Yokohama Geolandar I/T-S G073 tires: reviews, prices
Yokohama Geolandar I/T-S G073 tires: reviews, prices

The Japanese company "Yokohama" has been on the world market for about 100 years. The organization currently ranks sixth in the ranking. It really speaks volumes. After all, only a high-quality tire can be so popular. In this article, we will look at the Yokohama Geolandar I / T-S G073 tires. Consumer reviews about rubber are not always unambiguous. Some drivers praise her, while others harshly criticize her. Let's take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of tires from the Japanese brand.

yokohama geolandar i t s g073 reviews
yokohama geolandar i t s g073 reviews

A little about the manufacturer

Most Japanese cars are equipped with Yokohama tires. The premium segment is placed on Porsche, Mercedes, Aston Martin and other models. This is not surprising, because the quality is really worthy, and the price is affordable. At the same time, the Japanese company is engaged in the manufacture and sale of tires for buses, tractors and agricultural machinery. In addition, other rubber products are also produced: hoses, belts and aircraft parts.

All manufactured itemsundergo strict quality control at the factory, so the likelihood of stumbling upon a marriage is minimized. The product range is simply huge. Factories are scattered all over the world, they are both in America, Europe, and in Russia. But if the rubber is made on the territory of the Russian Federation, then it will be of the same quality as the Japanese one. At least that's what the manufacturer says. Winter tires Yokohama Geolandar I / T-S G073, reviews of which we will consider in this article, are not suitable for all cities of the Russian Federation.

Friction Type Tire

The so-called Velcro is becoming more and more popular every year. This is especially true of many European and Asian countries, where the winter is not too severe. Yes, and the roadway deteriorates due to spikes. But in Russia, it is far from always possible to use Yokohama Geolandar I / T-S G073 winter tires. Reviews of auto experts say that this is an excellent choice for daily comfortable city driving. In conditions of cleared roads and loose snow, a friction tire is the best choice. But on the ice, she feels insecure. For the Far North, a studded tire is more preferable.

"Yokohama" has a whole lot of advantages over competitors in this price range, at least according to some drivers who have been using this brand for decades. But is this Velcro as good as they say? After all, some automotive experts treat it very mediocre or even negatively. Let's look at the design features of the tire.

Yokohama winter tiresgeolandar
Yokohama winter tiresgeolandar

Yokohama Geolandar I/T-S G073 tires: tire description, tests, reviews

The tire has a directional tread pattern with a rather fashionable design. The shoulder area has a cone-shaped groove in one direction, which allows you to support each block and avoid deformation during critical loads. This significantly improves vehicle handling both in a straight line and when making maneuvers.

Testing has shown effective resistance to hydroplaning. It was possible to achieve good results thanks to the special design of the tread. It has two longitudinal grooves in the center and two additional grooves along the edges. Such a system effectively removes slush, water and dirt from the contact patch at speeds up to 90 km/h. If you are going faster, then there is a high probability of catching a "water wedge". Consumer reviews indicate that the design of the lamellas makes itself felt. They are multifaceted (3D) and do their job well.

Comfortable city driving in any weather

Very often, drivers who first bought studded tires for the winter complain about the increased noise level. It occurs due to the clatter of metal elements on the road surface. Since the friction tire works according to a different principle, the level of acoustic comfort is several times higher. This is confirmed by reviews of the Yokohama Geolandar tire. It is worth noting that it was possible to achieve silence in the cabin due to the chaotic arrangement of the tread blocks. Accordingly, vibrations during driving have decreased. ButIt should be understood that a lot here depends on the car. If there is no sound insulation, then rubber has nothing to do with it.

Reviews on tires Yokohama Geolandar I / T-S G073 say about the low noise level. But this is far from the only factor affecting a comfortable ride. Exchange rate stability also plays a huge role. The car at speeds up to 150 km / h confidently holds the road. Considering that the tire is marked Q (up to 160 km / h), then this is a very good result. Consumer reviews say that you do not need to drive on this rubber. It is more suitable for use at moderate speeds. At the same time, Yokohama has a fairly large load index, so it is most often put on heavy SUVs, although it is also suitable for sedans.

tires yokohama geolandar i t g073 all sizes prices
tires yokohama geolandar i t g073 all sizes prices

A little about the advantages of Japanese rubber

As noted above, directional stability is a kind of hallmark of the Yokohama Geolandar I/T G073 tire. All sizes, the prices of which are more than affordable, fit most modern cars. Therefore, each driver will be able to choose a tire for his car. As for other advantages that must be highlighted, these are:

  • good grip on snowy sections of the track;
  • average on icy surface;
  • low noise;
  • rubber stability under temperature changes;
  • high ride smoothness, etc.

