Lacetti brake pads - features, signs of wear, do-it-yourself replacement

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Lacetti brake pads - features, signs of wear, do-it-yourself replacement
Lacetti brake pads - features, signs of wear, do-it-yourself replacement

Replacing the brake pads on the Chevrolet Lacetti must be done in the event that natural wear has occurred, and also if a disc failure has been detected. The cause of early wear can be an incorrect driving style. In addition, an inexperienced motorist may purchase low-quality friction linings or not pay attention to violations in the operation of the working cylinders in time. These causes can also result in premature pad wear.

front Lacetti pads
front Lacetti pads

Warning signals and dangerous consequences

It is worth noting that if the main element that provides braking has exhausted its resource, this can lead to very unpleasant consequences. After all, the length of the braking distance in this case increases significantly, which means that under certain conditions, a collision cannot be avoided. Brake system "Lacetti"has an acoustic indicator, which, with the help of sound during braking, is able to notify the owner of the wear of the working surface of the friction linings. A characteristic rattle signals the need to replace the brake pads with the Lacetti. How to do this, see below.

Do-it-yourself replacement of the rear pads on a Chevrolet

How to remove the old Lacetti brake pads or install new ones? Each Lacetti model has a special instruction. Nevertheless, for a complete understanding of the procedure, a phased methodology is proposed:

  1. It is necessary to raise the rear of the car using a jack, and then remove the wheel from the side where the repair is supposed to begin.
  2. Insert a screwdriver between the guide pads and the position of the brake caliper.
  3. Next, use a wrench to unscrew the fixing bolt that makes up the caliper mount.
  4. After that, using a screwdriver, remove the caliper, exposing the surface of the pad.
  5. Then, the Lacetti brake pads are carefully removed from the guides. To be sure, they are slightly rocked.
  6. Using a brush to work on metal, it is necessary to remove drips, as well as corrosive formations from the place where the pads are installed.
  7. Further, the seats are treated with high-temperature grease with plastic properties.
  8. Last of all, the body of the piston of the working cylinder should be pushed into the internal cavity.
  9. Lacetti brake pads
    Lacetti brake pads

In the case when the car has reardisc brakes, it is possible to simultaneously replace the parking brake pads. Such a need arises if it does not provide a secure fit even after tightening the cable.

Replacing the front brake pads

The worn-out front brake pads are replaced by the Lacetti after 40 thousand kilometers, while the rear ones can last 2 times longer. To implement this procedure, it is recommended to perform the following sequence of actions:

  1. To perform this task, the front of the machine body is lifted with a jack, the fixing bolts are unscrewed from the wheel disks, and then they are removed.
  2. To make this operation easier, it is best to turn the steering wheel in the direction where the pads are being replaced.
  3. After that, the lower bolt, which serves to hold the caliper, is unscrewed with a ring wrench.
  4. Then the caliper is turned up, freeing access to the location of the Lacetti brake pads.
  5. Old pads are removed by moving them to the side.
  6. After that, it is supposed to insert replacement pads into the caliper, and then remove the brake cylinder from the lock.
  7. Lower the caliper into place and clamp it with the lower bolt.
  8. brake pads front Lacetti
    brake pads front Lacetti

If the specified sequence of actions is correctly performed, then the next time the brake pads on the Lacetti will have to be removed after 40 thousand kilometers.

Subtleties of performance in the presence of ABS

Whenthe presence of an anti-lock braking system in a Chevrolet Lacetti car, it is important to consider some features.

front brake pads
front brake pads

It should be understood that if the ABS system is included in the machine package, then the design characteristics of the brake pads have special differences. The rear pads of the brake system in this case are distinguished by the presence of a slot for driving a sensor that records the parameters of wheel rotation. Before changing the pads, the sensor is removed to avoid damage when changing old pads. Remove the sensor using the key head with the designation E8.

Associated difficulties

When changing the brake pads on the Chevrolet Lacetti, care must be taken. Mistakes made can cause a decrease in the functionality of the system. Sometimes the fixation of the brake pads cannot be overcome in this way. In this case, before applying significant force, it is necessary to treat the landing channel with an aerosol known as WD-40. It is not recommended to lubricate the brake pads before fixing. And in the case when it is difficult to fit them into place, it is worth undermining the surface a little with a small file.