Models and equipment "KIA Sid"
Models and equipment "KIA Sid"

Corporation for the construction of cars KIA Motors was founded in 1944 in Korea. Since that time, the company has gained importance in the market of global automakers, Korean KIA cars are popular with lovers of quality cars. It is curious that the current position of KIA Motors is the result of a 73-year history of development and improvement in the automotive industry. The chronicle of the existence of the brand includes interesting moments and facts that explain the current popularity of cars of this brand. We invite you to get acquainted with the history of the creation of Kia Motors, and then look at the recently released model of the KIA range to see the quality and reliability of the product.

Brand story

It is worth noting that at the dawn of its existence, the company developed motorcycles. And things were going well, so the manufacturers did not stop at their achievements. So, soon KIA starts the production and production of cars. But ups are impossible without downs: in the early 1980s, due to the crisis, the company was forced to release a line of cars with underpriced prices. And the financial situation stabilized only in the 1990s. And today KIA is a companyranked 16th in the table of the best transport manufacturers.

The state of the company today

Now KIA owns the rights to a number of vehicles, including minivans. By the way, the popularity among the inhabitants of the KIA Carnival minivan, made in the last millennium, has not faded so far! Not every manufacturer can boast of such a fact.

kia seed equipment
kia seed equipment

But since the beginning of the millennium, the company's lineup has been modified and new automobiles have been added to it. The company offers the buyer both sports cars and SUVs that will delight with ride comfort, transmission capabilities and the ability to easily overcome road obstacles. It is not surprising that the audience of owners of cars of this brand is growing every year. In addition to the internal configuration, I would like to note the appearance. In 2007, the interior and exterior of vehicles were improved in such a way as to combine ergonomics and aesthetics in a car.

The cost of equipment varies depending on the features of the configuration. But it is safe to say that a modern person can afford to buy a KIA brand car. Moreover, the cost corresponds to the quality of the goods. And you don't have to worry about the safety of the car: the company won the award in the category "The safest car in the industry."

Popularity of KIA Ceed

This car influenced the development of KIA production. He became the transport that contributed to the goodwill of Europeans to the Korean auto industry.

KIA Ceed literallybreathed life into the company after the protracted financial crisis of the 80s. In 2006, the company introduced the concept of this car, a 5-door hatchback, which was entrusted with the mission to embody the brand's style. With the demonstration of the concept, the history of the car begins. It has become a kind of standard, a key model, which to this day demonstrates the vector of development of Korean automakers.

kia seed station wagon 2017 new body configuration
kia seed station wagon 2017 new body configuration

Manufacturers have taken the right course of production development. Since at the dawn of its journey, this sample competed with the world-famous Ford Focus, Opel Astra, Peugeot brands.

Packing Advantages

The advertising company positioned the car as "modern, fast, high quality and comfortable." The standard nature of the above qualities did not reduce the interest of buyers in the car, and the implementation on the market was successful. The decisive criterion when choosing a car, in addition to the KIA Seed configuration, visitors to car dealerships call the conciseness of the internal and external design. Transport is equipped with a roomy interior and high-quality pleasant finish, as well as an informative interface. The degree of equipment equalizes it with competitors from Europe. The client is presented with a wide palette of colors to choose from.

The list of benefits of machine assembly includes an extensive choice of powertrains, chassis settings, the ability to configure more than 50 options, safety systems and amenities. All this favorably distinguishes this variation of "KIA" from competitors.

That's why millions of people fromEurope, Asia and America, and the level of sales of cars increases with each renovation of the model range.

Evolution of perfection. First generation

The first generation of cars consisted of KIA Cee'd, KIA Pro Cee'd and KIA Cee'd SW. Accordingly, the equipment of the first generation KIA Sid hatchback consisted of five engine options (2 diesel and 3 petrol) and was equipped with front-wheel drive. The engines worked from automatics or mechanics, 4-band and 6-speed, respectively. The KIA Seed package included an engine, the power of which varied between 109-143 l / s. At the same time, fuel consumption was about 4.9-7.7 liters per 100 km.

The success of the hatchback was facilitated by the presentation of the Sid in a station wagon model (KIA Cee'd SW). The prefix "SW" stands for Sporty Wagon. The new model of equipment had a more dynamic and aggressive look due to the increased dimensions of the platform. The designers have made a reform in the configuration of the KIA Sid SV. They decided to move the rear door opening axis by 225 mm. This modification allowed the car owner to reach the luggage compartment if the vehicle was parked too close to an obstacle. Such a configuration of the axle made it possible to increase the dimensions of the opening for loading luggage.

kia seed sv 2017 new body configuration
kia seed sv 2017 new body configuration

All this caused the second variation to be more attractive to the buyer than the first.

