Do-it-yourself complete soundproofing "UAZ Patriot": list of required material and reviews
Do-it-yourself complete soundproofing "UAZ Patriot": list of required material and reviews

Many perceive driving a car not only as a way of transportation, but also as an opportunity to relax and have fun. Agree that it is very difficult to enjoy the ride when you hear a constant rumble in the cabin from the friction of the wheels on the pavement, from the noise of the engine, the sound of rain on the roof and just various noises in the cabin. In this article, we will talk about installing sound insulation on the UAZ Patriot with your own hands. As you know, this car is famous not only for its all-terrain capabilities, but also for the constant noise in the cabin.

Regular noise insulation in the car "UAZ Patriot"

Soundproofing UAZ Patriot
Soundproofing UAZ Patriot

It just so happened that the manufacturer of UAZ Patriot cars did not consider it necessary to make high-quality sound insulation in the cabin, so a variety of sounds are heard when driving. Plastic elements are attached to self-tapping screws, sound insulation on the floor under the carpetrepresented by a thin layer of vibration isolation and splenitis (4 mm). A strong knock is emitted by the guides of the locks, which are wrapped with PVC tape.

All skin is assembled on disposable caps. The ceiling sheathing is covered with fabric, under it is a metal roof with pieces of foam rubber, which, apparently, play the role of vibration isolation. There is practically no sound insulation in the doors. The doors are empty, and therefore knocks from plastic elements are especially loud in them.

When driving, the sounds of wheel friction on the road, engine noise, poorly fixed metal and plastic interior elements constantly vibrate and knock, creating a multifaceted rumble. To get rid of these extraneous sounds, it is necessary to treat all surfaces inside the cabin with noise and vibration insulating materials. At the same time, each individual element of the body will be covered in several layers, which will not only achieve partial soundproofing inside the cabin, but also increase the thermal insulation characteristics of the car, as well as enhance and improve the sound of the speaker system.

Which material to choose?

Types of sound insulation
Types of sound insulation

Currently, there is a wide variety of materials on the market that are designed to work on soundproofing the car interior. Consider some of them that have proven themselves in the work:

  1. "Aero-STP". Lightweight mastic material, which on the one hand has an adhesive moisture-proof surface, and on the other hand - aluminum foil. Easily rolls onto the surface, has markings forcut convenience. The package contains 5 sheets of 75 × 100 cm. Price per package - 1850-2300 rubles
  2. "STP-Accent Premium". Two-layer material made of foamed polymer. It has a dense yet flexible structure. The thickness of the material is 10 mm, the layers are convenient to lay and glue on different surfaces. The package contains 5 sheets 75×100 mm in size. Price per pack - RUB 1800-2400
  3. "STP-Silver". Mastic moisture-resistant vibration-proof material with an adhesive base. Used for surface treatment of doors, hood, roof and trunk. Supplied in layers 47×75 cm, price per sheet - 210-260 RUB
  4. "Biplast Premium". Noise and vibration isolation material, which is a foamed polyurethane with impregnation. It has high sound absorption characteristics due to its curved structure. It is used for processing the roof, doors, wheel arches. Supplied in layers of 100×75×1.5 cm (10 pieces per pack), price per pack - 620-650 rubles
  5. "STP-Barrier". Sound and heat insulating material made of polyethylene foam. On one side there is an adhesive surface covered with an anti-adhesive film. The thickness of the material can be different: 2, 4, 8, 10, 15 mm. Sheet size - 100 × 75 cm. Price for a 4 mm sheet - 120-150 rubles
  6. "STP NeusBlock". The soundproofing material is represented by a non-woven fabric with a sticky highly filled polymer layer. The weight of a 35×70 cm sheet is approximately 1.3 kg. Therefore, this material is used exclusively for floor processing.vehicle.

