Prepared UAZ: concept, characteristics, technical improvements and reviews with photos

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Prepared UAZ: concept, characteristics, technical improvements and reviews with photos
Prepared UAZ: concept, characteristics, technical improvements and reviews with photos

A prepared UAZ is a vehicle designed to overcome deep and varied off-road terrain or upgraded to participate in various competitions. It is worth noting that this car is an unplowed field for tuning, and its improvements can be done endlessly. Therefore, the owner must initially decide on the purpose of further operation of the SUV, and understand what he really wants to get from the final version.

Prepared UAZ for off-road
Prepared UAZ for off-road

Camo cover

The "native" color of the car is not particularly sophisticated and presentable. Many owners receive a prepared UAZ Hunter, starting with applying camouflage to the body. They simply add spots of different shades to the bodies of the "iron horses". Experts note that this business is very sensitive and costly. Another recommendation is to approach the issue thoroughly, without skimping on the quality of coverage.

The procedure begins with the dismantling of all protruding parts of the vehicle, the optics and glass are protected with paper orwith a special film, the body part is treated with an anti-corrosion compound. After that, the main color is brought back to normal (putty, primed and tinted). The next step in the preparatory phase is to outline the spots with duct tape and paint them over with paint.

Painting features

A prepared UAZ in camouflage can be made in different variations, since the coating has three shades. For khaki cars, brown, green or black spots are suitable. For gray cars - white and black shades, a brown body is equipped with a yellow, black or dark brown tone.

Initially, light colors are applied so that black spots do not shine through. The best option is the use of spray formulations. For each color, you will need a pair of standard tanks with a specific paint. Having spent about 3-4 days on processing and a lot of nerves, since beginners will not succeed in much right away, you will see a cardinal transformation of the car. On urban roads, everyone will notice a unique SUV, and in forest areas it is perfectly camouflaged from prying eyes.

Power kit

It is difficult to imagine a prepared UAZ of various series without power body kits. First of all, these are reinforced metal alloy bumpers. These elements are simply indispensable for those who often fish and hunt, especially in areas with dense forest plantations and snow marks. Despite the fact that power bumpers make the car heavier, it is rather a plus for it, due to the increase in mass, it is easier to overcome impassability.

Front and backbody kit parts are made from a section of a channel, which is processed taking into account preliminary measurements and the configuration of the finished bumper. Alternatively, you can buy ready-made versions. It will be more expensive, however, you will not have to spend money on the development of diagrams and drawings, which is especially important for beginners in this business.

Prepared UAZ "Hunter"
Prepared UAZ "Hunter"

Another type of body kit prepared for off-road, UAZ "Patriot" - "kengurins". They are original metal arcs in the form of pipes, which are mounted on the upper part of the front bumper by welding. These elements perfectly protect the front part of the body and optics from breakdowns and other mechanical effects. Another feature is minimizing damage in the event of an unexpected collision with a large animal.

Winching Equipment

Off-road can be quite dangerous and serious, even for a prepared UAZ. The fact is that often the driver encounters only the direction of movement marked on the map, and not in front of the hood of the car. To avoid many unpleasant moments, equipping the car with a winch will allow. This mechanism is a device with a motor and a gearbox, equipped with a metal cable. The last part is used to pull the car out of the "trap", so it must be strong and intact.

Any winch functions according to the same principle - it extracts the transport by pulling it up with a cable. It is recommended to mount an electric version with a five-ton force on the SUV in question. Devices can be installed in the bumper, both front and rear. To avoid unpleasant surprises, experts advise carrying a spare alternator belt with you.

What does a winch do?

If the new prepared UAZ is planned to be actively used off-road, the winch will come in handy sooner or later. Working with her will not be any particular problem, the main thing is not to panic and measure the situation that has arisen. After choosing a suitable tree for fixing, remove the brake and unwind the cable of the device.

After securely fastening the cable, they return to the car, using the controller, they begin to slowly, without jerking, pull up the steel cable. The load should be increased gradually with the simultaneous addition of gas, in order to avoid breaking the timing belt. As practice shows, it usually takes 5-7 minutes to leave the trap.

Photo of the prepared UAZ
Photo of the prepared UAZ

Special trunk

Expedition trunk is an important attribute of any prepared UAZ "Hunter" for off-road. It is used to transport a hi-jack, spare tire and many other equipment required in difficult conditions, especially on long journeys. In addition, this element is the base for mounting an additional spotlight. The roof rack visually enlarges the car, which must be correlated with the size of the gate of the existing garage. It is quite possible to weld the part yourself from suitable blanks or buy it ready-made. The issue price is about 10-15 thousand rubles.

Additional lighting

On the consideredcars often install additional light elements. They make it possible to prepare the UAZ for hunting and movement at night. As a rule, such blocks are four or more headlights. They mount the optics on the forwarding trunk, previously installed by the owner.

In this direction, the following modifications are distinguished:

  1. Headlight lighting. The design includes up to eight LEDs placed in a bowl protected by glass.
  2. "Light-bars" - fixtures containing up to 32 LED elements located in an oblong case.
  3. Tube spotlight.

