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Car alarm "Starline". Choice Advantage

Car alarm "Starline". Choice Advantage
Car alarm "Starline". Choice Advantage

Buying a car, no one now asks the question: "Spend money on an alarm or save money?" More importantly - which one to put? The choice is huge. Let's look at how good the Starline A91 alarm is. In addition to the standard security function, it has several more options, especially valuable for our country with its harsh climate.

car alarm starline
car alarm starline

What is the Starline car alarm capable of?

One of the main functions of the signaling is remote engine start. The distance at which the key fob operates when transmitting a command is 800 meters, when receiving - 1800 meters. If the owner parks the vehicle within his microdistrict, then this range will be enough. Moreover, an experimental test showed that, in fact, without serious radio interference between the key fob and the car, the range is more than 800 meters. If the Starline car alarm is installed, it is possible to start the engine without leaving home. A person, having come to the parking lot, will be able to sit in an already heated and warm cabin.

In addition, a programmed start function is available. If the forecast is nightlytemperature is unfavorable, and in the morning there may be problems with starting the engine, the Starline car alarm allows you to set the program for the whole night. The engine will turn on and off at the set hours. It all depends on temperature and time. That is, when the air temperature drops to the programmed value in the system, the engine starts automatically. Or it happens at certain intervals set by the owner.

alarm selection
alarm selection

We will overcome any winters and troubles

Having made the choice of signaling in favor of "Starline", the motorist is left with sympathy to watch from the heated cabin how colleagues run around the parking lot with cables from starting devices. Especially on days when the temperature drops below -30ºС.

With our harsh winters, saving on oil for the engine and alarm brings a lot of inconvenience. It is also worth remembering that a cold start can go sideways not only for the engine, but also for the cooling system (even high-quality rubber pipes become brittle at -40ºС).

Keychain system shockproof. There are only three buttons on it, but a large number of commands are produced with various combinations of these values. Including autorun programming.

Some of the benefits provided by the Starline car alarm:

  • encryption key 128 bit, protecting against hacking of all currently known code grabbers;
  • reliable operation at temperatures from -50ºС to +85ºС;
  • 2-level shock sensor;
  • 9 security zones;
  • callowner to the car;
  • engine lock;
  • indication of the cause of operation;
  • remote trunk release.
  • alarm system starline a91
    alarm system starline a91

Why Starline?

The convenience of the alarm also lies in the fact that it can be installed on a car with any type of engine and gearbox: gasoline, diesel fuel, mechanics, automatic. The Starline car alarm has been adapted to vehicles equipped with a start/stop button. In case of loss, there is an additional keychain included. True, with one-way communication.

Reading reviews of this Starline model on the forums, you can find different opinions: from enthusiastic to cautious. But the choice is yours.

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