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"Lacetti" hatchback: interior tuning. Chevrolet Lacetti Reviews
"Lacetti" hatchback: interior tuning. Chevrolet Lacetti Reviews

In 2014, the latest modification of the Chevrolet Lacetti came out in three body styles: sedan, station wagon and hatchback. To the great joy of Russian motorists, this car officially appeared on the domestic market and had a very reasonable price.


The new "Chevrolet Lacetti" remained true to tradition, and still attracted with its comfort and compactness.

Chevrolet Lacetti review

The car was released only with a gasoline engine, but in two volumes - 1.4 liters, with a capacity of 95 liters. With. and 1.6 l with 106 l. With. The choice of transmission ("automatic" or "mechanics") is in cars with a 1.6-liter engine. 1.4 l is equipped with manual transmission only.

Suspension - independent MacPherson - both front and rear. It has long established itself as reliable and easy to maintain.

Chevrolet Lacetti interior is quite spacious. It comfortably accommodates four passengers. The driver's seat is well-equipped - everything you need is at hand, you can't reach anythingaccounted for, note the reviews of the owners. In their opinion, the only negative is the wide A-pillars, which steal the viewing space.

The trunk volume is quite modest - only 145 liters. However, folding the rear seat backs can increase it by a third. The designers tried to compensate for the small volume by equipping the luggage compartment with pockets for small items. Under the floor there is room for a full-size spare tire.

With its technical characteristics, the "Lacetti" hatchback attracts a fairly wide audience: from family people to lovers of speed and drift. The latter, in turn, often bring many changes, both to the elements of the body and interior, and to the operation of the engine. Fortunately, the car "Lacetti" hatchback and tuning are just made for each other!

Chip tuning. Increase engine power

Simple chip tuning is making changes to the operation of the engine control unit. If you have a special program and skills, then you can do it yourself, say motorists. Otherwise, it is better to turn to professionals.

Lacetti hatchback tuning

Changes in the operation of the engine after chip tuning are noticeable immediately: torque increases, power and traction of the internal combustion engine increase, fuel consumption decreases.

The advantage of chip tuning is that if the owner is not impressed with the operation of the modified engine, you can return the control unit parameters to the factory settings, which was positively noted by motorists.

Deep engine tuning involvesconstructive intervention. To increase power, the cylinders are bored, sports lightweight pistons and new camshafts are installed, and the intake manifold is polished. An air filter with zero resistance is installed. This is necessary so that the new design of the forced engine does not experience oxygen starvation.

Judging by the reviews of the Chevrolet Lacetti, the installation of a turbocharger will add up to 20% of its engine power. After all the changes, the control unit must be configured.

Chip-tuning of the engine involves both the adaptation of the transmission and the exhaust system. Reinforced clutch discs are installed in the gearbox. The exhaust gas line is supplemented with a straight-through muffler and a pipe system: from the exhaust manifold to the resonator.

Improve aerodynamics and exterior

For many, the word "tuning" is immediately associated with chrome and body kit to the ground. Proper use of these elements will give the car body elegance and distinguish it from the general flow of cars.

Thresholds and bumper pads do not have to equal the asph alt. Thresholds can simply have a different shape: slightly protrude beyond the overall dimensions of the body, or be curved. The "skirt" of the front bumper is often equipped with slots - air intakes with a grill or mesh inside. Additionally, fog lights can be installed in it.

The wing is attached both under the rear window and on the roof at the very junction with the trunk. In both cases, it is designed to improve the car's handling at high speed.

To smooth the joints of the body kit attachment, airbrushing is applied to the body. With its help, you can smooth out the attachment points, or you can visually change the design, for example, using 3D drawings.

Properly selected body tuning "Lacetti" (hatchback) improves the aerodynamics of the car, respectively, reducing fuel consumption, which is also confirmed by the reviews of the owners. Poorly done work can be dangerous.

Changing headlights and lanterns

LEDs and chrome will help make your car look exclusive even in the dark.

headlight Lacetti hatchback

LED lamps (popularly "angel eyes") initially gained great popularity in BMW headlights, then they began to decorate other cars. Their installation on the headlights "Lacetti" (hatchback) is not difficult. Eyelashes are also added to the kit, both in the color of the car and chrome. They have a different shape and width: they can follow the contour of the headlight, or they can be a continuation of the edge of the hood (do not cover the part of the headlight that joins the fender).

LED strip make lights brighter and therefore more noticeable. For reversing, choose white or yellow tape, for lights - red.

Chrome trims are installed on the lights. In daylight, they reflect the glare of the sun, and at night they change the shape of the glow of the lamps.

After tuning the optics, car owners are advised to install a current stabilizer to avoid interruptions in the mains voltage.

