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Russian limousine for Putin. Characteristics and appearance of the car

Russian limousine for Putin. Characteristics and appearance of the car
Russian limousine for Putin. Characteristics and appearance of the car

The project to create a limousine for Putin, codenamed "Cortege", started in 2012. At the initiative of the president, it is planned to create several car models for the needs of the Russian government, namely a limousine, sedan, minibus and SUV for the security service (FSO).

President Putin's armored limousine will weigh as much as six tons. The new car is planned to be equipped with a V8-type engine with a capacity of 800 l / s. At first, engines will be purchased from the Porsche concern, the engine size is 4.6 liters. The developers plan to produce domestic engines.

Car Design

Putin's limousine

The appearance of the limousine for Putin from the "Cortege" is still classified, but there are many photos of the possible design of the car on the Internet. The journalists stated that the salon has already been demonstrated to potential buyers who are interested in buying new items. They included not only civil servants, but also successful businessmen, as well as top managers of large companies. Millionaires liked the interior of the new domestic limousine for Putin. After familiarization, the participants of the exhibition came to the unanimous opinion thatthe car is assembled with high quality, the decoration of expensive materials will appeal to connoisseurs of luxury. In addition, the design of the new vehicle is modern and attractive.

The first assembled cars have already passed crash tests abroad, as a result of which the prototypes have earned maximum marks for the safety of passengers and the driver in the cabin.

Car developers

The Automobile and Automotive Institute "NAMI" took up the development of a unique limousine for Putin. Separate developments are also being carried out at the Porsche plant, where it is planned to produce power units for Russian executive cars.

Project cost and serial release date

A limousine for Putin cost taxpayers 3.6 billion rubles in 2015, and another 3.7 billion rubles were allocated from the budget in 2016.

The NAMI Institute plans to assemble 200 vehicles on its own already in the current 2017, then the UAZ and Ford plants will be engaged in production. All foreign manufacturers will produce parts for the limousine exclusively in our country. Not so long ago, journalists learned that the LiAZ bus plant, which is located in the city of Likino-Dulyovo near Moscow, will participate in the production of a limousine for Putin.

Putin's limousine cortege

The first production cars in the amount of 16 units are promised to be sent for testing to FSO employees at the end of 2017, and already in 2018 new cars will take part in the inauguration ceremony of the newly elected president of Russia.

Sale carsfrom the "Cortege" to ordinary citizens

According to Denis Manturov, who currently holds the post of Minister of Industry and Trade, mass production of Russian limousines for Putin is scheduled for 2018-2019. After 5 years, it is planned to set up production in such a way that Russian executive class cars will leave the assembly line in the amount of 1 thousand units annually. They will be intended for citizens who can afford to buy such expensive equipment.

Vladimir Putin tested domestic limousine

The head of state was presented with a Russian-made presidential limousine. After the trip, Vladimir Putin was satisfied. The president failed to see the second prototype (SUV), as its development was forced to stop due to lack of funds. The management decided to direct all efforts and cash flows into the creation of a limousine, minivan and sedan. Whether a jeep from the NAMI Institute will ever leave the factory assembly line remains a mystery.

President Putin's limousine

Russian-assembled limousine engine

In 2017, at the Moscow exhibition on the territory of NAMI, a 6.6 liter V12 engine was demonstrated, which is capable of developing power up to 860 hp. with., while the torque is 1300 Nm. To develop such power, 4 turbines were put on it! The dimensions of such a powerful engine are impressive - 935 x 813 x 860 mm.

Note that the engine torque will subsequently be reduced to 1 thousand Nm, as developed by engineers"NAMI" within the framework of the "Cortege" project, the domestic automatic transmission will not withstand the greater load.

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