent air locks from forming when pouring liquid, disconnect one of the hoses, pour coolant into the system until it starts to flow from the other end of the radiator. Fasten the hose in place.

Replacing the pump on the "Niva-Chevrolet" without air conditioning will not take much time. This will require a few locksmith tools and a couple of hours of free time. At the very end, we start the engine and the stove so that the engine warms up to the maximum. We do not twist the plug of the expansion tank of the cooling system until the air is completely released under pressure. If everything is in order, then the car is ready for further operation.

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