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Hover lineup in Russia

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Hover lineup in Russia
Hover lineup in Russia

Hover cars are owned by Great Wall Motors, China's largest car manufacturer. It is characteristic that within the concern there is a certain confusion between brands. So, the same SUV at different times was produced under the Great Wall, Haval and Hover brands. And now the Hover lineup is crossover with the Great Wall lineup.

In Russia

Domestic dealers still call the same models differently: both "Great Wall" and "Hover". The model range exported to Russia also went through certain difficulties. In 2014, Great Wall completely stopped delivering its cars to Russia due to the currency crisis. However, in 2015, deliveries of Great Wall and Hover cars were resumed. The model range, presented in our time in Russia, reflects the specifics of the domestic market. First of all, these are inexpensive SUVs competing with domestic UAZs.

Hover lineup

Photos of the described car allow you to notice several off-road vehicles similar to each other. These are H3, H5 and H6. The differences between them are very interesting - all three cars have almost identical overall dimensions of the bodies. But the bodies themselves are different from each other. Configurations also differ.

Features "Hover H6"

And the most important difference is the ground clearance:

  • 240mm for H3;
  • 200 mm for H5;
  • 160 mm for H6.

That is, it is a full-fledged light SUV, crossover and all-wheel drive station wagon. The fact that three such close models have different bodies is a good indication of the scale of the company's production capacity. Not many manufacturers can afford such a variety within the same class of vehicles. In addition to the mid-size H-series, more compact M-series crossovers are presented in Russia, also having a more off-road version of the M2 and an asph alt version of the M4. Both cars also have different body styles.


The first and most off-road vehicle in the Hover range is the H3. Body length is 4650 mm, curb weight - 1905 kg. It is equipped with a two-liter engine that produces 116 "horses" in the atmospheric version and 150 hp. With. - in turbocharged. Fuel - regular 92nd gasoline. Transmission - mechanical six-speed.

This model has a solid body and a fairly simple, and therefore reliable suspension due to the off-road purpose of the car.At the same time, the package includes airbags, ABS and a brake force distribution system. Therefore, the third "Hover" cannot be called a very utilitarian SUV.

What do you look like "Hover H5"

The H5 is a compromise. It also has a frame construction and an almost identical length of 4649 mm. But the clearance and off-road qualities are lower. The machine is 100 kg lighter and more comfortable. There are two engines available: identical to the third model 150 hp. With. turbodiesel and 136-horsepower gasoline engine. It is possible to purchase a version with an automatic. Available with climate control and leather seats.

Model H6 has almost the same length - 4640 mm. And the mass is only 1685 kg. This car can no longer be called an SUV because of the very low ground clearance. But the car has the richest equipment in the series. It is possible to install an on-board computer, cruise control, parking sensors and rear view cameras, as well as other options.


"Hover M2" has a small length of 4011 mm and a specific appearance, reminiscent of a minivan.

Despite the appearance of a family car, the model has good off-road capabilities. Ground clearance is 220 mm, which, together with a small weight of 1170 kg, allows us to call the M2 a full-fledged model for outdoor activities, despite the lack of all-wheel drive.

Desperate Kid

The M4 is a classic crossover without much pretension to the title of off-road conqueror. The machine is shorter (3961 mm) and lighter (1106kg) model M2. It is also equipped with a 99-horsepower gasoline engine and exclusively front-wheel drive. Ground clearance is 185 mm.

It can be noted that in the budget segment, the Hover brand represents crossovers and SUVs for every taste. Both for off-road enthusiasts and for a simple picnic ride.

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