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Dimensions of the VAZ-21099, body characteristics

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Dimensions of the VAZ-21099, body characteristics
Dimensions of the VAZ-21099, body characteristics

For the first time VAZ-21099 left the assembly line in 1999. Produced until 2011. And thanks to the five-door design, such dimensions of the VAZ-21099 made it possible to call the car a convenient family vehicle. A fairly roomy luggage compartment made it possible to operate it even for moving oversized cargo.

Getting to know the body

Despite the small size of the car, the body itself did not cause any complaints from car owners. At the same time, 5 people with an average physique and body weight can move in a car. The instrument panel is located low enough that it is easy to use even for a driver of short stature. Also, the dashboard is suitable for installing modern tape recorders or other removable equipment, but such a procedure will not be cheap.

trunk dimensions

Dimensions of car Lada 21099

The length of the body is approximately 4205 mm, which immediately becomes an important advantage of the car in the compact movement around the city. The first batch of this model had a total width of 1650 mm, but after some time it was shortened by 30 mm to increasebody compactness. The height of the machine is 1402 mm. The dimensions of the VAZ-21099 are still considered quite roomy in our time. The weight of the car itself is 950-1000 kg.

Vehicle length

Sufficiently voluminous trunk

It is worth noting separately the trunk of Lada 21099. Due to its size and practical design in those years, it made a real revolution in the automotive market and was to the taste of the then motorists. The approximate capacity of the trunk is 320 liters, but if necessary, it can be increased to an incredible 640 liters. Even for modern family cars, this is an impressive figure. It is worth noting that the fuel consumption of such a compact model is only 6-9 liters per hundred kilometers.

If you pay attention to the fact that since 1990 this model has been used by drivers to this day, the question of quality disappears by itself.

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