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Electric pump for warming the car interior. "Gazelle", electric pump: characteristics, repair, connection, reviews

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Electric pump for warming the car interior. "Gazelle", electric pump: characteristics, repair, connection, reviews
Electric pump for warming the car interior. "Gazelle", electric pump: characteristics, repair, connection, reviews

Most modern cars use a dedicated electric pump. "Gazelle" is equipped with one of the best such devices in terms of price and quality, so many are interested in installing it. At the same time, motorists often do not know what such a device is and what it is used for.

In order to ensure optimal cooling of engine parts that heat up during its operation, a special electric pump is used. Gazelle and other car models are equipped with such systems, which, in addition to the main one, can also perform a number of other functions:

  • air heating in the ventilation, air conditioning and heating system;
  • cooling gases generated in the recirculation system;
  • oil cooling;
  • cooling the working fluid used in the automatic transmission;
  • turbo air cooling.

What could they be?

Depending on how the effect is provided, it can be setdifferent pump. "Gazelle" may have different models of such devices, but the following are the most common:

  • Liquid. Such a system provides for the removal of heat from excessively heated engine elements using a fluid flow.
  • Aerial. Same mechanics, but using airflow.
  • Combined. Provides a combination of the previous two options.
electric pump gazelle characteristics

On modern cars, a liquid electric pump is most often installed. With the help of such a system, the Gazelle is provided with uniform and efficient cooling, and also does not make so much noise, which is also important for many motorists. That is why in the future we will consider the principle of operation of cooling systems using the example of such equipment.

Design options

The structure of the cooling system is quite similar for diesel and gasoline engines, and it includes a large number of elements, including:

  • coolant radiator;
  • heater heat exchanger;
  • radiator fan;
  • oil cooler;
  • thermostat;
  • expansion tank;

Among other things, a centrifugal pump (electric pump) is installed in the car. "Gazelle" today is equipped with the most popular version of such devices, which is widely used in other cars.

It is also worth noting the fact that the scheme is mandatoryorder, the so-called cooling jacket is turned on.

Device assignment

The radiator is used to cool the heated liquid with an air stream, and, in order to provide increased heat transfer, it is equipped with a special tubular device. Together with the main radiator, additional equipment is often also provided, such as an exhaust gas recirculation system radiator and an oil cooler. The latter is used to ensure that the temperature of the oil in the lubrication system decreases.

electric pump gazelle repair

The heater's heat exchanger is used to heat the air that passes through it. To ensure more efficient operation of this element, it is customary to install it directly in the place where the heated coolant exits the engine.

To compensate for the change in the volume of liquid due to temperature, it is customary to install a special expansion tank in the system, as a result of which refueling will be carried out through it.

In order for the liquid to circulate normally in the system, an electric pump ("Gazelle") can be installed in it. The characteristics of such a device include the presence of a different drive: belt, gear and many others. In some models of engines equipped with a turbocharger, it is customary to install an additional pump connected by the control unit to ensure normal cooling of the charge air and turbocharger.

The thermostat allows you to adjust the tot althe amount of coolant that passes through the radiator, due to which the optimum temperature is maintained. It is customary to mount the thermostat in the pipe, installing it between the cooling jacket and the radiator.

It is customary to install a thermostat equipped with an electric heating system on sufficiently powerful engines, with the help of which the possibility of two-stage regulation of the liquid temperature is achieved. For such control, its design provides for three different operating positions, and at full load on the engine with the help of electric heating, it is fully opened, after which the temperature of the liquid decreases to 90 ° C, and the tendency of the engine to possible detonation decreases. In other situations, the liquid pumped by the electric pump ("Gazelle"), the temperature characteristics should be at the level of 105 ° С.

How does the cooling system work? Description of circulation path

Cooling is mainly provided by the engine management system. In modern drives, the operation algorithm is implemented on the basis of a mathematical model that takes into account many different parameters, after which the optimal activation conditions are set, as well as the operating time of structural elements.

The coolant is transported through the system due to forced circulation, which is provided by the electric pump ("Gazelle"). Repair of such equipment in the event of a malfunction should be carried out as soon as possible, since otherwise the engine may fail quickly enough due to excessivetemperature increase.

The principle of operation of this device is such that the liquid moves through the "cooling jacket", while providing engine cooling and, accordingly, heating the coolant. She herself can move along or across, depending on the technology used.

Depending on the temperature, the liquid circulates in a large or small circle. After starting the engine, both the equipment itself and the coolant in it are at a low temperature. To speed up the warm-up, the liquid begins to move in a small circle without getting into the radiator.

As it heats up, the thermostat gradually begins to open, as a result of which it moves in a large circle, directly through the radiator. If necessary, the liquid can be additionally cooled by the air flow from the fan.

After complete cooling, the electric pump from the "Gazelle" on the VAZ-2114 again supplies liquid to the "cooling jacket", and this cycle is repeated many times during engine operation.

Why install a pump on other cars?

The Gazelle electric pump scheme provides for its installation on many other domestic cars, which was quickly understood and adopted by modern drivers. With the onset of cold weather, each person begins to think about how to prepare his "iron horse" for the winter, because hardly anyone wants to freeze while driving. Of course, each domestic car also has its own stove, but its power is often not enough, and the electric pumpfrom Gazelle to VAZ-2107 allows you to significantly increase the efficiency of the heating system.

electric pump gazelle

What does the extra pump do?

Increasing the efficiency of the heating system at idle is the main task for which an electric pump ("Gazelle") is installed. Repair of such a device is not so often required, and its efficiency is much higher compared to the standard car heating system, so this simple tool has become extremely widespread today.