If you look at the reviews on tires Yokohama Geolandar I / T-S G073, thenit immediately becomes clear - this rubber is not for everyone. Some drivers rejoice at the lack of rutting and long service life, while others remain dissatisfied because of the impossibility of fast and dynamic driving.

Are there any cons?

Without any doubt, there are several significant drawbacks that consumers immediately pay attention to. Firstly, the friction type of tire is still less effective than a studded tire when driving on ice. Therefore, drivers note that you need to start slowly, and start braking a little earlier than usual. As for maneuvers, it is better to perform sharp turns at a speed of no more than 20-30 km / h. Therefore, you can forget about active driving on ice and packed snow on this rubber.

yokohama geolanda tire reviews
yokohama geolanda tire reviews

Another important point is the shallow depth of the drainage grooves in the central part of the tread. Hydroplaning, although unusual for this model, is better not to take risks and drive through deep puddles at a moderate speed. Another small remark concerns the increased softness of rubber at high positive temperatures. But this is typical for all models of the line, it becomes clear after watching the discussion of the Yokohama G073 Geolandar I / T-S tire on the thematic forum. Changes in characteristics are due to a certain composition of the mixture. This tire is not intended for operation in a warm period of time.

User experience

Often, motorists share their impressions of new tires. If we consider tires Yokohama Geolandar I / T-S G073, reviews and tests onwhich we have considered, in most cases positive emotions prevail. Motorists distinguish quite comfortable and predictable braking on ice and wet pavement. Even experienced drivers note that they did not expect this from this rubber and Velcro in general.

However, sometimes the experience is not so good, especially if you drive on poor quality road surfaces very often. The sidewalls in the classic version are not the most durable and can fail quite quickly. Therefore, for off-road, XL versions with RunFlet technology are recommended. All this will make you feel comfortable even in the most difficult weather conditions.

tires yokohama geolandar i t g073 tire description tests reviews
tires yokohama geolandar i t g073 tire description tests reviews

Advanced tread design

If in studded tires good grip is achieved due to metal elements, then in a friction-type tire everything is much more complicated. Velcro protector consists of many sections. For example, the central zone is made in the form of a zipper, which makes it possible to more effectively distribute the load over the contact patch and remove moisture. In the shoulder area, the blocks have additional lugs to improve grip with the roadway during maneuvers. The design of the tread is such that it is excellent self-cleaning, which is extremely important in conditions of large amounts of water, snow or mud.

Worth taking?

Actually, we have already reviewed customer reviews of the Yokohama Geolandar I / T-S G073 and can draw certain conclusions. In-First, this rubber is suitable for city use. Most often, it is put on all-wheel drive SUVs, but the option of placing it on a premium sedan should not be ruled out either. Secondly, this is a tire for those who value riding comfort most of all and like to move measuredly, but not slowly. Low rolling resistance contributes not so much to fuel economy as to an increase in tire life. Many consumers note that the tire easily withstands 4-5 seasons of active use.

reviews on tires yokohama geolandar i t s g073
reviews on tires yokohama geolandar i t s g073

How much?

Not every driver is ready to pay a large amount of money for a set of winter tires. At the same time, I want to buy something of high quality, and not throw money away. As for this model, it belongs to the average price range. The most expensive model will cost about 160,000 rubles per set. This is an R22 tire with a profile width and height of 285/45 mm. The model of the 19th radius will cost much less, about 40,000 rubles per set. And R16 or R17 is still a little smaller. Expensive or not, it's up to you. In some cases, it makes sense to buy exactly this Japanese rubber and forget about this issue for the next 4-5 seasons.


In most cases, drivers say that the experience with Yokohama Geolandar tires is still positive. During testing, the tire showed good results in terms of acceleration and braking. There were no issues with hydroplaning. As far as acoustic comfort is concerned, here"Geolender" was generally praised.

yokohama g073 geolandar i t s discussion
yokohama g073 geolandar i t s discussion

To finally make a choice, it is recommended to visit thematic forums where experienced drivers discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a particular rubber. As for this particular Japanese model, in general it is very worthy, which is confirmed by consumer reviews. Yokohama Geolandar I/T-S G073 has some minor flaws, but most of them you can just close your eyes. After all, there is no ideal winter tire and it is unlikely that one will appear soon. Therefore, you need to be able to choose the best option in terms of price / quality ratio, which is the G073 tire. It is perfect for those drivers who know how to count their money and value confidence and comfort on the road more than speed.