Finally, the third version of the first generation KIA Seed hatchback - KIA Pro Cee'd - in addition to having three doors, had improved optics and the nature of the back door. Designers lowered landingand shortened the base.

So, the first generation appeared until 2009. As the sales graph showed, this vehicle line was a successful debut in the European market for a Korean company.

Evolution of perfection. Second generation

The second generation was the first generation autocar models with a redesign: KIA Cee'd, KIA Pro Cee'd and KIA Cee'd SW.

KIA Sid hatchback configurations have been modified in the field of design. The front part of the car has undergone significant transformations: the unpretentious radiator grille has been replaced by a new one, resembling the mouth of a tiger. The exterior has retained the traditional design, but has become more modern. Manufacturers have adjusted the suspension to be quieter. The engines ran on gasoline, which made them more economical than the engines of the first generation KIA Sid models. The creators abandoned the diesel. Fuel consumption, as well as power, remained the same.

The company introduced the world to the improved configuration of the Kia Seed at the Geneva Motor Show in 2012. The emphasis on design left no way for viewers to compare the second generation to the first. Restyled hatchback options looked sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing. And no wonder: the appearance of the car was created by a team of professional designers from a studio in Frankfurt, and they worked directly on the design in Rüsselheim.

Second generation cars were developed on the platform of the latest Hyundai Elantra and i30 modifications. Due to this, the body has become longer, and the windshield is more sloping. These reforms contributed to the reductioncoefficient of air resistance during movement. Driving in the car became smooth and fast, which turned the KIA Cee'd into a sports car from a family car.

configuration kia seed 2016
configuration kia seed 2016

Since then, the car has attracted the attention of a wide range of car enthusiasts.

However, the transformation has affected the level of prices. But prices have not risen more than the value of the innovative options in the KIA Seed configuration. Therefore, the second generation of autocars repeated the success of the previous line.

2017 Kia Seed Updates

In early 2016, manufacturers announced that they were planning to release a new Kia Sid model. This caused a wave of debate about whether they plan to release a number of third-generation machines or limit themselves to minor improvements. Supporters of the third generation option focused on the fact that the last generation was in 2012, and it would be time for manufacturers to release a new generation.

Before the official presentation of the hatchback in the winter of 2016 in Frankfurt, someone leaked data on the production process of vehicles to the network. The owners of the Korean auto industry decided to dispel all the myths about the upcoming premiere and unveiled the main changes in the configuration of the KIA Sid.

The new KIA Ceed 2016, like the variants of the two previous generations, is presented in three body versions: station wagon, hatchback and 3-door. The range includes models of the KIA Sid Lux, KIA Sid GT and KIA Sid Prestige equipment. Despite expectations, they will not make up the third generation of machines.

As it turned out, the 2016 KIA Seed equipmentjust a design change. Motorists realized that the rumors about the release of the third generation of autocars were unfair, however, brand fans were not disappointed. They were pleased with the innovations in the design of cars and democratic prices.

kia seed station wagon configuration photo
kia seed station wagon configuration photo

Presentation of the main version of the sensational South Korean station wagon "KIA Seed" 2017 complete with a new body was held at the auto show in Frankfurt.

As mentioned, "KIA" is presented in three varieties, each of which has an individual design. However, there is a standard equipment that underlies any KIA car. Only the nuances change. Let's talk about them.

Technical design features

The restyled Ceed was assembled at Kia Motors' own factory in Slovakia.

The creators have significantly changed the configuration of the new KIA Sid SV body in 2017. The architecture of the rear and front headlights has changed. Optics acquired an elliptical shape and an elegant chrome border. Chrome-plated trim received the instrument panel and door handles. New optics added expressiveness and expression to the car.

In general, the engineers in the creation of cars used high-quality finishing materials. The equipment of the machine has become more pleasant tactile.

The appearance of the updated model of the car has changed with the reconstruction of the bumper and grille - their dimensions have increased. However, the engineers have retained the traditional proportions and characteristics of the autocar. Changed the design of the rims. The stylish design of the car will attract attention even on the roads in the metropolis.

kia seed sv configuration
kia seed sv configuration

The comfort of the KIA Seed configuration and the overall performance of the car pleased car owners, this conclusion can be drawn from their reviews. So, the length of the model is 4.5 m, height -1.48 m, width - 1.78 m. The weight of the car varies within 1.3 tons. The volume of the luggage compartment has increased to 520 liters, as well as the volume of the fuel tank. It is 53 l.

A few words about the interior

In contrast to the exterior, the interior has not changed much. Changes in the cabin are in decorative inserts and an increase in the level of sound insulation. In general, the interior design has become more sporty. The glossy coating of parts will prevent deformation of the surface layer.

