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Changing the oil in the Renault Logan engine: instructions and features

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Changing the oil in the Renault Logan engine: instructions and features
Changing the oil in the Renault Logan engine: instructions and features

Changing the oil in a Renault Logan engine is often done by the owners themselves. There is nothing complicated in the procedure. For this, some knowledge of the design of the car is enough. Particular attention should be paid to the choice of motor lubricant and filter.

Bases and causes

Three types of engines are installed on the Renault Logan, which are marked: K7J, K4M and K7M. The principle of changing the oil in all power plants is the same. The difference is only the amount of motor lubricant that needs to be filled. An 8-valve engine requires 3.4 liters, but a 16-valve engine needs 4.8 liters.

Renault Logan motor

According to the technical documentation and standards, the oil change in the Renault Logan engine is carried out every 15,000 km. Regardless of which power unit is installed. The oil change period for this car is 10-12 thousand kilometers. Do not neglect the manufacturer's recommendations, as this may adversely affect the operation of the motor and the integrity of the parts. To save and increase the resource of using the motor, it is necessary to reduce the service interval.

Changing the engine oil is necessary for the following reasons.

  • Loss of physical properties. Oil removes heat from the engine elements to the walls. With prolonged use, this property is lost.
  • Loss of chemical properties. Grease is designed to lubricate parts. But during operation, metal parts tend to wear out and release metal chips, which settle in the oil. Because of this, a loss of lubricating properties occurs.

Based on this, it is recommended that the maintenance of the power unit be carried out within the time specified by the manufacturer.

Replacement process

A complete oil change in the Renault power unit is carried out in one hour. Moreover, the first 20-30 minutes are given to ensure that the car cools down. Before the operation, you need to collect everything you need. Namely: buy oil and a filter element, as well as stock up on a 14 wrench and an oil filter puller.

Draining Renault Logan engine oil

When everything is prepared, you can proceed directly to the operation. The algorithm is as follows:

  1. Install the vehicle so that there is access to the bottom. Let the engine cool down for safety reasons. If you start draining the engine grease right away, splashes of hot oil can burn your skin or get into your eyes.
  2. Without fail, remove the negative terminal from the battery. This is also done for the safety of the operation.
  3. Open the hood and find the filler neck. It must be unscrewed.
  4. We crawl under the car. If motor protection is installed, then the element must be removed for the convenience of the procedure.
  5. We substitute the container under the drain plug. Unscrew the cap. We are waiting for the used oil to drain.
  6. We twist the drain plug. Don't forget to replace the o-ring. It is a one-time use and must be replaced with every change of engine lubricant.
  7. Remove the oil filter and install a new one.
  8. Mounting the engine protection back.
  9. Go to the engine compartment. It is necessary to fill in the required amount of lubricant into the filler neck (for an 8-valve engine - 3, 4, for a 16-valve engine - 4, 8 liters).
  10. After the oil is filled, close the filler plug.
  11. Start the car and let it run for 5-10 minutes. After that, we take out the dipstick of the motor lubrication level and look at the indicator. The normal amount of lubrication when the oil level on the meter is between the "minimum" and "maximum" marks. If there is not enough lubricant in the power unit, it is necessary to add to the required amount.

It is recommended that after 2-5 km of run, re-measure the engine oil level. If necessary, also top up to the recommended level.

Oil selection

According to the recommendation provided by the manufacturer, Elf engine lubricant must be poured into Renault Logan engines (regardless of the marking). Oils are considered the best options - ELF Evolution SXR 5W40 or ELF Evolution SXR 5W30.

TO Renault Logan

Also, byaccording to the automaker Renault, you can use motor lubricants with the index 5W40 and 5W30 from companies such as Shell, Total and Mobile. These motor oils, reviews confirm this, received high marks not only from expert laboratories, but also from most motorists who used them.

Filter selection

Changing the oil in a Renault Logan engine is impossible without changing the oil filter element. Spare part selection is carried out according to the vehicle body number. The original part number for the oil filter is 8200768913.

Oil filter Renault Logan

Automotive aftermarkets offer a selection of OE replacements:


Catalog number







Klaxcar france





SM 142



Clean filters


Kraft Automotive






Japan Cars





W 75/3


0 451 103 336






60 92 7155

All of these filters can be used in place of the original part.


Changing the oil in a Renault Logan engine is quite easy to do on your own. This will require a minimum amount of tools and knowledge. Particular attention should be paid to the selection of the oil filter and engine oil. Feedback from motorists shows that the replacement procedure takes about an hour.

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