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Rubber mat is the best protection for your car

Rubber mat is the best protection for your car
Rubber mat is the best protection for your car

The good condition of a car depends on many factors. And one of the most important is caring for it, which is expressed not only in systematic visits to a car wash. A product such as a rubber mat plays a significant role in maintaining cleanliness inside the vehicle. Despite the simplicity of the product, its choice should be approached wisely, since you can get not only good protection against dirt, moisture and dust, but the aroma of rubber and holes constantly formed in it. What to look for when choosing car mats?

rubber mat

A good rubber mat keeps the cabin clean

Firstly, the safety of the product during operation plays an important role. This is expressed in the fact that a high-quality coating should fit snugly to the floor, not interfere while pressing the pedals, and not crumple. Its surface must be non-slip. Almost every modern car has a regular driver's mat mount, but in older models such mounts are not provided, so using the cover is quite dangerous.

Secondly, the rug should be comfortable. Many experts advise purchasing textile products,however, drivers prefer rubber floor mats, which are more practical. A feature of textiles is the lack of resistance to dust, moisture, but simply shaking it will not work - at least drying will be required. With a rubber coating, everything is much simpler - shook it off and put it back into the cabin. Thus, a good coating should ideally fit under the floor of the car, be well fixed, not get wet or collect dust, be easy to clean and harmoniously fit into the interior of the cabin. The rubber mat fully meets these requirements.

interior rubber floor mats

It is important that such a product is made from a mixture of artificial and natural rubber, to which a filler is added. Thus, elasticity, wear resistance of a rug are reached. If cheap raw materials are used, then it will turn out to be brittle on bending, will have an unpleasant odor and get dirty. Modern motorists, choosing a rubber mat, most often focus on manufacturers such as Novline, Norplast, Seintex. All these products are manufactured by Russian companies using modern plastic and environmentally friendly polymeric materials. They are easy to care for, and their high performance is the main proof that the products are of high quality.

How to protect the trunk?

It is the luggage compartment of the car that suffers not only from constant loads, but also from the effects of dirt and dust. And this is no coincidence: the constant transportation of a variety of items in the trunk gradually leads to its contamination.A rubber mat in the trunk must be purchased. It will protect the car interior from moisture, dust, dirt, and also prevent the movement and fall of goods, which is especially important if the trunk is half empty.

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Summing up, I would like to say that you should not save and choose cheap options for car coatings. It is better to pay a little more and get a quality mat that will be safe for the he alth of both the driver and his passengers.

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