Customers will be able to enjoy a number of additional features in the new KIA Seed 2017 body: a panoramic sunroof, a multifunctional control panel, an improved sound system, an electric driver's seat, leather interior treatment, the ability to save configuration settings for each of the seats.

The interior is equipped with air conditioning with dual-zone climate control to maintain a comfortable temperature in the car and an audio system that ensures sound quality.

Manufacturers have improved the safety of the car: the monitoring system of "dead zones", providing speed limits and a parking assistant. The level of safety is a hallmark of KIA cars, so the creators pay special attention to the protection of passengers. 6 are built into the design of the carairbags, they are responsible for safety. In an emergency, the airbags deploy within 30 seconds and allow passengers to avoid injury.

What's under the hood?

However, the decisive changes in "Syd" are under the hood of the car. The internal equipment of the KIA Seed station wagon 2017 with a new body includes engines that comply with the Euro-6 environmental standard.

Engines are available in two versions: diesel and gasoline. The volume of the diesel engine is 1.6 liters, having a power of 110-136 liters. s., 3-cylinder turbocharged ecoTurbo gasoline engine holds a liter of fuel at a power of 100-120 liters. With. The transmission is represented by front-wheel drive, power plants - both manual and automatic transmission (optional).

kia seed equipment prestige
kia seed equipment prestige

Worthy of attention is the steering correction and the mass distribution system on the wheels.

The cost of KIA models

Future owners will like not only the equipment of the KIA Seed 2017 hatchback in a new body and its technical characteristics, but also the prices, which fluctuate within 900,000 rubles. The most expensive configuration of the GT 2016 model costs 1,249,900 rubles. It contains in the assembly a turbocharged engine with a volume of 1.6 liters. and a capacity of 204 liters. With. The 2016 KIA Sid GT has keyless entry, an electromechanical brake, a function for comfortable climbing uphill, and elegant rear optics. The interior of the model is equipped with a dashboard and multimedia equipment. The rear-view mirrors are transformable, which will ease the tightparking. And the organizer in the trunk will ergonomically arrange the luggage.

The "Lux" model is equipped with a standard 1.6 liter engine and an advanced climate control system. It saturates the air in the cabin with ions, eliminates the accumulation of condensate on the windows, and works taking into account the weather conditions outside. The cost of this model is 935 thousand rubles.

Version "Prestige" will cost the buyer 1 million rubles. In the car, the passenger will feel safe, because it is equipped with a stabilization system. The Parktronic function will facilitate the parking process.

kia seed hatchback 2017 new body configuration
kia seed hatchback 2017 new body configuration

The start of sales of the new configuration of "KIA Seed" wagon 2017 in Russia began in the spring of the same year.

Summing up

After the presentation of the first generation of Sid on the world market, the Korean manufacturer went to the top of the best-selling. According to statistics at the time of 2016, customers around the world purchased over a million units of KIA Seed.

The restyled version of the concern has already shaken the market positions of such rivals as Peugeot 308, Toyota Prius and Opel Astra. This is not just competition, this is a struggle for the attention of the buyer. The better and more reliable the car, the more it is in demand among motorists. Therefore, when creating the updated Sid configuration, the designers took into account the wishes of the car owners and eliminated the shortcomings of the internal configuration. In the photo of the KIA Seed station wagon, we see that the manufacturer paid no less attention to improving the exterior and interior.

Cars "KIA Seed" tradingKia Motors brand stands for quality plus reliability. Whatever type of car you choose, in any case, you will not be disappointed in the quality and reliability of the car.

Advantages of KIA Seed (2017)

Today, KIA is represented by a number of car variations. For all types of Sid transport, in addition to the standard configuration, other advantages are also characteristic. For example, all autocars ensure the safety and comfort of passengers. Buying a car is available to a person with an income above average. At the same time, democratic prices do not affect the reliability and quality of cars. A thoughtful stylish design is what the creators of KIA Seed pay special attention to.

New Kia Seed 2017

Kia Ceed 2017 - a South Korean-made hatchback presented in a station wagon body - one of the best modifications of the KIA concern. It has a stylish appearance, powerful technical characteristics and a comfortable interior. These indicators orient the car to the world market. For a buyer anywhere in the world, the comfort and safety of the vehicle is a priority.

kia sid luxury equipment
kia sid luxury equipment

Manufacturers conducted research, and based on surveys of motorists, they eliminated the defects of the KIA Sid. The car has become even more reliable and of high quality, but at the same time inexpensive. Although the design has undergone minor changes since the 2nd generation, significant changes have been made to the technical characteristics and internal equipment of the car. If you are buying a variant of the KIA brand, then you should pay attention to the KIA Sid. For 2017, this is the best car modelcorporations.