Chevrolet Lacetti wheel tuning

ChoiceThe dimensions of the disk and rubber directly affect the width of the ride height. The larger the radius of the disk and tire, the higher the car looks and its cross-country ability increases. The lower the car, the better its aerodynamics.

wheels for Lacetti

The standard size of the rims on the Lacetti is 15". the suspension becomes stiffer.The more the spring is stretched, the less the bumps in the road are dampened.

Variety of alloy wheels in pattern and shade (metallic, matt, chrome, in body color) allows you to satisfy the taste of any car owner, complement the design, both aggressive and soft (female) tuning.

In addition to the discs, the calipers are also painted, both in body color and, for example, just in red. Rubber on the "Lacetti" is installed wider (with a slight extension beyond the body). This makes the style of the car more sporty, according to car enthusiasts.

Tuning salon "Lacetti" (hatchback)

That's where the fantasy takes flight! You can change the color of the entire interior, trim the steering wheel and seats, install floor lighting or transform the dashboard.

Before taking on drastic changes, it is worth strengthening the sound insulation. Factory insulation is felt. It needs to be removed and replaced with more advanced materials: vibrating sheets and splenitis.

If there is no hatch

The presence of a hatch is a nice addition tointerior. Additional light and ventilation. Its installation can be either ordered from specialists or carried out independently. First you need to choose the right one.

The drive of hatches can be mechanical and electric. Installing the second, of course, is more expensive. Glass can be tinted or mirrored, or it can have a special embossed coating that protects from direct sunlight. Most sunroofs can lift vertically for ventilation, and slide back into the roof shell for full opening.

Seat design and upholstery selection

Tuning fans in their reviews of the Chevrolet Lacetti say that it is enough to change the material on the seats in this car, and their design may well fit into any invented design.

The choice of material and color depends on the overall vision of the entire interior of the cabin. You can draw chairs with leather or velor, combine several fabrics and colors. The advantages of leather or leatherette upholstery are that it is easy to clean, it does not get wet, but on a hot day, the leather interior gets very hot and keeps the temperature for a long time. At the same time, the fabric, even if it does not heat up, gets wet, and if the interior is very dirty, you have to take the car to dry cleaning.

Lacetti hatchback specifications

Besides the waist, there is an easier way to change the look. The market is full of car seat covers for every taste and budget. There are models that have foam inserts that change the shape of the seat, making it more sporty. Covers are considered more practical, as they can be removed from the seatand wash, which you can’t do with a sheathing. Also, if desired, they can be replaced with others. The interior of the entire cabin will change accordingly.

tires on Lacetti

After the type of chairs is determined, you can proceed to the design of the ceiling and door trim. They can match the colors of the seats, or they can radically differ from it.

The door material should be durable and easy to clean.

Panel tuning

The dashboard is always in front of your eyes. I want it to look unique and pleasing. Plastic can be easily painted with special paint, which is sold in cans.

tuning salon Lacetti hatchback

However, a panel covered in leather or Alcantara looks more creative. If a leather panel is a rather expensive pleasure, both in terms of materials and work, then Alcantara pasting is quite affordable for any car owner.

Self-adhesive Alcantara rolls are sold in online stores. But in order to make the tuning of the "Lacetti" (hatchback) panel, it is necessary to remove all the plastic elements of the body and paste them over separately.

Interior lighting

You can change the backlight on the dashboard using a gasket with diodes of the desired color. In the tuning service, specialists will offer various types of panels, as well as colors.

Floor lighting is easy to install by yourself. Usually for tuning "Lacetti" (hatchback) neon LED is chosen. There are several ready-made diode devices on sale,that work from the cigarette lighter socket.

General recommendations for car interior tuning

Automotive interior design should reflect the character of the owner of the car, emphasize the uniqueness, match his hobbies. However, any change should be made with an eye to the safety and comfort of the driver and passengers, experts advise.

Flame-resistant materials without foreign smell are chosen for decoration, because the car has a rather small space. The driver may become dizzy if the chemical fumes are constantly inhaled.

Neon lighting should not be too bright. At night, bright lights in the cabin reduce the visibility of the road at times. The wires must be hidden under the skin and plastic, especially those near the legs.

The most important thing on a long journey is the comfort of the seats. Prolonged sitting in a sitting position causes fatigue in the back, pain in the lumbar region. Seats should be firm and comfortable enough for the driver and passengers to sit on them without straining the spine.

The steering wheel trim should not be smooth. If your hands slip on the steering wheel, it may cause an accident.

It is worth choosing mats that strictly correspond to the relief of the car floor. If universal carpets are purchased, it is necessary to cut them so that they lay on the floor without bristling and without covering the pedals.

Tuning the Lacetti hatchback is quite an exciting experience. Moreover, ready-made kits are available for sale to change the design of the interior, headlights or body.

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