Roof soundproofing

Soundproofing ceiling UAZ Patriot
Soundproofing ceiling UAZ Patriot

It is most convenient to start changing sound insulation from the roof. Carefully remove the sun visors, passenger handles, dismantle the ceiling lining. UAZ Patriot does not have standard soundproofing of the ceiling, therefore, after removing the casing, an absolutely uncovered metal ceiling will appear, ordinary foam rubber elements are used as vibration isolation. Shoot them too.

The metal surface should be thoroughly cleaned and degreased. If there is dust on the surface, then when attaching the material, there may be poor adhesion, over time, detachments will appear, which will negatively affect the sound insulation properties.

On a clean surface we attach a layer of vibration isolator "STP-Aero". This material is light and thin. It is he who is most preferable when processing the roof and doors. If the material is heavy, it can cause vibrations along with the metal parts of the cabin, resulting in an even more persistent and loud sound.

Followed by a layer of noise absorber 20 mm thick, we cover the entire surface with it, except for amplifiers. This material will absorb sound waves emanating from the interior of the cabin. Now you can mount the ceiling lining back. High-quality soundproofing of the roof in the UAZ Patriot will allow you to achieve silence even during rain, when drops will knock on the roof.

Door soundproofing

Soundproofing doors UAZ Patriot
Soundproofing doors UAZ Patriot

Quality soundproofing doors "UAZPatriot" will not only save you from external noise, but also significantly improve the sound quality of music, because the standard speakers are located exactly in the door.

Dismantle the handles, remove the outer door covers. Before dismantling the standard sound insulation, its integrity should be assessed. If the coating is smooth, there are no bubbles and detachments, then this layer can be left. If the insulation is in poor condition, then completely remove it. Indeed, over time, condensate may begin to accumulate in voids and corrosion will develop.

Thoroughly clean the inner surface of the metal and treat it with a degreaser. The first layer is Aero STP vibration isolation. It is this material that is considered the most suitable, since it weighs a little, the layer is quite thin. The material must be carefully rolled with metal rollers so that it fits as tightly as possible without the formation of bubbles and voids.

As a sound absorber we use "Accent Premium" 10 mm thick. This material will perform not only the function of sound absorption, but will also significantly increase the thermal insulation characteristics of the doors. On the one hand, the material has an adhesive moisture-resistant layer, the structure of the insulator itself does not absorb moisture.

The outer side of the door, which has metal holes, is completely covered with "Aero STP" material. We leave open only those areas where the speakers and knobs are located. Next, we apply several segments of "STP Silver" to the inner plastic lining. Then on this surface we lay a layer of sound absorber "BiplastPremium" 15 mm. We mount the plastic box in place.

Floor soundproofing

Floor soundproofing UAZ Patriot
Floor soundproofing UAZ Patriot

The floor of a car is a source of a large amount of extraneous noise, because under it there are a large number of nodes and moving vibrating elements. Here is the gearbox, and cardan shafts, and transfer case. The manufacturer of the UAZ-Patriot car decided that a small, thin rug laid directly on the metal of the floor would be enough to isolate extraneous noise. In fact, the regular solution turned out to be completely unsuitable for comfortable operation of the car, we offer a premium version of the noise insulation of the UAZ Patriot floor, which is carried out in several stages.

First of all, we completely remove all unnecessary elements that are in the cabin: chairs, protective boxes, carpet. We carefully clean the metal surface, remove all dust and dirt, treat the floor with a degreaser.

As the first vibration isolation layer, we use the STP Aero already known to us. We roll the material with a metal roller, there should be no voids and bubbles between the metal and the vibration isolator layer. We process the entire metal surface of the floor.

The second layer is the "STP Barrier" sound insulator, which has a thickness of 8 mm. This material will also serve as a good heat insulator. In some places it is recommended to use "STP Barrier" 4 mm thick. This is done so that the plastic elements of the interior fit perfectly into place, and the carpet lies down.evenly, without waves and bulges.

Insulation of arches and trunk

Noise isolation of the trunk
Noise isolation of the trunk

Work on the installation of soundproofing trunk "UAZ Patriot" carried out in conjunction with the processing of the floor and arches. The previously described combination of materials is used for this. Particular attention should be paid to preparing the surface for the application of materials. All work can go down the drain if there is poor adhesion between the insulating material and the metal surface.

