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Ravenol engine oil: customer reviews

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Ravenol engine oil: customer reviews
Ravenol engine oil: customer reviews

Ravenol motor oil is produced by the German company of the same name. The company "Ravenol" is represented in more than 80 countries of the world, its range includes over 300 product names. The manufacturer of lubricants participates in all major international exhibitions around the world that are aimed at highlighting the automotive industry. The technical competence of the company is confirmed by many years (over 70 years) of experience in the field of oil refining. The Ravenol brand has a strong commitment to the world of motorsport, partnering with many of the world's leading teams and race car drivers. By doing this, the company seeks to increase its global sales activities. But, according to numerous professional reviews of Ravenol oil, the products have already earned their respect for their quality and German reliability.

Ravenol products

Made in Germany

This lubricant is characterized as a multi-purpose synthetic base oil. Manufacturing process carried outhydrocracked, and the final product has all the benefits of 100% synthetics.

The high quality stamp "Made in Germany" is due to the activity of skilled professionals who are motivated by their own implemented quality control system. Ravenol oil has the approvals of major automotive giants and global manufacturers of engine blocks. Products are provided with full certification from specialized organizations and communities. The oil has passed many official tests and studies, which confirmed the quality of products.

Special technology

Ravenol 5w40 synthetic oil is made using proprietary CleanSynto technology®. What is the peculiarity of this production option? The fact is that during the working operation of the power unit, carbon deposits form inside the cylinder block, and soot particles accumulate with other various contaminants. This leads to blockage of the filter elements, oil lines and pumps pumping lubricating fluid throughout the device.

branded oil

A special combination of special hydrocracked base oil components, polyalphaolefins and ester additions, plus unique additive additives, form the basis of CleanSynto® technology. The result of its functioning are strong effective detergent and dispersant properties. As a result, thanks to these actions, the oily liquid prevents the formation of any kind of negative deposits and does notappear new. The previous soot, if any, dissolves into the body of the consistency, and the oily substance retains it until the next lubrication change.

It is worth noting that at the same time the product does not lose its abilities and reliably protects the engine from oxidation, friction, premature wear.

Use area

As already mentioned, Ravenol oil is positioned as a universal remedy. The scope has a wide range. The lubricant is intended for power automotive units that use gasoline or diesel fuel as combustible mixtures. Engines must be of the latest generation and meet lubricant specifications. Devices can be equipped with a direct fuel injection system, turbocharging or no such. Thanks to unique production technologies and high quality workmanship, the oil is suitable for engines that require an extended change interval for protective fluid.

Grease is an all-weather product, which means it can be used in all weather conditions with a wide temperature range. In summer heat and winter cold, the oil product with the same efficiency protects the car engine from premature wear and critical breakdowns caused by friction of rotating parts and assemblies.

The oil has approved approvals and is recommended for use by leading manufacturers of vehicles and engines for them. This includes such eminent automakers as BMW, Porsche, Renault,Chrysler, Fiat, Mercedes-Benz, Opel, as well as the General Motors and Volkswagen group of companies.

Mercedes car

Technical info

Ravenol branded oil meets the following criteria:

  • approved by the Society of Automotive Engineers SAE in viscosity category and is a full 5W 40;
  • at a temperature of 100 °C, the mechanical circulation of the consistency will be 14.1 mm²/s;
  • at 40 °C this parameter will be 85.3 mm²/s;
  • viscosity index – 172;
  • functional density of the product at 20 °C - 0.850 g/m³;
  • total alkaline will be 10 mg KOH per g;
  • fluid volatility does not exceed 8%;
  • ash sulfate content is around 1.2%;
  • thermostable limit tested at 238°C;
  • minus freezing threshold - 51 °C.

Genuine Ravenol lubricant has a brownish tint.

Good Features

Ravenol oil is advertised by the manufacturer as a high performance synthetic product. It meets all the requirements and regulations of international specialized organizations that set standards and specifications in this area of ​​production.

Product features:

  • maximum cleaning power in tandem with dispersant, which providesunique manufacturing technology of our own design;
  • Product resists oxidation processes leading to the destruction of metal surfaces of structural elements of the engine;
  • resistance to mechanical degradation;
  • increased service interval margin;
  • stable viscosity under all operating conditions;
  • wide temperature range;
  • minimum volatility index and, as a result, economical consumption of lubricating fluid;
  • ability to reduce fuel consumption.
car power unit


Reviews about Ravenol engine oil from buyers who purchased this product prevail in a positive way. Professional drivers and ordinary car owners note the good quality of the product, which is expressed in the stable viscosity of the oil fluid. In view of this, the oil allows you to start the car engine in minus weather without any problems and loss of performance.

Many users have noticed that the grease endures high crankshaft speeds, does not foam and does not lose its protective capabilities in the future. Such comments are confirmed by racing sports car pilots who use oil in competitions.

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