If the stove normally blows warm air at idle, and hot air turns on only after the start of movement, then there is not enough good circulation of liquid in the cooling system. The electric pump from the "Gazelle" on the VAZ-2109 and other similar vehicles provides a much faster movement of antifreeze, which will positively affect the air temperature from the stove even while parking.

electric pump diagram from a gazelle

At the same time, it is worth noting that many people consider the installation of an additional pump to be another idea of ​​the Kulibins, who are trying by some means to improve their cars with new methods, but in fact, the use of such technology has long been practiced by such well-known companies as BMW and Mercedes Benz.

What can be installed?

Some prefer to install devices from foreign manufacturers (for example, equipment from Bosch). But many often use the Gazelle electric pump. Reviewsabout this device from people who use it, often quite positive, as it allows for a small amount to significantly improve the performance of the car.

The Gazelle pump is a standard centrifugal pump. The flow of liquid by the blades during operation is thrown to the periphery from the center, which provides a rarefaction at the inlet and increases the force of pumping the liquid. At the same time, it should be noted that the installed electric pump from the Gazelle on the VAZ cannot pump air due to too large gaps between the housing and the impeller.

electric pump from a gazelle on a vaz 2114

What could they be?

"Gazelle" pumps can be very different, and their first difference lies in the year of manufacture. More modern models vibrate much less, and, in principle, connecting an electric pump ("Gazelle") from new models will save you a lot of trouble and problems. The main problem that most often occurs in such devices is their leakage, which leads to rather unpleasant consequences and the need for repair. Fortunately, the procedure is relatively quick and cheap, since many workshops can easily service the electric pump on the Gazelle, the installation of which is increasingly being practiced by modern motorists today.

It should be noted that if you can choose a really high-quality device and at the same time carry out the installation procedure correctly, the probability of its breakdown will be minimized.

How is the installation?

Now let's talk about howconnect the electric pump from the Gazelle. It should be said right away that the procedure is quite responsible, therefore, if you are not confident in your abilities, it is best to entrust it to some specialists.

Before installing an additional electric pump ("Gazelle"), try to wait a bit until the antifreeze cools down in the car, then drain it from the unit into some clean container (the container does not have to be clean, if then you will fill in a new one).

Now unscrew the top four screws on the pump and lubricate the rubber gasket with sealant. In the process of assembling the pump, instead of self-tapping screws, thin long bolts with nuts should be installed.

Many people think about where it is better to put an additional pump - in the gap of the outgoing or inlet pipe. In fact, there is no difference in where it will be placed, the main thing is to install it during the main stream. Although it should be said that most motorists who practice this option of upgrading their heating system say that it is best to install a new pump before the stove radiator.

electric pump gazelle reviews

Mounting is carried out by one of the following devices:

  • washer reservoir stud;
  • mounting standard Shumka mounted on the motor shield;
  • studs near the battery.

The most common is the last option, which was discussed above, where the device is located so that the horizontal pump nozzle looks intoside of the block (for this, the iron clamp is first unclenched).

Connection of the electric pump is carried out in any place convenient for you. Someone puts it on the recirculation button, someone sets it on mirror heating, the SAUO unit when the stove is activated, and many other elements.

Now disconnect the white/blue and yellow/blue wires from the recirculation valve, then reconnect them as follows:

  • white/blue connect to relay terminal 85;
  • yellow/blue connect to terminal 30;
  • terminal 87 is connected to the electric pump wire;

The general installation order is as follows:

  1. A hose is disconnected from the outlet pipe of the block head, through which liquid is supplied to the heater, after which it is connected to the horizontal pipe of the electric pump. The length of this hose is enough to perform such an operation, so you should not worry about this.
  2. Connect a hose to the vertical pipe, which is connected from two S-shaped hoses 2108 (or other suitable one), they often stand in the cabin between the heater radiator and the tap. The second end is connected to the block column to the place where the regular one was previously connected. In the end, all the clamps are pulled, and the main thing is not to forget to tighten the drain plug in the block.
  3. Antifreeze is poured to the limit value, the internal combustion engine is spinning and all the equipment is completely inspected for leaks. Then the pump is turned on and possible leaks are re-eliminated with tightening of various clamps. About half an hour laterengine operation, the antifreeze level is brought to a normal level.


This refinement shows itself only from the best side, which is confirmed by numerous reviews of motorists. When you turn on the pump from the Gazelle, even on a slightly warm engine, the air starts to flow from the stove much warmer, but at the same time, during operation, it can buzz and vibrate a little, which creates unnecessary noise if the car is turned off.

electric pump from a gazelle on a vaz 2107

This pump consumes only 0.25 mA, so you don't have to worry about the fact that your device will quickly discharge the battery. Such modernization will be useful to many, and especially to those who live in the northern regions. Instead of an additional pump, the VAZ-2110 can be equipped with a high-performance pump like the LUZAR "TURBO", which also have many positive qualities.

There are also many other options for how you can make the work of a regular stove much more productive. For example, some people remake the VAZ stove so that the air flows on the sides and legs become much more efficient, or they install an additional heater. But in any case, the option of installing an additional pump is the most effective remedy.

Basically, the use of such modernization is relevant for those people who spend a long time in the car in the winter and suffer from a lack of hot air inside the cabin. That is why, in their case, it is important to carry outmodernization of equipment with an additional pump, with the help of which it will be possible to increase the efficiency of the air conditioner and engine cooling system, which is also important. The most important advantage of using this technology is that a person can receive efficient heating even while the car is stationary and does not move, which is rarely provided in standard cars.

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