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Alarm for a motorcycle with feedback on the example of Starline Twage Moto v7

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Alarm for a motorcycle with feedback on the example of Starline Twage Moto v7
Alarm for a motorcycle with feedback on the example of Starline Twage Moto v7

Protecting your own bike in some cases may not be entirely competent or cause distrust. These factors are manifested in the hypersensitivity of the signal installation, capable of responding to an increased wind blow. Inaccurate work in the form of giving a false alert to the console requires the immediate replacement of the guard.

One of the popular motorcycle devices of this type is Starline Twage Moto v7. The security system is designed to reliably protect the vehicle in different situations. The surest way to protect it from external encroachment is to use a motorcycle alarm with feedback.


Automotive and two-wheeler-mounted alarm systems are different. A reasonable decision to place a compact device on a motorcycle is its small dimensions, which do not require additional space. The built-in tilt sensor is configured using a special control panel.Alarm for a motorcycle with feedback (photo below) is one of the most reliable and convenient systems.

Motorcycle alarm system with feedback

Protecting a bike is a more complex process. In this case, a combination of several means is used simultaneously - electronic equipment in conjunction with mechanical constipation. In reality, an alarm of this type is completely incapable of protecting a vehicle from hacking. A special cable when locking the rear wheel is guaranteed to prevent theft.

Operation principle

Starline feedback motorcycle alarm is one of the most popular types of security systems. The Twage Moto v7 model is popular. Standard security system includes:

  • The device itself.
  • Susceptible to shock, movement, tilt and pick-up sensors.
  • Remote control key fob that warns the owner of the danger.

The operation of one of the sensors causes the circuit to close with the motor blocking and an audible message to the motorcycle owner's console. Despite the increased efficiency, not every system saves the vehicle from outside influences. The options equipped with feedback turn out to be the most effective. They are distinguished by many additional features that increase security and comfort when using the security system.

Distinguishing Features

A beneficial feature of the StarLine deviceit is considered to perform blocking in difficult to penetrate areas. It is easy to place motorcycle alarm components with feedback and auto start on any circuits, including the gas pump and ignition.

Alarm for a motorcycle with feedback photo

The next step is to implement an autonomous siren with its connection to the turn signals, placing the antenna. You will also need to mount a pager behind the fairing. Battery needs to be connected. If the equipment is not used for a long time, you need to remove the wire from the “minus” of the battery to avoid its deep discharge.


Thanks to the implemented dialogue code, the StarLine brand is today the most effective means of protection against theft. In addition to the full list of service functions, the alarm for a motorcycle with feedback has:

  • Dialogue authorization with the latest code with 128-bit encryption keys and frequency hopping. This uses the primary and secondary key fobs.
  • The "Megapolis" function, which significantly increases the range of operation and notification without the occurrence of various kinds of radio interference.
  • A regular shock sensor of two levels, capable of instantly fixing the impact from the outside with a message to the owner.
  • Alarm for a motorcycle with feedback reviews

The presence of a special immobilizer in the kit ensures the impregnability of the motorcycle.

Customer Reviews

Introduced signaling model formotorcycle with feedback, according to customer reviews, is highly reliable. This is a high quality and functional system. The motorcycle alarm of this level is reliable due to the abundance of various sensors, including:

  • guards;
  • strike;
  • movement;
  • tilt.
  • Alarm for a motorcycle with feedback and auto start

The lowest energy consumption is facilitated by such components as a centrifugal processor unit and a pair of key fobs equipped with one of them with feedback. The presented model is in demand among domestic buyers.

Fancy features

The no-feedback key fob is familiar in structure, containing incredible features such as: a network of sensors, an LED indicator and a slot for an additional sensor. Two-way dynamic control is the most comfortable to use. Therefore, the feedback motorcycle alarm is in great demand. The unique cursor control view contains an icon for each of the functions and a customization form. The second key fob supports the alarm clock system.

Motorbike alarm with feedback starline

The feedback-enabled alarm system is extremely convenient if the bike is placed not in the garage, but in the yard of the house. Acceptable cost and availability of the installation make it beneficial for numerous motorcycle users. In reality, it is able to minimize the likelihood of theft.

After considering the features of the signalingfor a motorcycle with feedback model Starline Twage Moto v7, we can say that this is a convenient and reliable system. It is in demand among Russian buyers. It is able to prevent theft or damage to a motorcycle that cannot be left in the garage.

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