ECU "Priory": characteristics, photo, where is it
ECU "Priory": characteristics, photo, where is it

Control over the operation of the engine of the car VAZ-2170 "Priora" is carried out using an electronic control unit (ECU). It also monitors compliance with Euro 3, Euro 4 environmental safety standards and implements feedback using the OBD-II diagnostic connector.

What data is sent to the controller

ECU “Priors” operates in the mode of continuous reading of information from sensors. Based on this information, the computer makes decisions about changing the operating modes of the engine systems. The types of data entering the controller are as follows:

  • electric voltage in the car network;
  • detonation in combustion chambers;
  • vehicle speed;
  • cooling system temperature;
  • the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gases;
  • air flow;
  • intake manifold air temperature;
  • camshaft and crankshaft position;
  • throttle position.
Bosch ECU
Bosch ECU

What the controller controls

After processing the information, the Lada Priory ECU makes adjustmentsoperation of the following mechanisms:

  • ignition systems;
  • cooling systems - controls the operation of the fan;
  • fuel system (operation of injectors and fuel pump);
  • cabin climate control systems (air conditioning modes);
  • exhaust vapor recovery systems;

Control occurs by closing the output circuits through the output transistors.

Varieties of ECU memory

In order to perform its functions, the controller has to operate with a lot of data. Some of them are constantly in work, others are loaded periodically. Therefore, memory is divided into three types:

  1. PROM - programmable read only memory. It contains the so-called firmware - a program that controls the parameters of the engine, such as the moment of fuel injection, control of the advance of the ignition angle, idling, as well as calibration data. This type of memory is retained in the absence of power. Data changes are made by reprogramming.
  2. RAM - Random Access Memory. Performs the same function as the RAM of a conventional computer - temporary storage of information during one working session. This memory receives sensor data, it stores diagnostic codes, as well as intermediate information about the activity of the microprocessor. It requires electrical current to operate.
  3. ECU device inside
    ECU device inside
  4. ERPZU - electrically programmable memorydevice. This type of memory is part of the standard anti-theft system. The immobilizer control unit, during engine start, transmits codes to the Priory ECU, where the password codes are located that allow or prohibit the start. In addition, ERPZU captures deviations in the operation of the engine. This memory does not depend on the supply of electricity and stores information in the controller permanently.

Self Diagnosis Systems

Like any computer, the Priory ECU has user feedback.

ECU chip tuning
ECU chip tuning

The driver learns about problems with the help of signal codes that can be seen in two ways: using an additional on-board computer connected to the diagnostic connector, and on the instrument panel after performing simple manipulations.

For self-diagnosis, you can install the following devices:

  1. State X 1 P Priora. A small device that is inserted in place of a standard button. It has a 3-digit LED display. In addition to the diagnostic function for 30 parameters, it allows you to warm up the candles in the cold season, independently regulate the temperature at which the cooling system fan turns on, and reset engine errors.
  2. Priora State Matrix. More serious on-board computer. Replaces the stock clock and has a 128 x 32 pixel graphic display.
  3. on-board computer
    on-board computer

    In addition to the functions listed in the previous computer, the device can work with gas equipment, reading the gas flow. The “Forsage” function allows you not only to resetengine errors, but also roll back the controller to the factory state, thereby resuscitating it. After activating this option, the Priory ECU mode, which was set at the factory, will turn on. Also, this bookmaker has the ability to update the software.

  4. Multitronics C-900. Universal on-board computer. Can be installed in different places. It has great capabilities in both diagnostics and adjustments. Fits a wide range of vehicles. Features a 480 x 800 pixel LCD display and the ability to change settings directly from your home PC.

How to perform diagnostics using a standard on-board computer

In the absence of additional diagnostic tools, errors read by the Priory ECU can be displayed on the instrument panel in a regular way. For this you need:

  1. While holding the mileage reset button, turn on the ignition. After pressing for 4 seconds, the instrument panel starts to move (all indicators light up, the arrows of the instruments turn around the axis several times, the LCD panel turns on all registers). This indicates that the self-diagnosis mode has turned on.
  2. On the right steering column switch, the Reset button selects the position for displaying the firmware version, error code, error reset.

If you need to get rid of the engine error, in the reset mode, press Reset, and hold the button in this position for 3 seconds.

Error codes

In error mode, the computer may issue the following codes:

  • 2 - too high voltage in the network;
  • 3 - malfunctionsfuel level sensor;
  • 4 - malfunction of the coolant temperature sensor;
  • 5 - outside temperature sensor error;
  • 6 - too high engine temperature;
  • 7 - low pressure in the lubrication system;
  • 8 - brake system malfunction;
  • 9 - low battery voltage.

After troubleshooting, you need to reset the error. If no action is taken within 20 seconds, the on-board computer switches to normal operation.

How to replace the Priors ECU

There can be many reasons for replacing the controller: the desire to install another model that can work with more efficient firmware, failure, incorrect operation.

ECU software replacement
ECU software replacement

You can find out which ECU is on the Priore using the diagnostic method, or by the firmware ID, which can be verified on a special website. Bosch M 10 and January-7 controllers are installed on cars.

In order to change the ECU, you need to do the following:

  1. Disconnect the on-board system from the battery. To do this, just remove the negative terminal.
  2. Remove the plastic lining of the tunnel on the right side.
  3. Slide the bracket that secures the connector with the wire bundle to the stop.
  4. Remove the block with wires.
  5. Unscrew the 2 nuts at the place where the Priors ECU is attached to the bracket.
  6. Pry the controller up and pull it out through the right side.
the location of the controller
the location of the controller

As you can see from the description, the procedure is very simple and does not take more than 5-10 minutes. Installation is in reverse order.