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Priora car, power window not working: problem solved
Priora car, power window not working: problem solved

Modern cars are endowed with a number of devices and devices to ensure the comfort of the driver and passengers in the cabin. Among the many devices that provide comfort, one can also include an electric window regulator. Often these devices create inconvenience with their unstable operation or failure. This problem, in particular, is quite common on Lada Priora cars.

A broken window regulator will not allow you to raise or lower the car window. Therefore, if this mechanism breaks down, you should immediately think about repairing it.

Because of what does the Priory window regulator not work?

Power window failure may occur due to a malfunction of the following systems:

Mechanism motor

The power window motor has its own wear life, if it is exceeded, then the mechanism fails, itselfmotor to be replaced.

Electrical circuit

If everything is in order with the motor, and the lifts still do not work, then the cause of the breakdown may be the electrical circuit and damage to the wires.

Power window block "Priory"

There is a component in the car's fuse box that is responsible for the car's power windows. If it fails, the mechanism ceases to function.

Control buttons

The Priory power window control buttons can also be the cause of the malfunction. This is mainly due to oxidation of the button contacts.

Priora power window

There are also situations when the operation of the Priora windows is rather unstable. For example, they can only work when the ignition is on, or they work partially. It may be that the front windows are functioning normally, but the rear windows on the Priore do not work. Then, most likely, the problem lies in the electronics of the car.

Causes of failure

Prior's window regulators break down due to a long stay of the car in conditions of regular low temperatures, problems with the electronic control unit, fuse failure, wear of the motor and other components of the lift, as well as glass skew.

Before carrying out repairs, it is necessary to diagnose those auto systems that may hide the cause of the breakdown of this element. Diagnosis is best done using tools and devicesfor example, the tester will allow you to understand whether power is being supplied to the power window motor.

After identifying the cause of the malfunction, you can proceed with the repair.

Repair of motor and power window components

One of the main reasons for the breakdown of the Priora window regulator may be a breakdown of the motor and wear of the cable of the electric window lift.

Window lifter does not work

You can replace both the cable and the motor. When replacing the motor, you will need to tighten the cable, this procedure is quite difficult and takes a lot of time and effort. The glass lift mechanism can also be purchased assembled, along with a motor. So the design was popularly nicknamed "trapezium" for its characteristic shape. When purchasing a complete mechanism, it remains only to install it instead of the failed one.

Troubleshooting control buttons

A fairly common malfunction is the failure of the glass lift control buttons. Most often, the buttons of the Priors window regulators are oxidized, or their contacts begin to move away. To eliminate malfunctions of this kind, you will need to clean the contacts from oxide or re-solder the buttons. When re-soldering, the contacts will fit snugly together, thereby ensuring the smooth operation of the power window.

prior window regulator block

Other Troubleshooting

Minor breakdowns include glass rattling, noise in the power window, free movement of glass undermechanical action (for example, the glass is not raised or lowered by a lift, but the same can be done by hand). Their cause is glass skew, failure of rollers or cable. If the glass is skewed, it must be adjusted. If the cable is torn, then it must be replaced. If the cable jumps off the rollers, it is necessary to pull it back and adjust the car's window lifter. The occurrence of noise is a sign that the mechanism is poorly lubricated. To eliminate the malfunction, it is necessary to lubricate all the power window mechanisms well, as well as the glass guides. If the mechanism is running slowly, it should also be lubricated or replaced with a new one. Over time, the speed of lowering and raising the windows decreases due to wear on the window motor.

Faults requiring repair in a car service

The reason for the failure of the power window can be not only mechanical, but also electronic malfunctions. These include the breakdown of the central electronics unit of the car. If it fails, self-repair of this unit is impossible. Full diagnostics and elimination of breakdowns in a specialized service center is required.

prior window regulator control

The thing is that the CBKE has a number of multifunctional wires, which at the same time are responsible for the functioning of the central lock, rotary beacons, electric heating of windows and mirrors. If you try to eliminate the electronic cause of the glass lift failure, you can only aggravate the problem.


Car "Lada"Priora is reliable and unpretentious. However, the power windows of this model often fail. Perhaps the point lies in the imperfection of the mechanism, perhaps in the harsh operating conditions of the vehicle. These include low and high temperatures, high intensity of use, problems with CBKE.

prior window lifter buttons

If the power window breaks down, you need to immediately repair it. Repair work begins with a diagnosis, which is carried out using a number of devices. If diagnostics at home is not possible, then you should contact a car service.

A number of breakdowns can be fixed by yourself. Such breakdowns include mechanical malfunctions of the power window, for example, a motor breakdown or a cable break. Often the glass lift is unstable due to poorly lubricated surfaces. If the glass lifts work separately, then most likely the problem lies in the electronics. If you encounter such problems, you should contact the experts. Self-repair of electronic systems of the car is not possible.

rear windows not working

Certainly, electric window lifters win over mechanical ones, mainly due to practicality. However, electric lifts are much more likely to fail. For their stable operation, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of the car manufacturer and regularly conduct a technical inspection of the vehicle.

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