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How to make a heated steering wheel with your own hands?

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How to make a heated steering wheel with your own hands?
How to make a heated steering wheel with your own hands?

Fierce competition among car manufacturers has led the industry to incredible progress. Many manufacturers are interested in attracting a potential buyer to their brand. It is especially difficult to come up with something new for luxury cars, everything must be just at the highest level.

do-it-yourself steering wheel heating
do-it-yourself steering wheel heating

Where is the heated steering wheel?

Manufacturers often do everything to maximize the comfort and appearance of the car. The insulated heated steering wheel seemed something incredible, but you won’t surprise anyone with this. This option is present not only in premium cars, many manufacturers install steering wheel heating, and not only foreign cars, but domestic ones.

As for the rest of the older cars that don't have a heated steering wheel, all is not lost. You only need to know a few simple rules and do the heating of the steering wheel with your own hands. You can also install this nice option on the VAZ, then the car will acquire a second youth. When buying parts for heating, it is not recommended to save on them, because reliability will depend on them.mechanism.

Necessary inventory and materials

There is no need to use this function throughout the whole year, because in the summer it is meaningless. But in order to be comfortable driving a car at any time of the year, it is necessary to do the steering wheel heating with your own hands. Moreover, there is no need to purchase expensive tools and parts, everything is sold at every corner, in the market, in the store, on the Internet.

For steering wheel insulation you need to purchase:

  • seat heating kit, temperature control relay, it also serves as an overheating fuse;
  • sharp knife and regular scissors;
  • insulating tape, adhesive tape sticky on both sides;
  • sealant paste;
  • better buy a steering wheel right away, leave the original in reserve, if your experiment is unsuccessful, you will have your own steering wheel.

Heating installation process

Many motorists simply do not know how to make the steering wheel heating on their own, for this you only need to approach with responsibility and seriousness of intentions. The whole process of warming does not take much time, but there are processes where you need to be as accurate and accurate as possible.

do-it-yourself steering wheel heating on a vaz
do-it-yourself steering wheel heating on a vaz
  1. First, remove the steering wheel, it's not worth telling in this thread how to remove the steering wheel, because each car is unique, and no one will tell you how to do it better than the instruction manual.
  2. Now let's start the drawing lesson. At this stage, using a marker, you need to draw lines where the heatingelements. It all depends on your imagination and the length of the materials, so that it is enough for the entire steering wheel.
  3. You need to take a sharp knife and make cuts according to the previously drawn pattern on the steering wheel from the outside.
  4. Making the winding, at this stage you need to fix all the wires well and glue them where necessary. We wrap the bends with tape.
  5. Do-it-yourself steering wheel heating at the first stage is almost finished. It remains only to take care of the comfort of the driver and use sealant to cover all the bumps in the steering wheel.

You can also sheathe the steering wheel in leather or any other material that fits the interior of your vehicle. To cover the steering wheel with leather, you need to use a cardboard pattern, which will consist of several parts. Then we cut out the pieces of leather we need on the cardboard, put it on the steering wheel and carefully sew the cover on the inside of the steering wheel.

how to make a heated steering wheel
how to make a heated steering wheel

How to connect the system

In order for the steering wheel heating to work with your own hands, you need to connect it directly to the car. To do this, do the following:

  • First of all, you need to set the button, it must activate and turn off the heating mode. You can buy a switching mechanism at any specialized electrical appliance store. For your convenience, the button can be hidden under the steering wheel.
  • Then we determine where there will be a minus and where there will be a plus. To do this, we use two copper plates, their thickness should be up to 1.5 millimeters.
  • Using a soldering iron, we attach copper plates andUsing a relay, connect the wires to the battery. If it is not possible to purchase plates, you can use the rings, attach them to double-sided tape.
  • In order for the steering wheel to be heated with your own hands and to avoid a short circuit, you need to pour a sufficient amount of epoxy glue between the copper elements.
  • Next, the motorist must make a hole in the steering wheel, not far from the copper element, so that an additional contact can be placed there.
  • One contact is negative, the second is positive, the third does not need to be connected to anything.
  • All contacts must be insulated.

This process is over, set the "steering wheel" in place. So you did the heating of the steering wheel with your own hands. "Kalina", GAZ, VAZ and any imported car models can undergo the warming procedure. Indeed, even now, manufacturers do not install insulation on every car, although this is no longer something incredible.

Motorcycle handlebar insulation

There is no need to explain to a motorcyclist who loves to ride in late autumn or winter why he does the steering wheel heating on a motorcycle with his own hands. After all, the body can be protected from the cold with jackets, sweaters, down jackets, clothes will not greatly interfere with control, unlike mittens.

motorcycle steering wheel heating
motorcycle steering wheel heating

How heating works

The design of heating is very simple, the principle of its operation is similar to a conventional kitchen electric stove. Electricity passes through the wire, which heats up, making the steering wheel warmer.

Spirals forheaters are sold in hardware stores, the price for them is not high. By unwinding this spiral, you get up to 15 meters of wire, which will serve as a heating element.

Important! It is not necessary to take coils with a power of more than 800 W, otherwise the steering wheel will not be warm, but hot, which is also not comfortable.

Heating installation

First, let's look at how much wire is needed for one handle, and then for the second. We solder the ends of the wires to the heating element and wind the spiral around the handles. We connect the heating element to the battery.

On the handles over the winding, you need to wrap electrical tape, a bicycle camera or something similar. It is possible to put a heating temperature controller.

how to make a heated steering wheel
how to make a heated steering wheel

This design is good enough to keep the driver warm, but there are a few downsides. Heating handles consumes a lot of energy, it is recommended to install a night light bulb with a slightly lower power. Also, many people are not satisfied with the appearance of pens wrapped with electrical tape or something else.


From the foregoing, you now know how to make a steering wheel heating with your own hands, so that it is really high quality and practical. This option is not considered expensive, and the installation procedure itself is very simple, you do not need to perfectly understand electrical appliances to install heating.

Steering wheel insulation can be installed on cars and motorcycles, the installation system is almost the same. Only in the case of two-wheeled vehicles arisesome questions about the voltage generated on the battery and the advisability of installing a heated steering wheel.

do-it-yourself steering wheel heating viburnum
do-it-yourself steering wheel heating viburnum

Whatever the disadvantages of installing a heated steering wheel, there is one plus that is impossible to disagree with - heat. After all, it is the driver who drives his vehicle, so he should not freeze when the temperature is below zero.

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