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Castrol Edge 5W30 engine oil: overview and specifications

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Castrol Edge 5W30 engine oil: overview and specifications
Castrol Edge 5W30 engine oil: overview and specifications

Castrol Edge 5W30 oil is produced by the company of the same name, which belongs to the British Petroleum concern. The company is a leading manufacturer of lubricants for internal combustion engines, which are installed in all brands of cars, for commercial and industrial applications.

Oil Review

The product range includes oils for transmissions, trucks and motorcycles, as well as a line of lubricants for passenger cars (Edge, Magnatec). The Castrol Edge Professional 5W30 lubricant group is a professional line designed for use at dealer service points. This type of oils includes brands: OE, LL01, LongLife lll, A5 and C1. All presented motor oils were developed using the latest unique Titanium FST technology. The essence of the technology is to add certain compounds to the molecular composition of the oil, which form a very strong and reliable oil film.

oil canister

Oil coatingeverywhere envelops all metal surfaces of engine structural components and tends to increase its strength with increasing load, up to extreme operating conditions.

The lubricant has been subjected to many tests, which confirmed its compliance with all norms and requirements of relevant global organizations. The oil undergoes multi-level microfiltration, which indicates a particularly thorough manufacturing process and control over the production of our own products.

Professional OE and LL01 brands

The Castrol Edge 5W30 lubricant of these brands was developed and released for use in passenger cars that are equipped with gasoline or diesel engines. These synthetic oils take care of additional systems for neutralizing waste products during combustion and are compatible with power units equipped with particulate filter elements. The oil product is characterized as all-weather and can be used both in hot weather and at sub-zero temperatures. That is, the oil retains its unique properties in the temperature range from -35℃ to +30℃.

This product is recommended by BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Renault and Volkswagen.

Lubrication prevents the engine from the formation of sludge deposits, reliably resists oxidative processes that destroy the metal surfaces of parts and assemblies of the power plant.

LongLife lll and A5 brands

Castrol Edge 5W30 brand LongLife lll is positioned asan oil product with a minimum ash content and a low viscosity index. Thanks to these parameters, the oil retains its stability over the maximum operating interval, which, accordingly, leads to significant savings in the car owner's budget. The oil is used in all types of engines with gasoline and diesel fuel. The low ash content of the product contributes to the use of oil in engines using an additional exhaust gas purification system. There are recommendations for use from the Volkswagen and Porsche car brands.

oil a5 edge castrol

Castrol Edge 5W30 A5 is tuned to provide motor protection in all climatic and extreme operating conditions. This fully synthetic oil is certified environmentally friendly. Grade A5 was the first lubricant to receive this standard. Its distinguishing feature is a slight glow in the sun, which helps protect against counterfeit products. Oil contributes to fuel economy even at maximum loads on the vehicle's power unit. The product is approved for use by Ford and Jaguar automakers.

oil filler neck

Grease grade С1

Castrol Edge 5W30 Group C1 is a highly specialized oil. The product was developed for the Ford company and is aimed at protecting engines equipped with an exhaust aftertreatment system and particulate filter elements. Low ash and low viscosity oil has high performance with improved performance.

Productmeets all international standards and is used in all types of motors. It has stable properties at any temperature fluctuations.

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