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What attracts the technical characteristics of the BMW 420?

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What attracts the technical characteristics of the BMW 420?
What attracts the technical characteristics of the BMW 420?

The collection of German prestige cars has been replenished with a novelty presented in 2013. The convertibles and coupes of the third series were replaced by a fashionable fourth with a sporting purpose. The "four" "BMW 420" is somewhat reminiscent of the sixth offspring of the third series in technical terms, in terms of style and ergonomics of interior decoration. Buyers will be provided with the emotional drive derived from sports riding.

General Description

Image "BMW 420" specifications

The BMW 420 liftback body is an organic combination of a sedan and a hatchback with a more serious luggage compartment that fits a refrigerator or other cargo. The car model is a worthy competitor to Audi, the products of the Mercedes C and E class. The fourth series is presented on the international market in the format of coupe, grand coupe and convertible. The machine has mostly received positive feedback due to thoughtful innovation.

How does it feel in the cabin?

Great cabin experience

The developers decided to make the space for passengers and the driver quite spacious. The tall driver does not touch the ceiling, the passengers of the "BMW 420" feel comfortable, plunging into the soft "embrace" of the deep niches of the sofas. The back row is made double.

Technical side

Image"BMW 420" engine features description

Version "BMW 420" in different configurations built on the basis of the third series, despite the differences in the body panel. Cars perform well on dry and wet roads, running on gasoline and diesel engines with rear or all-wheel drive. All models feature an 8-speed transmission with smooth, precise shifts and manual selection of all 8 gears. In the city, this is especially felt - smoothly, comfortably on a trip.

You can't call it a sharp start, based on the descriptions of the "BMW 420" given by drivers on the forums, but this is due to the installation of a diesel unit. The car is characterized as understandable and obedient to drive. Perhaps the pedals and steering wheel are somewhat heavy, but this does not detract from its merits. Alloy wheels add comfort.

About pendant

Engineers have introduced a MacPherson strut front independent suspension, which behaves excellently in corners, unlike its double-lever counterpart. What are the benefits:

  1. The device reduces the load on moving parts, the main force falls on the rack.
  2. Reliability increases the service life of thismechanism.

Characteristics of the Grand Coupe

Image "BMW" 420 detailed description

The vehicle from the Bavarians in the grand coupe format is versatile, roomy, with a flying stylish silhouette. On a full tank of fuel, you can cover at least 1000 km. It is not necessary to press the floor on the gas for adrenaline emotions. On the base 420 D grand coupe, the diesel makes it possible to “taste” all the charm of the two-liter engine with 184 hp. and 400 Nm of torque is great potential. For winter, all-wheel drive modifications are chosen, for example, 420d AT xDrive, but rear-wheel drive variations also satisfy motorists.

Effective doors without window frames, courage from a fast drive without any effort, increased power during acceleration, excellent braking qualities - is this not a holiday for a connoisseur of the fruits of design progressive thought! Add convenience to use 18-inch wheelset. What else did the Bavarians offer as part of this production?

Coupe Secrets

No less pleased with the technical characteristics of the "BMW 420" coupe. Exclusive touches of salon design are in harmony with the spectacular component of driving properties. The advantage of these machines is in a purely German assembly, in contrast to the “troika” assembled around the world. With a careless attitude, as with all editions of this brand, oil can rush to various important parts, so it is recommended to keep a close eye on this to avoid expensive repairs.

Coupe is equipped with the same non-rigid M-suspension and automatic transmission"Steptronic". This sporty "dude" is more focused on the driver. BMW 4 Series motorists note the high quality of road holding. Fuel consumption is approximately 7 liters per 100 km in an urban environment. Not everyone liked the savings of Bavarian designers: the use of leatherette, the lack of pockets in the door cards, not very high-quality music and spontaneous ventilation when opening the doors.

Cabrio test results

The handsome man of the road seems small from the outside, although inside, behind the wheel and in the passenger seats, there is a feeling of comfort. Here is an interesting design of the trunk with 220 liters with a shelf. The rear seats can be folded and increased to 370 liters. The coupe turns into a convertible in 20 seconds, according to the manufacturer. Fuel economy is obvious - 6 liters per "weave". Dynamic features with a diesel power unit are truly pleasing. You can travel with the top down and windows up so you don't catch a cold. In the heat at +25 degrees, riding with an open top is a bit hot. There are no turbo pits in this motor, it is convenient to hold a powerful steering wheel. An excellent informative component is not satisfactory.

A model of any configuration goes well with Russian conditions.

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