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Chevrolet Lacetti station wagon - business elegance at an affordable price

Chevrolet Lacetti station wagon - business elegance at an affordable price
Chevrolet Lacetti station wagon - business elegance at an affordable price

Chevrolet Lacetti station wagon is the perfect combination of safety and comfort in one car. Plus, the democratic low price.

The era of universal unification has not bypassed the automotive industry. Picking up the trend of model versatility, Chevrolet Lacetti followed in the footsteps of the Mazda 323. Chevrolet has released a family of cars of the same model, but in different bodies - a dynamic hatchback, a traditional sedan and a voluminous station wagon.

The elegant Chevrolet Lacetti station wagon is closer in appearance and volume to a business class than to a budget version. The exterior is very harmonious and was created as a whole. This is not a sedan, extended due to the cargo compartment. This is a separate embodiment of design ideas. The exterior of the Lacetti can be safely inscribed in the history of auto design.

chevrolet lacetti station wagon

Chevrolet Lacetti station wagon has become the largest member of the Lacetti family. First of all, the creators focused on the capacity of the car. With the rear seats folded down, the volume of free space in the cabin increases to 1400 liters. This is an ideal family car, especially for long-distanceDespite its seemingly impressive size, the Chevrolet Lacetti station wagon looks very elegant. Elongated, slightly slanted headlights, a wide radiator grille, smooth lines of the body give the car a dynamic and imposing look. The body color emphasizes the peculiar Italian grace of the station wagon.

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Deserves praise and the interior of the cabin. Pleasant illumination of instruments, quality finishes, an excellent combination of materials, decorative elements that organically fit into the overall design - all this is more inherent in the interiors of more expensive cars, rather than a family car.

Received Chevrolet Lacetti station wagon reviews for its intellectual stuffing. In the base, the car is equipped with electric mirror heating, air conditioning or climate control, airbags, ABS and much more. Not every model can boast of such rich equipment. All controls are located surprisingly ergonomically. It is not required to make unnecessary movements, trying to reach any button or lever. Everything is at a convenient, as close as possible distance.

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In the technical aspect, the Chevrolet Lacetti station wagon also exceeds all expectations. The 1.8 L engine accelerates vigorously and smoothly. 122 horsepower without effort and stress accelerate the car to 120 km / h. Neither dense city traffic, nor traffic jams, nor winding streets are terrible for the Lacetti. The four-speed automatic works in one breath, sensitivelyfollowing the commands of the gas pedal. This car completely refutes the driver's stories about the "retardation" of the automatic transmission.

Chevrolet Lacheti automatic transmission has a fairly wide range of modes, it gives almost unlimited possibilities in driving.

Needless to say, the creation of the Chevrolet company pleases both aesthetically and technically. With such external data and technical capabilities, the practical and comfortable Chevrolet Lacetti station wagon, the price of which on the Russian market starts from 500,000 rubles, can be a suitable car for both active people and a large family.

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