A layer of "STP Aero" is laid on the floor and trunk arches, then - "STP Barrier". Make sure that there is not too thick a layer of noise in the places where the carpet and plastic elements are attached.

On the side surfaces of the trunk, in addition to "STP Aero", another layer of relief noise absorber is mounted. When installing, control the thickness of the resulting layer. The final stage of installation will be the laying of heavy and dense material "STP NeusBlock". We cover the entire surface of the floor with this sound insulator. It is able to absorb low-frequency noise, which means that its use is mandatory for soundproofing the interior of an all-wheel drive car, because it perfectly dampens the noise coming from cardan shafts and gearbox bridges.

After installing all the layers of Shumkov, you can begin to assemble the interior parts. Noise isolation of the UAZ Patriot arches will significantly reduce the penetration of noise coming from the tires while driving. If you find that in some places you made mistakes and applied too thick a layer of "STP Barrier", then you will have to replace itthinner 4mm counterpart.

Noise isolation of the hood and tailgate

Soundproofing the hood
Soundproofing the hood

Engine noise enters the passenger compartment through the windshield and open windows, so the hood cover should also be treated with soundproofing material.

Remove the standard noise insulation from the hood and trunk lid. We process the metal surface with a degreaser. For these surfaces it is best to use the material "STP Aero". We line them with the metal surface of the hood and the surface of the trunk lid. This is enough to soundproof the hood of the UAZ Patriot. No additional layers required.

Be sure to install engine compartment soundproofing in your UAZ Patriot. This will significantly reduce the level of penetration of noise coming from the engine.

Pros and cons of installing additional noise insulation

Undoubtedly, the installation of additional noise insulation in the UAZ Patriot will significantly increase the comfort of operating a car. Let's highlight the main advantages that additional sound insulation provides:

  • The penetration of external noise associated with the friction of the wheels on the roadway and the operation of mechanical elements is significantly reduced.
  • Improve the sound quality of the speakers.
  • Salon keeps heat better by laying several layers of Shumkov.
  • Internal elements of the cabin, plastic lining and metal parts are fixed and stop knocking and vibrating.

Despite the apparently positivethe qualities that additional sound insulation gives, there are some disadvantages:

  • An additional load is being created. High-quality sound insulation, especially the one that fits on the floor, has an impressive weight. In some cases, sound insulation can reach up to 200 kg. It is for this reason that doors begin to sag if the wrong, too massive materials were chosen for their processing.
  • When installing several layers of sound insulation, there may be a problem with fastening standard interior panels, since the manufacturer does not provide such large gaps between the elements.
  • In some cases, during the installation of the carpet, swelling spots may form. Especially carefully you need to inspect the place of fastening of the pedals. If they touch the carpet while moving, then a sticking effect may occur, which is very dangerous while driving.

Consumer Reviews

Installation of additional insulation is a great way to increase the level of comfort in a UAZ-Patriot car, the owners of which are very unhappy with the standard factory noise.

Car owners note a significant improvement in insulating properties, the level of street noise becomes so low that even a regular speaker system begins to be perceived differently. You can talk quietly inside the cabin with passengers, and not shout, as was required before.

Motor noise is not heard inside the cabin. In summer, the cabin is cool, the air warms up very slowly in hot weather. In winter, the interior heats up faster and keeps the heat much better.

Some motorists who have installed additional noise insulation on their UAZ-Patriot complain that excessive moisture accumulates in the doors after rain. Over time, this causes the development of metal corrosion.

Not all consumers use the services of qualified professionals who perform the full range of work. Some are engaged in mounting Shumkov independently. In some cases, this leads to the formation of problems with the installation of plastic interior panels or door distortions.

In closing

If you are going to install UAZ Patriot soundproofing with your own hands, then follow the above instructions. Particular attention should be paid to the choice of materials. After all, additional sound insulation can cause sagging doors or deformation of plastic panels.