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Chevrolet Lacetti - DIY tuning

Chevrolet Lacetti - DIY tuning
Chevrolet Lacetti - DIY tuning

"Chevrolet Lacetti"… Such a high recognition of the usual subcompact domestic motorists never dreamed of even the most eminent brands in Europe and the United States. Its popularity is the envy of any Japanese and Korean concern, not to mention the Americans. And the secret of the success of this machine was only two things - it's low cost and a very interesting design. But for some reason, the last detail does not cause much enthusiasm among some drivers, they are trying to finalize the design using such a tool as tuning. "Chevrolet Lacetti" sedan and hatchback after this process turn into real sports cars. The main thing is not to make hasty movements. But how to achieve such success? How to make something more out of your car? We will just deal with this issue.

"Chevrolet Lacetti" - tuning the appearance with body kits and spoilers

Lacetti tuning

Despite the fact that the design of the sedan invented by the Italians turned out to be quite harmonious, this does not stop our motorists. In addition, there is plenty of room for tuning. And to give your "iron friend" uniqueness and sportiness will allowa new set of aerodynamic spoilers and body kits. You can also purchase a modified air intake. If these spare parts are installed on the Chevrolet Lacetti, tuning (styling) will be very effective. Moreover, these details will significantly improve the aerodynamic drag, but this already depends on the correct choice of spoilers.

tuning Lacetti sedan

What should I pay attention to when doing an independent tuning "Lacetti"?

Sedan and hatchback in this case will acquire the same properties as those that were tuned at a specialized service station. Always remember that when installing all spare parts of this kind, you need to follow the sequence of steps very carefully. This is especially true for body kits. If they are installed incorrectly, they will either fall off after a couple of hundred kilometers or worsen the aerodynamic drag of your Chevrolet Lacetti. Tuning appearance is also not complete without painting. Here it is best to order airbrushing at the service center. Why at the service station? The fact is that this type of paint and varnish work requires not only certain tools, but also knowledge when applying a specific pattern.


Chrome-plated inserts on taillights emphasize all airbrushing. As for the front, it is best to install LEDs or angel eyes here.

tuning Chevrolet Lacetti sedan

"Chevrolet Lacetti" - interior tuning

Here, a lot more opportunities open up for the car owner. Inside, you can change everything, from the steering wheel toseats. Also, do not bypass the LED backlight - it can be mounted under the front panel and turned on if necessary. The instrument panel can also be changed. And it is desirable to decorate it with the same LEDs (only on the reverse side instead of conventional lamps). And the last thing you should pay attention to is additional soundproofing. It is done on almost all tuned cars. As a material, it is recommended to use a vibration damper or splenitis, which has more advanced characteristics than the base felt.

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