A kind of headlight chandelier will require up to 4 pieces with directional low beam and a pair of analogues (installed on the sides) with a diffuse light flux. "Light-bar" is quite enough one. Both options are quite worthy and effective. A lamp spotlight is more of an accessory for dazzling than for lighting.

Salon prepared UAZ
Salon prepared UAZ

What to do with the wheels?

An important part of the UAZ "Loaf" prepared for off-road and other modifications is the replacement of wheels with large diameter options with other quality parameters of rubber. In this direction, wheels with All Terrain or MUD Terrain tires are used. The first option has a pronounced tread pattern and can be used equally effectively on off-road or asph alt.

MUD category tires have an aggressive pattern and massive ground lugs that extend beyond the shoulder of the wheel. Specifiedthe elements are distinguished by good self-cleaning, suitable for forest roads, but it is better not to use them on an asph alt surface. Otherwise, the rubber wears out intensively and loses its characteristics. Considering that the price of such tires is quite high, it is not difficult to calculate the economic "benefit" of using them on hard surfaces.

Standard UAZ wheels on conventional axles (without lifting the body) are available in 31 inches. To install increased rubber, you will need to lift the car with trimming the wheel arches. If this is not done, the rubber will tear on potholes and bumps at the maximum hanging of the suspension. The cost of the tire is affected by the brand, the size of the elements, the manufacturer (from 10 to 35 thousand per copy).

Overcoming water obstacles

A prepared UAZ "Patriot", caught in a mud "ambush", will be able to get out of it in most cases, especially if equipped with a winch device. A more serious problem is getting into deep water barriers. The liquid negatively affects the power unit, the entire fuel and electrical system.

Experienced and prudent owners put a snorkel on an SUV. This part is a special plastic tube with which air is taken at the level of the roof of the vehicle. If the element is installed correctly, you can safely deal with streams and backwaters without fear of traditional "water" diseases for cars. It is not recommended to take on the manufacture of a snorkel on your own, unless you are an expert in this matter. Butit is quite possible to install it manually. Issue price (without installation) - 3-5 thousand rubles.

Prepared UAZ "Loaf" on military bridges

Deep tuning required the following alterations:

  • replacement of standard axles with geared (military) counterparts;
  • installation of enlarged tires;
  • improvement of suspension unit;
  • updating the salon;
  • power kit.

For the off-road Loaf, after reworking the wheel arches and suspension, 33-35 inch tires with 15 inch rollers are suitable.

Native shock absorbers are recommended to be replaced with modifications that have a reinforced spring design. This solution will reduce the vertical travel of the wheel, reducing the tendency of the machine to roll over sideways. It is also desirable to remove the "regular" levers and bushings that are not oriented off-road.

One of the weakest points of "Baton" is the front leaf spring suspension. Often it is reinforced by installing additional springs from the Zhiguli. The fixation of the elements on the bridges is carried out by welding the platforms and glasses onto the frame.

Prepared for off-road UAZ "Loaf"
Prepared for off-road UAZ "Loaf"

The brake system of this car also cannot be called ideal. For replacement, analogues from the GAZ-24 are quite suitable. For correct installation, the master cylinder of the assembly to be mounted is connected to the brake pedal by means of a link and a rocker arm, followed by fixation on the frame. It would be useful to replace the "native" cylinders with a version of a self-supplying type, and make the thrust from the "Citroen" torsion bar.

Prepared UAZ "Patriot"

In addition to the above improvements, focused on overcoming off-road, consider a few more nuances relating to the purely "Patriot". The easiest way to increase ground clearance is to install improved off-road tires.

For the specified car, the 235/85 R16 option with lugs on the sides is optimal. This will increase the ground clearance by 25 millimeters, and will also contribute to reliable traction with the ground with improved ride comfort. In their reviews, experts recommend preparing special brackets for hi-jack jacks. This is true in the absence of a winch, the features of which were mentioned above.


  1. It is advisable to change the clutch to an analogue of the LuK type, using a basket from this manufacturer with the installation of a copper-plated driven disk and ceramic pads.
  2. It is necessary to strengthen the stockings of the axle shafts. In front, the operation is carried out by welding kerchiefs onto the element, and at the back it is better to use put-on boxes.
  3. The pivot connections of the front axle are reinforced with a block with tapered bearings of the reference configuration.
Prepared UAZ "Patriot"
Prepared UAZ "Patriot"

Owner opinions

Specialists and experienced users in their reviews note that preparing cars for off-road requires a significant amount of work in different directions. Not everyone can handle this. Therefore, experts recommend starting with simple modifications, finding a professional assistant, or contacting special workshops.

UAZ owners also point out that tuning should be approached responsibly or not started at all. Before each stage of upgrading a particular part of the car, study the advice of experienced motorists, and also consider your financial capabilities.

Prepared UAZ "Loaf"
Prepared UAZ "Loaf"


Photos of prepared UAZs are given above. They are additional confirmation that the domestic SUV in any design is a real designer, from which it is possible to make an original, unique and practical all-terrain vehicle. Using the improvements to the maximum, you will get a car for hunting, expeditions or participation in extreme races.