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Tips for replacing the rear pads VAZ-2107
Tips for replacing the rear pads VAZ-2107

Brake pads are an important component in cars. The main task is to brake and stop the car. There are 8 of them in the car, that is, 4 in the back and 4 in the front. If these parts fail, then the car starts to slow down and stop worse, and there are also extraneous noises that will interfere with the driver and passengers. Therefore, it is necessary not only to monitor the he alth of this node, but to update the elements in time. Consider replacing the rear pads VAZ-2107 in our article.


Pad replacement tools
Pad replacement tools

To work, you will need the following tools:

  • long and short pliers;
  • flat and Phillips screwdriver;
  • new set of pads;
  • two medium mounts;
  • set sockets;
  • jack.

And open-end wrenches.


You need to track a few important nuances before replacing the rear pads VAZ-2107:

  1. The handbrake of the "7" must be lowered without fail.
  2. If you want to change the rear pads, you should do it in pairs.

Replacing the rear pads VAZ-2107 on both sides is needed, even if they are worn out on only one wheel. If this is not done, these pads will not last long, as wear will be uneven.

Step 1. Removing Parts

brake drum
brake drum

To get to the rear pads of the VAZ, you will have to completely dismantle the brake drums. Raise the wheel with a jack and carefully remove it. Underneath is the brake drum. Two guide studs with nuts are attached to it.

Step 2. Removing the drum

They work as follows. Unscrew the nuts with a 17 wrench. Pull the drum towards you along the guide pins. Remember that this should be done very gently, as it is quite easy to strip the threads on the studs if it is inaccurately removed.

Step 3. Working with the drum

Often there are cases when the drum sits very firmly on the rails. It is unlikely that it will be possible to move it manually. To fix this, you need to take two 8 bolts and screw them into opposite holes on the brake drum. This must be done evenly. That is, initially you screw two turns on one, then two turns on the other. This must be done until they are completely screwed into the drum. This will allow you to move the “sticky” device from the guides. Next, carefully remove the knot with your hands. It is strictly forbidden to move the drum with a hammer. This will only cause the threads on the studs to break, after which they will need to be completely replaced.

Step 4. Inspect the rear pads

Old brake pads VAZ 2107
Old brake pads VAZ 2107

Access to these devices will be open after you completely remove the drum. Before replacing the VAZ-2107 rear pads, it is important to thoroughly clean them of dirt with a rag and thoroughly inspect them. In some cases, braking deteriorates due to the fact that the surface of the linings is heavily oiled, while the pads are intact. What to do in this situation? Most likely, in this case, the thickness of the lining will be more than 2 mm. It is not necessary to replace the rear pads of the VAZ-2107. To improve the braking process, you just need to carefully clean the lining with a metal brush. Braking will be effective again by increasing their coefficient of friction.

Step 5. Reducing pads

If after the inspection you decide to still replace the rear pads of the VAZ-2107, then first they will have to be brought together. Without this, they cannot be removed. Install the mounting blades in such a way that they rest well against the rear shield of the brake drum. Carefully push the pads together using the pry bar as a lever. This may require considerable effort.

Step 6. Removing the spring

Removing the spring
Removing the spring

At the top of the pads are connected using a return spring. Remove this part from the mechanism,using a screwdriver. If you feel comfortable, you can use pliers.

Step 7. Remove the bolt

Also remove the small bolt that is located in the middle of each rear pad. Easy and quick to unscrew it will not work. To remove it, just turn it 90 degrees clockwise.

Step 8. Removing the first rear pad

Now it will be possible to carefully remove one of the pads. When performing this action, it should be remembered that there is another return spring at the bottom. She connects the pads. This spring also needs to be removed.

Step 9. Removing the second rear pad

You need to manually remove the spacer rail that is on top of the brake flap, but only after you have removed the first rear pad. Then, after removing the second long bolt, remove the paired part.

Step 10 Install new parts

Assembly of rear pads
Assembly of rear pads

Next, you need to remove the rear pads VAZ-2107 and replace them with new ones. Be sure to assemble the shoe system back, while replacing the brake drum and car wheels. After you have installed the new rear pads, remove the car from the jack. Before operating the vehicle, apply the handbrake several times to make sure it works properly.

Important moment

Before you change the rear pads on the VAZ-2107, it is important to check the brake drum. If defects, such as scratches or dents, were found during inspection of its internal part, then it is important to eliminate them. Installing new parts in a damaged drum is strictly prohibited.

You should know that only through boring can such damage be repaired. This means that you need to install the drum in a lathe and grind its inner surface to the depth of the defect. Most often it is no more than 2 mm. Even the most skilled turner will not be able to help if the scratch on the drum is much deeper. In this situation, the device will need to be replaced.

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